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Jeep Patriot



  • BEWARE!!! Chrysler will try to make you think it is YOUR fault but it is REALLY faulty manufacturing!! If you have a sun roof there are drains along the inside edge of the sunroof. THE DRAINS ARE TOO NARROW. The diameter of the drains are HALF the diameter of the Honda husband's car.

    Also, there are drains under the hood in the corners near the front windshield. Chrysler will tell you that you are not 'maintaining" your car...keeping the drains clear from debris...they found ONE LEAF in my car and said that was the cause of the drain back up.

    This all started within the first two months that I owned the car! make sure to check your carpets because the drains back up and saturate your carpets.

    We are filing a suit against Chrysler and looking into Lemon laws.
  • Was wondering what recourse you had with Chrysler regarding the water? My rear dome light and front overhead lights pour water out of them every time there is a heavy rain...started just two months after I had the car. Chrysler said that i am supposed to clean out the drains but I check them twice a week and nothing is blocking them. The diameter of the drains is HALF the diameter of the drains in my husband's Honda Pilot which has NEVER leaked. I got a big fat "I told you so" for buying American. My Patriot is a 2009...still under warranty and Chrysler wont fix it.
  • dtocchiodtocchio Posts: 1
    Notice a bad musty smell...bottom line is the car leaked from the roof line and back tail light assembly from the day I brought it home from the dealer. The trunk well was full of mold like you won't believe. Jeep paid 70 percent of the cost but still not happy..for 23 grand it should not have leaked in the first place. Also ball joint at 40 thousand miles too
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