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BMW X5 Maintenance and Repair



  • x5fixerx5fixer Posts: 2
    This is a common problem on 2001 and 2002 X5s These were defective from the factory and failure not related to usage. The good news is the glass does not break.
    your car can't be secured until repairs are made.
  • kris2kris2 Posts: 22
    I have a 2005 X5 3.0 with around 45k miles and I have a leak from the bottom of the washer fluid tank. The leak is not from the tank itself but I can see the fluid dripping from the joint between the tank and the outlet. I called the dealer and they said basically they have to replace the entire washer fluid tank assembly (not the motor) and it will cost around $200-$250. This is after I told them where the leak was, else they wanted a $250 diagnostic to look at it because they think they have to rip out everything to identify where the leak is. I have an easycare extended warranty but pipes, tubes and leaks to plastics are not covered itseems. Wanted to check if anyone else heard of this kind of a an issue and if there is a quick fix other than replacing the entire thing. Thanks in advance.
  • lion2000lion2000 Posts: 22
    I would take fluid leak to a service station for such minor repair.

    By the way, I had a leak on the coolant reservior cap. The worst part is the broken plastic and the rubber ring dropped into the reservior. (I hate BMW plastic parts!! Maybe that is why it is sports "activity", not utility vehiecle.) Does anyone know if this is going to break the water pump or create problem for thermostat? Thanks for the reply.
  • kris2kris2 Posts: 22
    Thanks lion2000. I got the leak fixed this morning under extended warranty that I have (EasyCare). Something near the rear pump got cracked and was leaking the washer fluid from close to the tank. They replaced the rear pump and the dealership charged 118 to the extended warranty firm. Probably it was much cheaper than replacing the tank but on a different note I wonder if extended warranty companies (like insurance companies and doctors) have a discounted rate for repairs.
  • Hi everyone,
    Yesterday my 2005 X5 independent ventilation started on its own( when the suv is parked, keys out ignition) and now I can't get it to stop. I have followed the manual's instruction on putting key to position 1 and then pressing the left side of the BC button and I see that "Vent On" is showing. When I press it to "Vent Off" the BC light lights up momentarily and it reverts back to "vent on" and I can't keep it in the "vent off" setting. Any ideas? should I reset the OBC and if so, how? I have pulled the fuse to the blower in the meantime to stop my battery from going dead.
  • Does anyone know how to adjust the angle of the headlamps on a BMW x5?
  • We have a 2003 BMW X5 which has been somewhat of a great car, but is no longer under warranty. I am hearing horror stories about the cost of replacing the car's battery. Can anyone shed some light on the cost of battery replacement and the location/access available to the battery?
  • A compatible battery from Auto Zone is $95 and the battery is under the spare tire.
  • I have a 2006 X5. Yesterday, the Self-Leveling Suspension Inactive warning, like this:


    showed up in the Check Control. After I stopped the engine and restarted it, the message was not on any more. I have not seen it since then.

    On the manual (page 95), ask driver to check to see if the rear of the vehicle is visibly lower than the front. For my case, I did not see nor experience anything strange in term of the vehicle level and the driving of the vehicle.

    Anybody had such experience with your X5 before? Does this indicate any serious problems to come? Any advice?

    I googled the similar cases. I saw many people complained such message,but few really had problem. One guy suggested, check the 30A fuse for the Air Suspension, and just pull it and reinsert it.

    I will call BMW service center to ask how to handle later.

  • kris2kris2 Posts: 22
    There a black screw when you open the hood and that will adjust the height of the lamp focus. The screw driver kind of thing that comes with the tools will only fit into that screw.
  • I was at the dealership waiting for my X3 and the person next to me was waiting for his X5. He said that he had bought it brand new about two years ago for over $60,000 and he said it was in for service on average once a month.

    He was done with BMW.

    I am done with BMW.

    That makes three of us.
  • Follow up on #569, I had the display panel replaced since it is mission pixels. BMW picks up the cost of the panel, I pay for the $400 labor. Engine light still on. Diag test showed DSC module fault. DSC module $1500, labor $300. Problem solved.

    Power window, two CV joints, DSC module, instrument panel, all together over $3000. Including two jobs done by a friend, not at dealer. Back in my mind, what is the next? ......
  • I guess you have a jinxed vehicle. I have a 2005 X3 which has done 66000 miles in the last 4 years and has never been to the dealers except for routine maintenance. Recently had the 2nd oil service and is running like new. Bought a 2009 X5 diesel 3 months ago and I love it. However the vent fan/blower has stopped working a few days ago and I hope the car doesn't end up like your car.
  • I have a 2009 X3 which has already been back to the dealership twice and come back unresolved for its undulating ride and jerky transmission. Lots of strange things going on with this car.

    What kind of mileage are you getting?

    I see 10 mpg or less in city driving and 14 in everyday driving.
  • The average is 18 mpg for the 66K in X3 and 25 mpg for the 5K in X5D - mostly everyday driving.
  • lera39lera39 Posts: 1
  • tbmfantbmfan Posts: 3
    I have a 2008 X5 with 3.0 litre engine. Built in July 2008 and I bought it November 2008. Just turned 15K miles. When I start in the morning to drive to work (9 miles) or from work to home, the first couple of traffic lights I come to, if I have to stop I of course will. However as I lift my foot from the brake the car will downshift and slightly lunge. The first few times this happened I about soiled myself. Now I anticipate it. After driving a while it won't do it any longer. The dealer tells me they have installed the most up to date programming and that's all they can do. Anyone else have this problem and if you found a solution, what was it?
  • pp2009pppp2009pp Posts: 228
    I have a 2009 X3 with a really strong engine brake and a transmission that has a mind of its own.

    Are you talking about the engine brake? Is the lunging you feel the inertia pulling you forward while the car slows down all by itself? Mine is so strong that when I turn a corner or head for a stop it will sometimes stop the car all by itself. I can also decelerate down moderately steep hills without ever hitting the brake.

    It is finicky and intermittent.
  • houdini1houdini1 Kansas City areaPosts: 5,861
    In spite of the information that you are receiving on another forum which I don't post at, I would urge you to try out the Lexus RX or the Acura MDX. I think you will be very pleasently surprised at how these SUVS perform.

    Those guys are all European cool aid drinkers and you will get no sympathy from them. The two SUVS I mentioned above are excellent and nothing like your X-3.

    2013 LX 570 2010 LS 460 2002 Tacoma 4x4

  • tbmfantbmfan Posts: 3
    No, this is not while slowing down. When I'm at a complete stop and the light turns green I'll lift my foot from the brake pedal and before I can touch the accelerator pedal it seems the car will downshift into first. It feels like when you've downshifted too early with a manual transmission and the vehicle sort of lunges.

    Mine is also finnicky and intermittent. It's the first and last BMW I'll ever own or lease not only for this but the 2 blown fuel pumps in the first 7 months and don't even get me started on how lousy BMW Assist is.
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