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Acura Integra Engine Questions



  • skriballaskriballa Posts: 1
    :sick: Im looking for a replacement engine for my 2000 Acura Intega; 1.8L 4-cyl. engine; automatic transmission. It started overheating; and i had it checked out here in orlandothey said the head gasket was blown so much that it now needs another engine. They said they can replace the engine with a new one for $2400 Should I look at replacing the engine? whats the cheapest alternative here?
  • I've owned my 1991 Acura Integra for about a year now. One previous owner, only 132k miles to date.

    I'm trying to brainstorm my solution without having to just hand the car over to a mechanic's mercy. Here are two issues. Please reply if you have any suggestions or, more specifically, you know of an experience related to these symptoms. Long read ahead.

    I'm having an issue with the idling, almost like it idles too low. Less than 1000rpm. The only time this issue has raised concern is when I occasionally have a backfire from starting the engine and the rpms don't stay high enough and the engine dies and I have to turn the ignition again after about 30-60sec.

    Thats my minor issue.

    The larger one I'm having is my radiator using up coolant at a much faster rate. I've only had one overheat with this vehicle, and in that case the radiator was almost empty, but not bone dry. I'm not sure when/if the thermostat has been replaced or if the thermostat was compromised in the process. Also, the fans in the front seem to only turn on after the point of exceeded the half mark on the gauge in the dashboard, which it rarely does exceed the half mark. I discovered the reservoir does have a small leak in it.

    I wanted to assume either the thermostat needs replacing, as well as the reservoir, at the least. I also considered perhaps the fans aren't working properly as far as when to kick in.

    Although the gauge hasn't exceeded the half mark again, I sometimes smell coolant just around the outside of the car after it's been used (30min+ driving). And randomly I see light white smoke/steam, also smelling like coolant, exiting the exhaust. But this happens only on start up after being parked 6-8 hours at work/home.
  • hello:

    I am on my 3rd 1990-92 Integra. Mine idles at a consent 750, never any issues with backfire.

    As far as the coolant, sounds like a head gasket to me. We did have a GSR that belched alot of white smoke, had a rip off CT Acura dealer take the engine apart, they stated it was the pistons(it was not, they were not fouled or damaged in any way) sealed it back up at a cost of 3000 and then there was head gasket issues, another 1000.

    The alternate cooling fan some times turns on my car in the winter, was told there is a sensor for that fan that if it senses a certain temp will run till its cooled past the sensor trip, otherwise unless its really hot rarely get the fan running.

    I have found that the computer located under the passengers foot panel, can be the cause of many hit and miss problems. Also check your grounds, which can cause issues if they are no longer attached or corroded over. Can be purchased off ebay, pretty cheap too, just make sure to look at the model number of the one you currently own.

    There are CD manuals avail on ebay, cheap too. If you cannot find one send me a email and I will copy mine and send to you.

    If you ever get the check engine light turning on and not extinguishing and not allowing you to start the car, that is a definite sign of a bad computer, do not chip it or have some Acura repair shop tell you that they can increase your performance, just get the OEM and you will be good to go.

    There are Acura clubs you can contact too that have good info. On my other computer, so contact me back if you need more info.

    good luck. I am going to start looking for another, mine has 94k on it, getting harder and harder to find ones in good shape.
  • i have a 2001 integra standard and when i shift from 2nd to 3rd and in 3rd it starts to shake, but does not happen in otha gears so it cant b the tire alignment. can someone plz help!
  • Thats a new one. I assume you mean the body of the car vibrates. I have had 3 1990-91 teg's and have never had that issue. Did you get the wheels balanced and have you made sure the balance "leads" have not dropped off?

    Is it always at a certain speed? Only when shifting or does it happen when applying brakes? If when hitting brakes make be one of the rods are bent.

    good luck. jeffreyc42
  • Hello All,

    I have the following error codes showing up on my 1999 Acura Integra:

    PO301B, PO302B, PO300B, PO304 = Cylinder misfires.

    and MFR P1399 = what is this???

    Does anyone know what could be causing this?

    Any help is appreciated!!!
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