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Subaru Tribeca Entertainment Sytem Questions



  • nope is a first time. I have the 08 tribeca since march, i never had any issues with the cd player. Actually am really impressed of the fact that plays anything you put in regardless of the format is recorded. But no issues at all. I guess you got a defected player or maybe a cd caused it.
  • Anyone,

    My 07 with XM is not getting the newest XM channels. Is there something I have to reset on the radio to get the new channels?
  • Nevermind. When to XM's website, figured it out.
  • From xm's website

    Do I need to do anything to my radio to receive these new channels? All you need to do is turn your radio on…and enjoy. If any of your favorite channels have new channel numbers, your radio presets will automatically redirect to the new channel number. If you don’t have your favorites preset, please download our new channel lineup to find the new channel number.

    So it doesn't sound like you need to do anything. Not sure why it's not working.
  • santoro789santoro789 Posts: 1
    Does anybody have any idea how to get those headphone to work. I have a 2007 Tribeca and the DVD player had to be changed because it was not working properly.
    I am pretty sure that those headphone are programed with the DVD player. Anybody please help. Driving to SC in June and I can really use those headphones.

    Also how can I get the movie to play on the front screen????
  • 9jax9jax Posts: 1
    just wondering if you ever found a code for the universal remote or the manufacturer of the dvd/entertainment system for the Tribeca B9 -- '06 models? I just bought my car and the remote is missing. I am new to this site, I have surfed around looking for the answer, if I missed the it somewhere I apologize.
  • kajdsjs22kajdsjs22 Posts: 1
    Do I need to remove the door panel when Upgrading the speakers in B9?
  • tribi1tribi1 Posts: 1
    I just thought i would add my experience with the remote! I have an 06 model and the centre console that opens and closes is a bad design as items can slide into the 'guts' of the console ( where you can't access it to retrieve them)

    I only now this because my husband lost his phone and when we rang it we could hear it but couldn't get to it.( Thank god it had charge and was able to ring otherwise we would never have found it)

    This is also where i have also found the lost remote twice - only because i thought if a phone could slide into the cavity so could the thin remote.

    I suggest everyone that has lost a remote needs to squeeze their hand between the carpet and the bottom of the console and have a good feel to see if it has fallen in there.

    Hope this makes sense and helps out!
  • roy19roy19 Posts: 3
    go in back seat pull out and remove draw you will be able to look under and reach under. I bet you find more then you thought!!!!!
  • Have you replaced the batteries in the headphones?
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