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Troubleshooting the Pathfinder

I have two questions:

My first regards installing a K&N air filter to get better gas milage. After installing, I disconnected the negative side of my battery to reboot my computer, but didn't notice any difference in performance. I repeated the process and left the battery disconnected for a few hours and still no change. Any tips??

Second, I recently sprayed out my engine bay at a local car wash. Now my pathfinder is hesitant when I push on the gas. It seems to react a little better at higher RPM's. I checked to make sure my spark plugs were all connected properly, and checked my distibuter cap to make sure there wasn't any water traped... I also ran some SeaFoam in my last tank of gas and a little with my enging oil... Any help?


  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Did you think the K&N would increase milage or performance? They only marginally help and usually only in high-hp/high performance situations coupled with other mods would they be noticeable.

    As for the washing, you probably loosened something or got water somewhere, check your vaccum lines for leaks or disconnects.

  • I have read a few different posts that have said installing a K&N in a pathfinder will increase from about 15mpg to 19? If this isn't the case, what would you say the advantage to haveing a K&N air filter is?

    Also, I was planning on replacing my spark plugs. Would this help the sputtering acceleration if my current plugs are dirty or malfunctioning?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    15->19 not happening.

    15->16 maybe.

    Advantages of the K&N will be better throttle response, more power, also if you increase your exhaust size the higher flow of the air filter will help it as well.

    Better for the environment since you re-use it for the life of the car, rather than throwing it away ever 15k miles.

    As for spark plugs, can't hurt to replace em on a 94 Pathy.

  • Thanks for your help! Do you know of a repair manual that you would suggest?
  • I hate to sound so stupid, but how does the MP3 player in my 2005 Pathfinder Off Road package work. I have burned my own CD's and they can't be read by the player. What can the player read? What am I doing wrong?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    You need to "close" the burned CDs in order for the MP3 player to read it. Also check your manual (I don't have the MP3 player in mine) it may need to have the files in a certain name format like it can't be more than XXX characters long. Let us know if you get it working as I'm sure someone else on here will want to read it.

  • Thanks for the reply. I'm traveling on business and have not been able to try your suggestions. Even so, I'm confused by what you mean by close the burned CD.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    When you burn a CD on your computer you have the option of leaving it open so you can put more stuff on the CD, in that case only CD Rom drives that are also burners can read the CD. If you configure your burning software to "close" the cd then non-burner CD Roms (such as the one in your pathy) will be able to read it.

  • ppc2674ppc2674 Posts: 2
    have a 2001 SE V6 Pathfinder. The horn, cruise control, and the volume for the stereo on the steering wheel is not working. I have checked all fuses, the relay, and both horns and they are good. While testing the #1 or the #2 position on the horn relay directly to the ground, the relay energized and the horn blew constantly. If there is anyone out there who has had this problem and can give me feedback, please comment.
  • 2001 pathfinder my mechanic says that the nose that i hear is coming from the egr motor. the engine light comes on occasionally and i loose a few miles per gallon. i called the dealer they want to do diognotic test for $95. the engine doesn't stall while driving.
    if it is egr motor $140 they will replace and the control value $55 and clean out the metal tube that may have carbon in it they say it is a 5 hour job. it all seems a bit high
    is it the said parts and can i do it myself?
  • I have a 87 Nissan Pathfinder V-6
    It was driven up till the exhaust went and I parked it 3 yrs ago...
    I really want to get this thing back to life but I cannot get it to start now. Here is what I have done so far.

    - Drained the old bad gas out really really yellow stuff

    - Drained the lines

    - Found the new Gas I added smelled more like bad gas the fresh stuff redrained it again.

    - re drained the lines

    - I cleaned the plugs they still look new as I put then in just before I put it away...

    - The Fuel pump is working-----

    - Truck fires up when gas is added through the carb---but wont run on its own.

    - Took the carb/throttle body off cleaned it still nothing

    - Added a bit of oil to the cylinders

    Anyone having any suggestions feel free to help me out.... This Pathfinder was good to me so I would really like it back =)
  • Hello,
    I have the same truck. You said you drained the lines but did you change the gas filter? It would be clogged if you had bad gas.
  • My 92 pathfinder decided not to start Saturday. Recently several diag/dash lights have lit up including the Anti-lock, Brake, Alt lights. My wife claims recently it sounded as if it struggled to start a few times on first start in the morning. We credited that to it being cold now that the temp has dropped a good 30-40 degrees in the past few weeks. However last night after driving it to and from the home depot we parked the truck in front of the house and proceeded to unload our bags. After sitting for only like 10 minutes we got in the truck to find it would not start. It is definatley trying to start as the dash/diagnostic lights come on and get bright and fade get bright and fade and you can hear it trying to start. We eventually got a jump start and parked the truck. This morning however ...the same thing....any pointers? I am mechanically and electrically proficient as i am an army vet with an MOS in electrical repair and i currently fix commercial food equipment. I have always been hesitant to work on my cars though...but now it seems I have no choice. Please help.

  • rsenrsen Posts: 1
    I have a 97 nissan pathfinder w 130000 miles. Cold start high idle 1500 if you engage tranny it will stall. When veh norm op temp works fine.

    When veh warm enuf to not stall it will either shift thru pattern to high gear. When coning to stop will stall. trans does nt disengage. you can shift to neutral and get a high idle. when at complete stop put trans in drive. no problem. once veh op temp veh runs and ops norm
  • codytcodyt Posts: 1
    My 88 V6 pathfinder 4x4 has been driven regularly, recently it has had the problem of not starting especially when it is warm. Cold it will usually fire right up but after warming, if you cut the engine it won't start back. The engine turns but it won't start, it seems to be getting fire and gas. Sometimes it runs perfectly and then out of nowhere it will begin acting up, smoking and lugging and it acts like it wants to die. The shop replaced the rotor and distributor and also added gas treatment and injection cleaner but the problem is continuing. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  • Recently purchased 87 pathfinder for 16 year olds first car. Changed plugs ,cap&rotor, fuel filter, battery, air filters, oil &oil filter. It takes a while to start but when started it runs pretty good but there seems to be lack of power. Every time I try tostart it ,it runs a couple seconds longer each time the key is turned so it takes about 12 times to get it running. Injectors are working fine do you think the fuelpump needs replaced?
  • 2005 Pathy.

    How in heck do you remove/move these stinkin roof rack cross bars?! I can't get the torx screws loose - I already stripped one. :mad:

  • 1) When going down hills in gear I often feel my AT down shift. Seems like some sort of preset transmission braking going on? I read in the manual about hill braking but the scenario it describes seems different than what I'm seeing. Is this normal or could something be wrong?

    2) I've confirmed by testing that my speedo is showing too high mph. For example, when the speedo shows 65 the vehicle is only going 60. I can adapt but would prefer it be closer - I know some cars are off but this is almost 8% different. Anyone have this or know anything about it?

    3) Have dual zone climate control; everytime I start the truck, I see the defrost logo come on. It goes off after a few minutes. It's winter so it's usually mid-30 degrees or below outside and I know that when defrost is on and outside temp is under 36 f the a/c is activated so I'm concerned about gas mileage. I'm not manually starting the defrost - it happens automatically. I can't find anything specific in the manual - Is this defrost thing normal?

  • recently had a ton of snow and ice which provided many opportunities to switch from 2W to 4W drive. At one point, someone put in 4W lo but after dial was turned back to 2W, it remained in 4W Lo and won't come back out. Even after many dial turns, stopping, turning off/on etc.
    Any thoughts on how to get it out of 4W Lo?
  • have you tried driving it forward at slow speed for a couple of hundred feet or so?
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