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Jeep Patriot

Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,018
Thinking about a Patriot? Check out our first drive and tell us what you think.

First Drive: 2007 Jeep Patriot

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  • frostyyfrostyy Posts: 52
    Update on Patriot Production....

    according to a V.P. at Jeep, the patriot production has been delayed due to software problems at the Belvidere plant...

    Production is now scheduled to start in the fourth quarter of 2006 and Patriots will land on dealer lots in early 2007.
  • frostyyfrostyy Posts: 52
    Update on Patriot Production:

    Production on the Patriot is scheduled to start Dec. 11 and will land on dealer lots, as indicated earlier, in Jan. 2007.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,890
    Have any info on pricing or release dates?

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  • From Chrysler press:

    Patriot production will finally begin on Dec. 20 and at least 10 Patriots will be in dealer showrooms by the end of December....

    Thus, you can finally order a Patriot according to your own specifications from a dealer in late December or wait until January 2007 for more to arrive at dealerships...
  • woo-hoo at least 10 will be in dealerships in Dec. :) Now to wait a couple more months until the rebates hit. Seen any new photos anywhere? Hopefully there will be more info at the Detroit auto show.
  • grutzagrutza Posts: 52
    another forum with official release

    Jeep Patriot Sport 4x2 $14,985
    Freedom Drive I™ 4x4 $16,735
    Freedom Drive II™ 4x4 $19,175
    Jeep Patriot Limited 4x2 $19,985
    Freedom Drive I™ 4x4 $21,735
    Freedom Drive II™ 4x4 $23,530
  • grutzagrutza Posts: 52
    On the test website there is a build and price feature for the patriot.

    Jeep test website
  • My local Jeep dealer in Long Island, NY just informed me that the factory will begin taking dealer orders on 1/8/07. They expect to see some Patriots in 6-8 weeks.
  • grutzagrutza Posts: 52
    The press event is scheduled for mid-January. Most dealers are expected to get inventory shortly after.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    Called the Jeep information line on 01/16.07 and a few dealers are getting the Patriot now. If they drive anything like the Caliber or Compass then this could be a huge mistake by DCX. One main issue is the CVT transmission. I drove the Caliber and that CVT acts like it's not sure what to do when you floor it and hit 60 mph. The blind spots were too many to count. This si not a very good replacement for the Neon, as I see it. We have had 3 Neons and they had more get up and go and they were more aerodynamic. We have a 1996 Neon with 193,000 and it still gets 29 to 32 mpg. I doubt any of these similar vehicles will do that.

  • Getting very high lease quotes for Patriot in 21000-24000 range, depending on options, for 36mo. lease. Looks like mid-to upper $400s/mo for sign and drive (no money down, not even taxes). Not acceptable. Apparently there will be no lease incentives from Jeep for awhile. Will have to look at other compact SUVs like CRV. Like the traditional Jeep styling of the Patriot but not the quoted lease prices. Not happy. :mad:
  • Read your article and definitely liked what I saw. I was considering a new Compass, but now I think I will wait until I can find a Patriot.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    We are ready to buy one, and have checked every Jeep dealer within 200 miles of where we live. There are more than 25 Patriots within 150 miles, in all type of selections. I have looked at buying the manual 5 speed (it's in a Limited) and goes for about $21,000. an automatic is about $23,200. I am concerned about the CVT transmission in how it will hold up.
    I also want to know what the safety rating is on the Patroit and Compass. Anyone know?

  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    You can buy then now, selection is somewhat limited as of now.

  • Here are the latest safety ratings for the Patriot:

    No frontal crash ratings yet, but it should score simarly to the Compass. You can find safety ratings for all vehicles here:

    I'm looking forward to test driving a Patriot soon, as it seems like a good fit for my needs -- communiting around Pittsburgh, mostly city driving. Roads get very challenging here in the winter, so 4WD is a high priority for me.

    :) John
  • heyjewelheyjewel Posts: 1,046
    April Motor Trend has a page or so on the Patriot. They liked it - sortof. Noisy engine, power-sapping CVT were main gripes. Well, besides cheap interior, but whattya want for $15000 these days?

    They pointed out that Chrysler is getting a lot of mileage from the same platform: Jeep COmpass and Patriot, Dodge Caliber and Avenger. The Patriot for many reasons though seems to be the pick of the litter.

    It's almost exactly what I've wanted - close to 30mpg on road and very good off road. And for a reasonable price. Looks a lot like my old '86 cherokee too and I like that.
  • lostwrenchlostwrench Posts: 288
    Are you sure the Avenger is in this group?
  • heyjewelheyjewel Posts: 1,046
    Just telling you what MT says.
  • heyjewelheyjewel Posts: 1,046

    Hold the phone, you are right. I looked at the article again and the Avenger is NOT on the same platform as the Patriot.

    Patriot = Caliber = Compass = (new PT Cruiser soon)

    Avenger = Sebring(which a friend just bought. Waiting for her report)

  • edge7edge7 Posts: 3
    What are the residuals for the Patriot? They have residuals of 66% for the 4 Dr. Wrangler on a 39 month lease.
  • djp_63djp_63 Posts: 10
    The Sebring and Avenger are built on the same Caliber platform. The Belvidere plant can be used to build these two models if needed.

  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    I currently have an old 4-Runner. We're talking late 80s/early 90s era square box on wheels. But it's indestructable and downright small compared to a new Tacoma.

    The Patriot is the same size, almost to the inch, as my old 4-Runner, except that the rear is about 1.5 feet shorte. But I don't carry plywood sheets in mine anyways, and the 4-Runner "beater-box" isn't going anywhere - it's my Tonka Toy that I can load with stuff and do the dirty work with. :)

    I want a replacement that's not a bubble, not full of plastic, and is no larger or heavier than the 4-Runner I have. Bloat is bad, bad, bad, because, see, I use the thing off-road. I'd get a Wrangler Unlimited, but hell if it isn't just incredibly expensive. I mean, really - $24K for a basic off-road box? Nice as it is, it just defeats the basic off-road toy concept that was born with the 4-runner and such - where you'd take a basic no-frills pickup and off-roadify it for well under $20K.

    So I looked at the Patriot tonight. And I'm surprized. It is almost a carbon-clone of my old 4-Runner, other than being a shorter bed in back. It works, it's nice, and the manual transmission is acceptable.

    $16K for the 4wd manual base model leaves a ton of room for the few goodies that you want. But the smart buyer buys a sotck model, adds A/C and pretty much nothing else. Al of the rest is aftermarket, and $3000 buys a wad of arftermarket add-ons that are twice the quiality or more of the original OEM options. And twice as much of it.

    All it needs is a 2 inch lift-kit and it's the new 4wd stompy-box(tm) ;)

    And it's not a jellybean.
  • The article was informative and a good read. I know next to nothing about Jeep products in general, the exception being that they seem highly regarded for their off-road prowess. Any opinions on whether purchasing the Patriot in it's first year of production would be a good decision? Are Jeep's known for great reliability? How would the Patriot rate overall in comparison to a Toyota RAV4 or a Honda CR-V, both short and long-term?
  • neely2005neely2005 Posts: 70
    When it the Full Test going to be posted?
    It's been almost 4 months since the First Drive was posted...

  • "The other good news is that the construction of the interior is not as embarrassingly cheap as the interiors of the Caliber and Compass are. It is merely cheap."

    WTF??? The interior on the Compass & The Patriot are almost IDENTICAL!!!

    Did this reviewer even drive a Compass??? This is quite possibly the worst review I've ever read in that it Slams the Compass hard but praises the Patriot - People these vehicles are practically identical - the only differences are the Looks, The Freedom Drive II 4WD system and the Suspension is tuned a LITTLE Firmer on the Patriot. Other than that they're identical.

    And why is the reviewer saying that the Patriot looks better? It doesn't look better to me. I much prefer the looks of the Compass - but again looks are subjective and have little or no place in a car review.

    Worst Review Ever!
    Daniel Pund - you should find another occupation!!!

    BTW: When will the Full Test for the Patriot be up??? It's been over 6 months since the First Drive!
  • toddmntoddmn Posts: 13
    This is one of the poorest reviews I've seen. If a person is going to review a vehicle he should start an open mind. In the case of Jeep a keen eye on the history books doesn't hurt either. For starters, first and foremost, Jeep has finally addressed the issue of poor highway mileage. For those of us who own and drive a fleet of Jeeps of all ages, one that gets good mileage is a welcome change. Not every Jeep needs to be "capable" or "trail rated". Jeep has a history of offering cars to meet the differing needs of many people. Jeep has offered most of their vehicles in both 2 and 4 wheel drive. The Compass is Jeep returning to the car market for the first time in 55 years. Unlike the Jeepster, the Compass offers Jeepish looks and all wheel drive sure-footedness in a nice package for the person who likes Jeeps but is not interested in the off road experience.
    The Patriot also meets the fuel efficiency requirements of our changing world but without compromise to the traditional Jeep styling. If you are a real Jeep person, you know that lack of power and comfort go way back with Jeep. Not so with the Patriot. Good visibility, plenty of power for a car with good mileage, Jeep looks, and a generally good level of comfort, make the patriot a good choice for 21st century Jeep driver.

    In future reviews let's try to remember, the people who want to do serious off roading buy Wranglers or still drive CJs. Many of the cars Jeep makes now address the needs of people who want to get to work and home again when roads are covered in snow and ice. In the case of the Patriot It can do some of both.
  • steverstever Viva Las CrucesPosts: 40,817

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  • I recently test drove a Patriot North 4x4 and I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised.
    When I first saw Patriot's interior a few months ago I was initially disappointed by its cheap look and feel.
    But maybe that was due to its beige color and the flimsy air vents.
    Now that I saw it in black, paired with a very nice leather-wrapped steering wheel, it didn't seem quite as bad anymore.

    The ceiling and pillar materials as well as YES cloth seats were actually top notch. The seats are also very comfortable.

    I also had a chance to inspect Ford Escape's interior for comparison, and it was downright horrid.
    Not only was it cheap, but it was also thin and flimsy and all panels from doors to dashboard could be moved easily with finger pressure.
    And what is with that weird crap Ford uses for their 'leather' steering wheels? What exactly is that made of?

    At least with the Patriot the interior feels absolutely solid and secure.
    In fact the whole truck has a solid feel to it.
    BTW, why are those roof pillars so thick? They are about 8 times bigger than those in my Subaru.
    Are they actually designed to support the truck's weight if it flips over, or are they just hollow inside?

    I liked the handling and the sitting position, although rear visibility was limited compared to my Legacy wagon.
    The CVT transmission does not only feel strange but also is completely non-responsive. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get used to that. Good luck trying to pass someone when you have passengers or gear in the trunk!

    It's a shame that the off-road package comes only with that CVT slushbox.

    Is it really that hard for car makers to make a 6-speed manual gearbox with one extra-low gear?
    That one option would have made Patriot significantly more popular, and would have been cheaper, lighter and more reliable than the CVT in the long run.

    I also think that a truly functional interior must definitely have bottle/cup holder in front doors, like those in the 2007 Forester for example. I found those very useful.
    And the rear cup holders should be foldable, in case someone needs to sit in the middle.
    These things aren't hard to make, but would mean a lot.

    Otherwise Patriot is a strong candidate for me and offers great value. I'm a Subaru fan, but the new Forester costs significantly more than what I'm prepared to spend.
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