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Chevy Blazer/GMC Jimmy



  • When reverse and overdrive both failed same day in my 1998 Blazer, dealer said repaiing parts would cost 3300 and putting in a GM Remanufactured trans would cost 3700. Blazer had 59,000 miles and never towed or hauled anything heavy. I called GM Cust. Service 1-800 number and after much hem and haw they said if I did have 3700.00 repair job done, they would pay 50% of cost, in form of rebate check after I paid entire amt.
    I okayed the repairs and after I got vehicle back then GM said they decided to pay only 40% of agreed cost "because of the mileage on the vehicle(?)".
    For a vehicle that was babied since day one that I owned since brand new, I thought it ridiculous that trans would fail with less than 60 thousand miles on unit.
    For GM to offer to only pay 50% was an insult and then to screw me again by changing refund amount was final straw.
    I highly doubt GM will ever have any of my future business if this is how they treat a customer who had chevies since 1974.
    Lots of others want car buyers business and I will hope they treat long time customers with a lot more respect. Goodby GM
  • I had taken my 99 Blazer to a local chevy dealer for a no heat concern,1 hose going to the heater core was hot,the returning hose was cold. Thats what I told the service Advisor.They charged me over $100.00 to flush the system,worked for 3 days. Then they quoated me for a new heater core at $985.00. I drained the coolant,installed 2 bottles of Prestone HD cleaner,drove about 200 miles. Drained it out,purchased the prestone flush kit,and what came from the cooling system was terrible. I let it flush for appox. 30 min,Installed new coolant,not a problem since,that was last year. Total cost,less than $20.00
  • I have a '99 S-10 Blazer 4.3 with 70K miles. In the past several months the fuel mileage has dropped and the engine cranks over several seconds before it runs,a little stumble at first when warm. Noticed black smoke from exhaust. I replaced plugs,air filter. I was told that the fuel pressure regulator inside the throtthe body is leaking down,causing excess fuel in the cylinders and a leakdown from the fuel pump. When it sits overnight it starts pretty good. Can anyone confirm this regulator leak down,I dont want to buy a throttle body if I dont have to. Any help would be appriciated. Thanks
  • i have a transition year 95 jimmy sle, for some reason its got a lot of different years in it stock. but im haveing a problem with my breaks aswell, i get this loud hissing noise from the break peddle, its really rough to compress and i have to pump the breaks like an old camaro. after i can compress it all the way to the floor the hissing dissappers , is it possible that i have a leak from a vacum hose, or got break fluid from somewhere inside of it
  • Please, help. I have a 95 Blazer with composite (not sealed beam) headlights. Need to replace the low beam, but can't figure how to get to it. The high beam bulbs are easily accessible, but I have to do the low beam.
    Thanks for any help.
  • Wife has a '95 4-door Blazer, has been a pretty good, reliable vehicle. Has 125k miles, just had transmission rebuilt, only minor repairs otherwise. I have two concerns, though. I have heard that the 2-door Blazers are much more prone to rollover than the 4-door. I also have noticed that these vehicles are heavy and don't stop very well in the rain, and mine has ABS. I had a rear-end accident when I was young, so if I were you, I'd get something lighter that stops better and gets better gas mileage. Just a suggestion.
  • ok here is a switch for everyone. i have been reading on forums all day on how to fix your jimmy if it isnt blowing hot enough air when the heater or defroster isnt on. well on my 1998 GMC Jimmy S-10 4Door i have a problem to were it blows nothing but hot air. and this isnt warm its not mildly hot it can cause blisters if you leave your hand up there long enough. it comes out off all my vent unless i have them closed then it seeps through. when it is on a/c it still blows hot air if the fan in on the off position it lets air through from outside. i think it is stuck open or something and my engine heat is coming straight through. but i dont know. oh and sometimes it will start up all by its self and blow hard for 2 seconds and then kick off and the start up agian all by itself with the fan on the off position. now its acting up more than a troubled child on crack so can anyone help or have heard or seen this before. oh and it all started when i had a thermostat problem and my car overheated and when we replaced the thermostat and i started driving it agian it did this thanks.
  • pino5pino5 Posts: 2
    Hello, The rear latch on my 1995 Blazer stopped working. It makes the noise that it made before but now it won't release the locking mechanism. How can I release the device without breaking anything? Thanks.
  • pino5pino5 Posts: 2
    Hello, The rear latch on my 1995 Blazer stopped working. It makes the noise that it made before but now it won't release the locking mechanism. How can I release the device without breaking anything? Thanks.
  • Check the bushings on your hood hinge. Known problem. :)
  • nicko1nicko1 Posts: 1
    My 2003 Blazer's fuel economy recently took a significant dip for the second time. While it was under warranty, I took it to the dealer who cleaned out the fuel injector and claimed it was gunked up by dirty fuel. Now it is out of warranty, I took it to another mechanic who claimed the fuel injector regulator was faulty and flooding the plenum around the fuel injector, causing a leak onto my spark plugs. He said this also caused carbon buildups in the fuel injector. He changed the regulator, and flushed the entire fuel injector. The problem has not improved. Has anyone else had this problem? I was told that this is not uncommon to these motors. I don't want to spend another bundle of money fixing the same problem twice, especially when I haven't had the car 3 years yet. Is this problem a reasonable fix or should I just trade in on a Mustang before I have major problems with the Blazer?
  • I bought a 92 gmc Jimmy about a month ago. It was wrecked in the front end. In the course of my restorations I discovered that the remote oil lines were kinked. I talked with a friend who is fluent in jimmy and he told me about a replacement part to convert the remote lines. How ever I called the dealership and they could not tell me the part i needed. If anyone knows of the part I'm looking for please help me. This is the last step to finishing my ride. :cry:
  • I have the exact same problem and mine starts to cycle hot/cold but then it stays hot and it is very hot. This is a 1998 Blazer S10 with the ECC. Did anyone solve this problem yet? Thanks I have not seen a answer to this yet other than going back to the stealer dealer to diagnose for big bucks.
  • raynbyrdraynbyrd Posts: 1
    done that, on a 1995 Blazer, I had to take off the inside panel to release the latch, a link inside the door had 1 end broken off, so the solenoid would pulse but on the other end, no action, i rigged the broken end of the link with a screw, works fine now, also drilled a small emergency hole in the inside panel so i wouldn't have to struggle to remove the panel again if i needed to repair it again
  • mjacksmjacks Posts: 1
    I have an '03 blazer and a friend slammed the rear so hard the plastic piece broke. someone did get it opened but now I can't and have followed all of these tips. please help. I have the emergency release area opened and can get it to move but not sure what to do. driving me crazy!
  • izecoldizecold Posts: 3
    Hello, I was reading your message and was wondering if you ever fixed the problem on your blazer? My 1999 blazer is having the same problem, it's really anoying. please help....
  • izecoldizecold Posts: 3
    have u found a fix for your physco turn signal? Mine is doing the same thing!
  • Sorry, no clue about your problem. Although we are in the same boat about never buying a chevy again. My Blazer is an 87 and it doesn't go above 45 mph. EVER. I hear different reasons why that is but still haven't figured out the problem, but i just wanted to let you know i feel your pain. NEVER again.
  • I have a 1987 Chevy Blazer with a 2.8 V6 that never goes above 45mph. I have to take back roads wherever i go. I heard it was the kickdown cable on the tranny, had that adjusted. i heard it was the injectors so i got some injector cleaner and that didn't work. I put good 93 octane gas and that didn't work. Any ideas? I don't think it's the tranny, i think it's the motor. I just don't know what part of the motor is screwing up. If anyone has had this problem or knows how to fix it without breaking the bank PLEASE let me know. I am mechanically inclined and have worked on many cars fixing many problems. i just need instructions on what to do and what the problem is.
  • Fire that baby up, walk around to the the back of it and check the flow from your exhaust. Could be a plugged catalytic converter or muffler. Keep on Blazin. Kelly
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