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Lincoln Town Car Electrical Problems



  • qsoqso Posts: 32
    The tail lights coming on when you brake or when you put on the tuirn signals . is the one filiment in the tail light bulb and that is controled thrpugh sa seperate circuit. There are two the second filiment is for the parking lights and the side markers not coming on tells me you have a problem in the light switch. I would start there. You didn't mention whether the front parking lights come on. These are aside from the side markers? If you had a short the fuse should blow. try turning the switch off and on several times , try jiggling the switch. if the dimmer is in the switch rotate it several times, Then check your out put from the switch when you turn the switch on!

    Its a start.

  • I would change the headlight switch.....
  • I bought Lincoln Town Car 2001 Signature Edition and its in perfect condition. Except in order to start engine i need to pull Multifunction Switch (High Beam Lights and they are on same switch as turn signal ) towards my self. So i get in the car turn the key and power (lights, radio, etc..) comes on and if turn key to start cranking engine it shuts off.The only way to start the engine is to pull and hold multifunction and it will start without any problem and run like a beauty . I did also notice that while i have my Windshield Vipers on key will be warm nearly hot when i get to destination and turn car off.Will this cause any more problems? and what could it be safety hazard?Any ideas? and finally does anybody else have the same problem? PLEASE HELP

    P.S. When i called $$$dealership$$$ they never had anything like it.They told me that is a cool security feature .....

  • I have an 99 TownCar, and had the same problems 4 months ago.. The fix was a rely in the fuse box under the hood. I had an guy check everything out and cost me a ton in man hours.. but once he found it, it was a $40.00 part. Don't waste your time looking in the back lights or even your wiring...
    Good Luck, hope this helps.

    Ashour Mirza
  • Hello, I have exactly the same problem with my 2003 town car, if you now how to solve this please post, it will be very useful, thanks
  • Just bought a (new to me) 2005 Lincoln Town car Signature series. Love the car, but I cannot get control of my windshield wipers. They wipe at random all the time. They stop and start, then they turn on and stay on. I have resorted to pulling the fuse. The knob on the column can speed them up, but not turn them off. Can I cover up the sensor somehow and get the "rain sensing" part to shut off? I feel confident that I can use the manual switch if I see any .... rain. :) Where should I look first for the short? The switch on the column? The relay under the hood?

    Let me know your thoughts.

  • I endured a problen like this on my 2003 lincoln town car. horn would sound any time,things progressed to doors would not lock. trunk lid inop, interior lights would not go off. I took it to my local Lincoln dealer for a diagnosis,$130.00 later they said they were 95% sure the lighting control module was bad because their computer could not communicate with it and for slightly less than $1000.00 they could replace it. I purchased one on line for $300.00 and then had to have it programmed by a Dealer for an additional $230.00. Did not fix anything. I became very upset with their mechanics. As I am an electronic technician I did some research and found all of these components go through the door control module located in the drivers door, I found one on line for $120.00 all I had to do was program my remotes to the new module, with instructions I found on line. Everything is working fine. So much for Expert Lincoln mechanics. Good Luck
  • I likewise finally diagnosed my 2007 Lincoln problem to the DDM and priced it out from the dealer at $425. I located a brand new unit on the internet for $200 and installed it which cleared up all my major elecrrical problems. I had to reprogram the remote keys which was detailed in the manual and the only item still not working is the keyless entry pad which I can live without. If anyone knows how to reprogram the pad, I would appreciate hearing from you...
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,320
    Our Owners Manual has a section on adding one additional combination for the door keypad. Look up and read that chapter as it has your answer. :)
  • Thanks for your info but I have already tried the procedure in the manual. It initially requires an entry of the original manufacturers code which is now de-programmed and that's the hub of the problem. How do I reprogram the DDM back to the original keypad code ?
    Again thanks for your effort...
    John McGregor
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,320
    So as to neutralize the computer, disconnect the Negative cable to the battery and let it sit overnight. Sometimes this causes the DDM & /or computer to go to the default code from the factory. No guarantees, but give it a try. Radio presets will vanish as will A/C settings so this may work.

    Connect the battery the next day and try the original manufactures code followed by a 2nd Personal Code.

    Good Luck. :)
  • jake_gjake_g Posts: 3
    Hi Ashour,

    I would appreciate the name and any other info. on the part you had replaced. Thank you very much, Sir!
  • dman56dman56 Posts: 1
    which relay fixed your Interior light/ door ajar problem
  • Hi euphonium,
    Thanks for your suggestion which I have tried without success.
    Seems to me that the original DDM was coded with the keypad code. Since I have replaced it with a new unit, the original code cannot be recovered since it resides in the old unit sitting on my garage shelf.
    Does that make sense ?
  • jake_gjake_g Posts: 3
    Thanks for a good write-up.

    I'm losing power when I hit the gas hard - lose all electrical interior and exterior but still can drive - lay off gas and power pops back on after afew minutes.

    I believe I overheated the motor recently and got a 'check engine' - then the following week i noticed this problem.

    think it could be from the DDM or another component?
  • The factory keycode is not resetable. The permanant code for your new DDM is printed on the module it's self on the serial tag.
  • Not willing to remove the door panel, I carefully examined the old (ie Original )DDM and could not find any evidence of the key-code. I even removed the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) from it's case and examined both sides, without success.
  • nbay29nbay29 Posts: 1
    edited November 2011
    You've probably solved the problem by now, but I was going to suggest that it's the Light Control Module (LCM) located under the dash to the right of the brake pedal and just behind the "plug in port" to the computer. It is a module about 4.5 X 2.5 X 7 inches in size. It has 4 connectors on it. Note the model number and be sure the one you use to replace it is compatible. I had the exact same problem and a replacement LCM solved it. Look online and you will find them for a lot less than the $800++ that Ford wants for one. Most sellers provide a link to determine compatibility. Hope this helps.
  • I am hoping to buy a 2002 TC this week, it has the "doors won't Lock" problem, the seller was quoted $1500 by Ford dealer to fix the problem (Control Module)
    Luckily for me the seller is knocking off $1000 from the selling price.

    Wish me luck
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