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BMW X5 Maintenance and Repair



  • ssablessable Posts: 2
    I didn't drive the ML 430 because I saw one and thought it was a little to big and boxy looking. It just isn't for me.
  • auburn5auburn5 Posts: 2
    Just took delivery on my X5 3.0.

    This is the 4th BMW I have bought in the last six years.

    Styling and drive are a dream, as usual.

    One small problem. The latches for the center console (holds the CD Holder) and the door for the CD player in the IP seems to "stick".

    Anyone else have this problem????

    Thank you in advance for your input.

    Note: I ordered the car the first week in May; it went into production on July 17th and I received the vehicle on August 3rd.
  • I had similar problem opening it up (a CD holder also); turned out a roll of tokens were inside and caused the jam. The mechanic just used sheer force to open it up. No problem since, and no more tokens either. Took delivery back in Memorial week. Our 2nd bimmer; the otehr one is a '99 323iC.
  • auburn5auburn5 Posts: 2
    Thank you for the feedback regarding the interior trim.

    Another question: Anyone out there having a problem with the Xenon lamps pointing too low.

    I know that they're self adjusting but my field of view on a level road is only about five feet high.

    Thanks again!
  • etnometnom Posts: 1
    When I ordered my SAV I saw no option for a digital phone. When the car (excuse me, truck) was delivered it came fully wired with a cradle for the phone AND NO PHONE. (Lots of wasted space in the armrest where the phone would go.) Checking with the dealer who says he checked with BMW I find that the phone costs somewhere around $1200. Over and above the 53K. I checked the cellular phone companies and none has a phone that fits into the space provided. Only the BMW phone appears to be an option. Basically BMW's response is "our way or no way".
  • I leave in Phoenix and I would love to hear how well or poorly the a/c performs? Thanks
  • ron4tvron4tv Posts: 1
    Long known for its price-gouging and take-it-or-leave-it attitude, BMW is up to its old tricks again with its new X5 sport utility. While the vehicle looks very nice, it is priced several thousand dollars ahead of its rivals at Mercedes and Lexus. What's more, its standard transmission is manual rather than automatic, suggesting that BMW has no clue about the market for SUVs, its initial successes with the X5 notwithstanding. So it comes as no surprise, in reading these postings, to find that the only phone compatible with the X5's pre-wired system is an absurdly priced one. Be advised that such is not the case with Mercedes, among others.
    BMW needs to understand and accept a couple of things. First, it builds fine cars, but not the finest and certainly not the world's ONLY fine cars. (Mercedes is better and has much higher status; Lexus is at least as good, probably better.) Secondly, price-gouging is, in the long run, short-sighted and self-defeating, as Mercedes learned in the recent past and even Porsche is showing signs of learning. Finally, a sport utility vehicle is almost always a family vehicle, meaning it needs to be designed not for the speed-shifting performance-car nut but for families, often the adult female member, who have groceries to haul and soccer teams to transport. The manual transmission is therefore inappropriate, as is the substantially smaller cargo space (relative to the Mercedes ML320/420 and the Lexus RX300)that BMW provides with its jazzy X5. And while the former shortcoming can be overcome for a hefty extra fee for an OPTIONAL automatic transmission, there is no fixing the latter.
    It will be interesting to see how the X5 does after the BMW zealots dash out and buy theirs. Something tells me the vehicle's niche will be decidedly more narrow than it needed to be.
  • I beg to differ, I not questioning any of your comments except for the fact that the Mercedes is also charging an absurd amount for its cell phone. Check it the comments on the M-Class board.
  • sas4sas4 Posts: 1
    I happen to own both a BMW and a Mercedes (w/ phone)and have a X5 on order. Both BMW and Mercedes are guilty of gouging one on accessories. The mercedes phone system is exclusive to mercedes as in the BMW. They are both priced equivalently. In the 1998 Benz ML430 the phone alone was priced at $1,895 (and it is a lousy phone system; much improved in the 2000 model year.)

    The X5 I have ordered is slated to have the 5-speed manual transmission. While most will purchase the automatic transmission, some of us prefer the 5-speed.

    Lastly, I know quite a few "adult female members" who not only do not see their role in life being relegated to hauling groceries but do love manual transmissions.
  • musafirmusafir Posts: 27
    The reason BMW offered stick shift in 3.0 is because a lot off BMW owners want it, they are more sports oriented than family car oriented. As far as Benz and Lexus being better thats a personal opinion. BMW has never marketed itself as a luxury sedate cars, they have always oriented themselves to the sportier nature. As far as Lexus is concerned they are usaually more intrested in copying what Benz does. Although, I don't own a Benz, but I will agree that Benz has more status, but ML 320 and 430 are not as good as X5, IMHO.
  • I own a 328i and I was about to order the a 5speed
    x5 for my wife. After talking to the dealer and finding out that they are not willing to negotiate! I went next door to the lexus dealer and bought the RX300 for $500 over cost $36400 and
    saved myself over $12000. I liked the X5 better but I also like a fair deal.
  • I'm frankly a bit disappointed that the 4.4 only comes with an automatic! I have never owned an automatic and after 2 BMWs ('83 320i 160k miles, and '85 325e 280k) and now a 239hp '98 Volvo S70T5 about to come off lease, I'm debating between the power of the 4.4 and its lack of a 5-speed with the lesser horsepower 3.0 with it.

    Can anyone share their personal experiences either way? My local dealership has neither model in stock for test driving (I'm looking for a dealer that does), but I doubt I'll have an opportunity to drive the right after each other. Does the 5-speed make up for the 20% less horsepower of the 4.4's automatic? Thanks!

    Oh yeah, and despite my wife playing chauffeur with the 3 kids and their friends, running to/from school, the store, the wherever in the minivan -- whenever she when she only our 3 children, she enjoys hopping in the Volvo to re-experience the fun of a turbocharged 5-speed. She is favoring the 3.0 so that she'll still have access to a 5-speed... but I'm not sold yet. And I think she's an adult female. :-)
  • Joe, I pray that your wife either has a sense of humor or doesn't visit this townhall, otherwise you could be looking at some serious "couch time."

    I drove a 3.0 stick and found it to be an odd (but OK) experience, partly because it was the first 4WD SUV/SAV I've ever driven with a stick. Be that as it may, I didn't get that "sport" feel that you typically get when you drive a 5 speed. My personal preference is the 3.0 in an automatic. That's what I ordered for my bride. I, on the other hand, ordered the 330ci with a stick for myself. Same engine but a completely different feel. The 330ci with the 5-speed and sport package is an absolute dream. Oops...sorry. Back to the 3.0. 5-speed...that's one of those thing that you'll have to test yourself. I did find that the power band was more robust on the 3.0 stick vs. the 4.4 auto in a few instances, however, under normal driving circumstances, you miss the extra power of the V8. Don't get me wrong...the 3.0 stick was a nice experience for me, just not totally pleasurable. You might find different responses from others. Lets see...
  • I am presently trying to decide what SUV to buy. My considerations are the BMW and the ML430. I had decided on the 4.4 but production lags tell me that I wouldn't have the car before the second quarter of this year. Too long. Is the 3.0 a strong enough engine for the weight of the car? I am a real estate agent and besides a lot of local driving, do a lot of highway, as well. I drove the ML320 and found its pick-up getting on the highway, weak. I had driven the 3.0 awhile ago and didn't notice any problems, however, I can't retry this due to the absence of any 3.0's now in my area. I hate the look of the ML430, but will opt for it if the 3.0 is considered by those that have it to be too sluggish on the start. I will be buying an automatic.
  • alingaling Posts: 598
    Many 3.0i owners are happy with their X5s, but others do find the acceleration just barely adequate from the get-go. After all, a 3.0L I6 engine is pretty small for a vehicle which is as heavy as a Lincoln Navigator (!!).

    Since you found the ML320's pickup in sufficient for your needs, I think that you will probably find the I6 X5's in sufficient as well. So, try out the ML430 again and see if you like it.

    As for the look, for '01, the ML55-like Sport Package is available, so perhaps you'll like that better. You can continue any discussions on the M-class by going here.

    Good luck!
  • Does ayone know what I should expect to get for a 3 liter X5 with manual transmission? Thanks!
  • I was lucky enough to be able to get a BMW X-5 over the weekend. It is a 3.0i with sports package and there was 4 of them. It is a heavy car for the horse power it comes in. Looks like BMW has made the Steptronic standard for the X-5s. In the sports mode the car accelerates beautifully. I love the sports package. Like it says in the review you drive these cars on road, for the pleasure. Expect to drive like a SUV, not like a porsche.
  • Have an X5 3.0 with xenon headlights. At night, people have been flashing their brights at us when we drive towards them. One guy even stopped his car and got out and started screaming at us!

    I know the things are bright and that bothers some people, but they actually do seem to be set awfully high. Haven't been able to get into the dealer to have them look at it.

    Anyone else with this problem?

  • alingaling Posts: 598
    Sounds to me like your headlamps are aimed too high. I haven't had a problem (no more than with other HID Xenon equipped vehicles) with oncoming X5s. Just bring your vehicle into the dealership and they should be able to realign them properly. You may want to do this soon too :-)

    Hope this helps!
    Townhall Community Leader/Vans Conference
  • I live in the Mountains in So. Calif and am considering purchasing the X5. Does anyone have
    experience driving and handling the X5 under these winter conditions?
    Many thanks,
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