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BMW X5 Maintenance and Repair



  • I just picked up my new BMW X5 yesterday from my Houston dealership and so far so great. Production on it was completed in early February. Does anyone know about any problems I should be looking for? I hope they worked out the kinks but you never know.
  • eliceelice Posts: 2
    I am in the process of purchasing an X5 4.4. I drive a Jeep now and have no trouble in the snow when its in 4WD. How does the X5 handle snow drifts?
  • bgm2bgm2 Posts: 15
    My production date was in late January and I picked up my X5 Fri Feb 9 here in Dallas. No problems at all in my early ownership of it.
  • ctk1ctk1 Posts: 79
    My was X5/3.0I build on Jan 2001 with 1,100 miles on it. After hand washing the car at car wash, the air bag in the instrument panel light on. Don't know what cause it to turn on ? Anyone has seen this problem ? Will bring to the dealer and have it check out.
  • My X5 4.4 was also delivered in February, of 2000. After one year and 10,000 mostly road trip miles, it has been flawless except for a battery drain problem last fall. That problem was easily fixed in a one hour visit to my dealer. My only problem other than that is my wife and I "compete" to see who gets to drive the X5. The loser gets the E class MB which is also a fantastic piece of machinery, IMHO.
  • We are long time (1973) BMW users and presently have a 740iL and M3. We have used American iron to tow our tent trailer when we go camping. We recently purchased a home in the mountains (6500 ft elev.)of So.Cal. and have had our Explorer sideways 3 times in the driveway (long, sloped and icy). We need to upgrade to a 4WD/AWD vehicle and would like to take this opportunity to purchase an X5. We would like to save some money and would rather get the 3.0 if it will meet our needs. We have 3 questions:

    1) Will the 3.0 adequately tow a 2000 lb. tent trailer. I'm mostly concerned about maintaining a reasonable speed up the "grapevine" without overheating? The low torque number of the 3.0 concerns me.

    2) How is the overall drivability in snow / ice?

    3) Would the stock 5-speed be better with regards to both questions 1 and 2?

    We are interested in responses from anyone with experience with the X5 under the aforementioned conditions, especially those living in the mountains of So. Cal or Colorado.
  • I have a 2001 X5 3.0 with the Navigation system and am having a problem with the volume adjustment. There is an on screen volume slider control for the voice prompt volume but it doesn't work. When the slider is moved to the max or to the min adjustment the voice volume is the same. Has anyone else noticed this problem?

    Also, I noticed that the tailgate doesn't fully latch unless it is slammed shut. If I don't slam it shut (very hard) when driving away I get the message in the display that the tailgate is open. Has anyone else had this problem?

    I have one more. Has anyone figured out what logic this car uses to memorize the climate control settings? Sometimes I notice that the climate control settings are the same as when I last drove the car. But sometimes, the climate control settings revert to a setting that I used days prior. The settings that seem to be memorized are the temperature setting, fan speed, and airflow locations.

  • I'm curious about how much oil should be consumed by the X5 3.0 engine. After 2500 miles mine used 1/2 quart of oil. This assumes that the oil was filled to the top mark on the dipstick when I puchased the X5 (I didn't check it when I bought it). What are others experiencing with this? I'm just trying to get a feel of what is normal for this engine. My prior car was a 1990 Lexus LS400 and at 120K miles, the oil dipstick still read completely full after 5000 miles of driving.

    Also, has anyone had the problem of the tailgate relatching after you shut the drivers door? To be more specific, I press the button on the dash to open the tailgate. I hear it unlatch and then get out of the car. When I shut the car door, I hear the tailgate latch. So when I walk to the tailgate it is not open anymore. This happens every time in my X5. I can still open the tailgate by using my remote control to unlatch it again.
  • If your X5 was new with only a few miles on the odo. I am going to hazard a guess that your oil consumption was due to the rings needing to be seated in. Top off the oil and check it again in 1000 miles. Hopefully there will not be any usage.

    I have no clue regarding the tailgate.
  • ms_joannems_joanne Posts: 69
    The X5 requires synthetic oil. I would take it to the dealer and let them top it off. That way you start documentation just in case....
  • ctk1ctk1 Posts: 79
    Anyone has problem with the airbag light goes on?

    My X5/3.0i has 1200 miles, the light is on. The technician has to order the module that control the airbag. After the new module replacement,the light goes off. The service tech take it out for test drive. After few mile drive, the airbag light turn on again. Service tech has no ideal.He advise me to wait while he contact the BMW head quater about this problem.
    I don't feel safe to drive around with the airbag malfunction.
    I don't expect this problem happen with 50,000 dollars SAV with only few hundred miles.

    Does any one know where can I write a conplain
    to ?

  • ms_joannems_joanne Posts: 69
    Yesterday I unlocked the tailgate (from outside) and then opened and closed the back door before actually opening the tailgate. When the backdoor closed it was enough force to latch the tailgate. I wonder if that is what happened to you?

    I thought of your note when that happened. :)
  • Yep, that is exactly what happens to me. Apparently shutting any door creates enough vacuum in the interior to pull the tailgate shut. I would think everyone that owns a X5 would be experiencing this. This happens every time I shut any door. It sort of makes the button on the dash to open the trunk useless because by the time you get out of the X5 and shut the door, the tailgate is locked again.
  • capalongcapalong Posts: 1
    CLOSING a door in ANY car, no matter how well built will NOT cause a VACUUM interiorly.
    If anything, it will cause an INCREASE in pressure in the cabin. OPENING a door, with all windows and doors closed, would cause a vacuum. I suspect that the security system computer is recognizing the door close as an intrusion or the increase in pressure in the cabin, by closing the door, causes enough disturbance that the security system locks all doors. The sensitivity of the this sensor is too sensitive. This sounds like a Very Sensitive Issue. Ha Ha Anyway its a BMW X5 bug and BMW has gotta fix it.
  • x5loverx5lover Posts: 11
    Just an update.
    We picked up our X5 3.0i(Jet Black/sandle, premium & climate package, CD in dash) on Feb. 8,2001 at 6 miles.
    Today, it's been driven 1090 miles and it's flawless. Very impressive and satisfied.
    We were having quite a hard time making a decision between X5 and MDX.
    But we are very happy we choose X5.

    The only thing that bothers my wife is drawing too much attention on the street when we are driving around. She hopes this will get better as X5 is getting common.
  • bernard1bernard1 Posts: 58
    I was told that the tailgate was designed to lock once all of the passenger doors were closed, safety issue. It is very inconvenient
  • netlawnetlaw Posts: 1
    I have just bought a Right Hand Drive X5 4.4iS for use in the UK. (Delivered next week after a wait of 15 months since ordering - you guys in the US have no idea how lucky you are!)
    What problems should I keep my eyes open for?
  • holliannholliann Posts: 2
    The dealer and I have agreed on the price and now it is time to place the order. Has anyone out there seen an X5 in pearl beige metallic? I'm looking at that little color swatch and darn! I think it is a little too gold. Some 'too gold' colors are uuugly. I have a 1995 Accord in cashmere and my husband has a 1987 328i in Bronze-it. How does pearl beige metallic compare to these? I'm not a fan of silver or really dark colors. Next choices... white or topaz blue metallic. I agree with a previous posting... what is the natural interior choice for topaz blue metallic?
  • mainsailmainsail Posts: 2
    I have a X5 3.0 Silver Metallic/Black Interior (Premium, Climate, Sport packages and in-dash CD, dimming mirrors, Xenon and Premium Sound). It's really a great car - I already have 2600 miles on it, and it's been less than a month. Handles great in town, on the highway, and in snow. I do have some complaints, however.

    I too have the tailgate release/closing automatically problem. It re-latches if I shut any door before I get back to the tailgate. Not a great design, but doesn't bug me too much since the key also has a latch release and I alternatively can just unlock all the doors so the tailgate is open but not unlatched.

    I have some rattling - minor, but enough to irritate me - somewhere on the driver's side of the dash/door when driving. Anyone else have this problem? It's very difficult to determine exactly where the rattling is coming from.

    I recently dinged my car on a pointed planter so there is now a little area of chipped-off paint and an indentation in the lower part of my driver-side door. Any suggestions on the best way to hide/fix it? It's fairly minor, but again, enough to bug me.

    In response to holliann, I have seen the beige, and it does look like gold. Not a big fan, although I think another person was right to point out that color preference is so personal that you probably should not listen to anyone here without seeing the car color first. Other than silver and black, the third most popular color (at least by my observation) seems to be white, which is not bad.
  • vigorous1vigorous1 Posts: 15
    How come I was able to MORE than keep up with a 5 at altitude 3500 feet ASL with my turbocharged, 185 hp Saab 9-3 automatic?

    Does it get worse at altitude 4500? 5000? I live near the Rockies.

    I think I'd take a great big pass on the 5 and wait until the Saab AWD SUV comes out equipped with turbocharging that works at altitude and is fit out on a car/SUV whose manufacturer has consistently turned out some of the best foul-weather vehicles on the Planet.
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