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Saturn Outlook Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bruce_leebruce_lee Posts: 23
    Yes, the dealer is called Saturn of Torrance. And, you guessed it, it is in Torrance CA (in LA), off of 405 Fwy and Hawthorne Blvd (I believe).

    Google it and you will find it. Or better yet, request a quote through edmunds and you'll get an email from them. Use their ZIP code: 90503. They are very quick to respond. Unlike most other Saturn dealers I dealt with, they were the only ones to offer me a quote (initially when I started inquiring back in May of '07).

    But, because I waited for the '08 model, on that request, they just stated they would give me 'invoice pricing' on whatever they had on their lot.

    Good luck.
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Westerville, OhioPosts: 382
    I have the GM Supplier discount through my Employer. I'm seriously looking at ordering an Outlook XR FWD Cocoa exterior, black leather interior, Captains Chairs, Convenience Package, Enhanced Convenience Package, Premium Trim Package, and Skylight Sunroof. MSRP $36035 with my discount it is $34,598 plus the conquest and bonus $500 Rebates. Or I can lease at 12K miles per year 36 months for $461/Month with $3000 down. Residual at 63% interest rate 6.25% which is high. Salesman told me he really believes that the rate will drop as much as two percentage points next month. I'm hoping.
  • cdl44cdl44 Posts: 2
    am i reading these posts correctly that the 08 Outlooks have a residual value of approx 63-66%? Or is it 44-47%? The residuals seem extremely high. I am looking at 08 XR FWD w/Premium, Convenience, Advanced audio and DVD. Found one w/sticker or $35,545. Would an offer of $33,850 be unreasonable? Does Saturn really have a "no haggle" price so the MSRP is it?
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Look up a used 07 outlook like the one you want (if they made them in 07) on and with 14000 miles on it. If it wholesales used for around 25000 (10000 from msrp) like most other trucks in this price range you want at a bare minimum of $5000 off.

    Good luck

    am i reading these posts correctly that the 08 Outlooks have a residual value of approx 63-66%? Or is it 44-47%? The residuals seem extremely high. I am looking at 08 XR FWD w/Premium, Convenience, Advanced audio and DVD. Found one w/sticker or $35,545. Would an offer of $33,850 be unreasonable? Does Saturn really have a "no haggle" price so the MSRP is it?
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Westerville, OhioPosts: 382
    Yes that is correct 63% was the residual in March with an interest rate of 6.25% I believe. Their thinking I guess was to lease you a vehicle at a little lower monthly payment with the idea that you would have to purchase another vehicle or lease again at the end of three years because the price of that vehicle would be too high. I don't know for sure, but that's pretty much what the salesman told me. He also stated that he thought the interest rate might come down in April. Also, at least where I live, the MSRP is it. It was explained that Saturn does not markup their vehicles as much as Buick and GM where you can haggle. If your employer has the GM Supplier Program then you can save money. Price can be found right on the GM Supplier Price website. My company also has a program where a company will find the vehicle you are looking for and do the haggling for you. I talked to a representative and he told me they usually can't get the dealer to lower the price with a "No Haggle" Policy.
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Westerville, OhioPosts: 382
    Was contacted by a Salesman yesterday from Saturn with disappointing news that the rates are the same for April as I mentioned in the post before this one. This was not the original Salesman I have been working with because he was either fired or quit over last weekend. The Salesman said they were all very disappointed because they really expect the rate to be lowered even though Outlook sales are pretty good. Said they would have been flying off the lot if they were lowered. I'm not sure personally that I want to lease a vehicle that I couldn't buy at the end of the 3 years. I'd like to at least have the residual at a more realistic level, so I would have the option of a purchase. He did say the rate for a loan is 4.49% for any length of time, so that might be an option for me or a different brand.
  • cdl44cdl44 Posts: 2
    High residuals are a good thing! You pay less over the term of your lease with the option to buy at the end vs. a car with a low residual where you pay a lot more money over the length of the lease but would have to fork over less at the end (because they car is worth less at that point). Why would you want to pay all that money up front for a car you might or might not buy in 3 years? If you have that extra money, put it in savings to earn interest and use it at the end of your lease. If you think you may want the car at the end of the 3 years vs a new car, you might be better off purchasing instead anyhow.
  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 835
    Well, I have to call BS on the sales guy telling you they don't have as much markup. I checked Edmunds for both, Saturn Outlook XR with MSRP of 30670, invoice is -$1707. Checking the Acadia, one of the SLEs with list of $31K plus a little has invoice of $2065 less than MSRP. Checking incentives, both have $500 cash to customer. So, pay MSRP -$500 for the Saturn or deal on the Acadia with -$500 back, even if you only get down to invoice +$500 you are about $1200 less. I'm pretty sure that if you equip the Outlook and Acadia the same, the MSRP is within a few dollars.

    So, if Saturn would deal, the Outlooks might be flying off the lots. Acadia would be a better buy for most people.

    BTW, I have access to Supplier Discount through my wife's job, so the Saturn might be an option vs the Acadia for us since I think that discount brings the Outlook down closer. But for Joe off the street the take it or leave it price does not seem competitive, IMHO.
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Westerville, OhioPosts: 382
    I see your point, but the payments for the same priced Outlook with a 52% residual and a 3.29% rate like the Toyota dealer is offering me for a Highlander Limited would be almost the same as a 63% residual and a 6.25% rate that Saturn is offering I would think. I would like to have the option to purchase if I like the vehicle and don't want a high priced new vehicle since my youngest will be going out of state to College most likely in three years. Or I could purchase now at a 4.49% rate that most dealers are offering around my city. Thanks for the feedback. I very hesitant about leasing since I've never done it. I've always bought my cars new. This time I'm considering it because I bought a Mountaineer 4 years ago with a sticker price over $37,000 which I got for $33,800 plus $3K in rebates and my wife and I are already looking at buying a new one. Really when it comes down to it, it would not be the most sound financial decision I've ever made. We will probably in the end keep our current vehicle for 3 more years and buy something more practical.
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Westerville, OhioPosts: 382
    If your wife has the supplier discount then you can use it to buy an Acadia as well, but the fact is in Columbus the only three Saturn dealerships are all owned by the same group and they will not haggle!!! The people that my company uses to do the haggling for us would not just tell me that they can't get a no haggle dealership to lower their price. The Salesman that I was dealing with at Saturn left or got fired because I know he was very upset that he couldn't make a deal with me because of their inability to haggle even on trade ins. I think my deal was the straw that broke the camels back with him. The salesman that I'm now dealing with told me he doesn't know for sure what happened, but he did tell the guy was growing increasingly frustrated with the dealerships policy of No Haggling and had crossed the line a few times recently when angry with management.
  • getgtpdgetgtpd Posts: 3
    I drove every cross over on the market. I bought a Outlook XE fwd on friday april 25th. It has the power seat options, premium stereo/dual zone/rear air. Also got the dvd package, towing package, roof rails. sticker was 32,400, I purchased for
    $30000 plus tax. I got the 500 rebate offered and the 1000 current gm owner discount.
    The dealership SAturn of Wichita Ks. West was awesome to deal with!!!

    I drove it on a 2hr trip yesterday, I LOVE IT!! The car is very quiet, excellent comfort and the stereo and dvd player are very good options.

    I will put 50-60k on it over the next year, I'll try to keep updating my experiences as I go.

    Good Luck!!
  • macca2008macca2008 Posts: 6
    Hi everyone. I just completed a lease deal last night for a 2008 Saturn Outlook XE AWD. MSRP was $31245, GM "employee" discount (I work for Comcast) took it down to $30,151. I didn't want to put money down but was willing to trade in my wife's 2000 Subaru Forester L to buy down the monthly payment. Honestly, I couldn't see myself fixing the car and trying to sell it for much more than what they were offering on the trade, so I was OK with a trade-in on the lease. Plus the $500 for "converting" from Subaru to a GM car. Overall, I got 3-yr 36K miles for $368.10. I told them to take out the car car maintenance from the lease and I would purchase it outright (saving almost $200 in add'l costs) and they offered 12-month no interest. Overall I'm pleased with the deal. Just wanted to get your opinion / feedback. I thought maybe I would have more leverage given the current market, but this to me seemed a fair and competitive deal.
  • cyclone4evrcyclone4evr Posts: 11

    What were the specifics on the much was the trade-in on the Scooby? Did you final price include doc fee, tax, title, etc.?

    Sounds like a good deal...where is the dealership?

  • macca2008macca2008 Posts: 6
    John, the trade-in was $3,700. It needed brakes (pads and system), had scratches on each front door, chip in windshield, etc. Nothing that didn't surprise me. I think the blue book value was around $4K, but overall I was OK with the trade. Final price included doc fee, tax, GMAC fee, etc. I wanted to have my wife drive out of the dealer without having to write a check or put any cash down. Success. I actually had to put down $74 downpmt on the car care maintenance because I opted to pay the 12-month no interest option instead of financing the maintenance through the lease.

    Dealership is Saturn of Mt. Laurel in South Jersey. Very nice staff there.
  • mandopickrmandopickr Posts: 1
    I needed a 7+ seater, and decided on either the Acadia, or Outlook. I had never dealt w/Saturn, and hadn't bought a GM product in 25 yrs.

    I went by the local Saturn dealership, and two local GMC dealers. THe first GMC dealer only had 5 Acadia's, all optioned out, all $35k or higher. The salesman was very helpful, said he would be happy to find me an Acadia optioned as I wanted. He didn't sound like he could approach the pricing by Saturn, however.

    The second GMC dealer, man am I sorry I went by there. They had 10-15 Saturns, all optioned out, wanted to find me one right there, provided "I would promise to by the car from _____". It was a confusing mess. They had the free tires program, but they charge $999.99 to participate. When I challenged the salesman on this, she said it also included free towing for a year. I reminded here that the Onstar year trial also included a year free towing, she said I would get the $1000 back when I negotiated. Finally, when I gave her the number I was quoted from Saturn, she was sure they could beat it, but when I reminded the sales manager that would be out the door, the number I put on the check, he said it was pretty tight.Of course they called me constantly for the next few days.

    Finally Saturn of Greenville (SC). Sales Associate was low pressure. I told him when I went it that I was going to look at the Acadia as well. He called once, to tell me they had a XE with the options I was looking for, and to call him back if I was interested. Everyone seemed as concerned about my being pleased with my purchase as much as they were interested in buying a car.

    The postnote on this is after going off for the weeked, my wife and I decided we wanted to exchange up to the XR, and get away from the light gray carpet (beautiful, but may be a challenge to keep clean).

    Upon calling the sales associate, he and I discussed what I needed to change, he had a XR on the lot, and advised me to drive it for the night. I went right over, and he had it ready to go. No papers to sign, just get it in and drive. When I came back the next morning to complete the paperwork, nothing was different from my first purchase. Everyone was friendly and warm, the salesman keep telling me how I was going to like some of the changes in the XR. The GM completed the paperwork. When I apologized for all the trouble I was putting them through, he told me that was part of the Saturn experience.

    Obviously, I am a new Saturn owner, but I am impressed.
  • drwilscdrwilsc Posts: 140
    Congratulations on your new Outlook! It appears to be a great vehicle that you will enjoy for many years. Heck, even Comsumer Reports likes it, and they are usually hard on GM cars.

    I owned a couple S series cars in the 1990's, a 2000 LS2, and now a 2007 Saturn Aura XR. One of the reasons I have drifted back to Saturn over the years is that ownership experience. It goes well beyond the purchase of the car. It involves being treated right when it's time to bring the car in for service, or when something goes wrong with it. They always explain or even show you what is wrong with the car and I never get the feeling that they are trying to rip me off. They simply go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied, even if it's just trying to fix a little squeak that is annoying you. I am certain your experience will be just as pleasant.
  • disney2disney2 Posts: 25
    I am thinking of leasing an outlook but I have flexibility of when I return my current leased car. When would be the best time to lease an outlook? December when dealers are trying to meet yr end quotos? I heard August before 2009 become available. Next yr? What kind of lease incentives are out there. I am a AAA member will that help me?

  • drwilscdrwilsc Posts: 140
    You may want to hold out for a 2009 model, as it will likely have the Direct Injected version of the 3.6 liter engine that will have 15 more horsepower AND supposedly get better fuel economy.
  • I could really use some advice. I am looking to lease a 2008 Outllook with a selling price of 34629. The dealer offered me a 36 mo. lease with 2000 down plus my trade which is worth about 1500. With 15k miles per year my payment is 435. Can I do better than that? The price is based on sticker of 36550 minus GM discount plus 995 (not sure what that's for). Thanks for your help!

  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi dschneider. You really would be better off going with a zero down lease than putting $3,500 down. Consumers who make large down payments on leased vehicles risk losing part or all of them if their vehicle is totaled in an accident or stolen and never recovered.

    If I was in the market for any new General Motors vehicle, I personally would shoot for a selling price that's right around dealer invoice. You can look up the invoice price of the exact model that you want by visiting the New Vehicle Pricing section of Once you arrive at a selling price that you are comfortable with, have the dealer calculate your truck's monthly payment using its base lease rate of 6.25% and you're all set.

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