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My 2006 LR3: The Cautionary Tale



  • gsapnargsapnar Posts: 5
    Yea, it would have been really sad if any of my kids got hurt because of the piece of crap you call a wonderful vehicle. I've got 30,500 miles on the car which just got all new brakes and new tires with the 30,000 maintenance right before the piece of s___ dies on me driving down the highway. Just figure you got lucky.

    All of the mechanics I know said Land Rovers are the worse cars on the road. I should've listened to them. Just bought a 2007 Mercedes S550, now that's A WONDERFUL VEHICLE!!!!
  • gillzgillz Posts: 15
    Cars and quality are a very polarizing topic. My '07 LR3 has 20k and problem free and not all smooth hwy miles. Have been off in the desert and over rocks that several Jeeps got high centered on.

    Interesting you bring up a Mercedes. My family has owned several C and E classes. The C230 spent more time on a flatbead tow truck than on the road. Had the transmission replaced not once, but twice within 25k miles ! Now have a BMW 750i ('06) and the tires/brakes last about 20k miles, lots of wind noise from the sunroof when closed (dealer says 'that's the way it is'!) and when starting cold, the engine shakes the car so much would spill your coffee.

    Happy when I get back in my LR3 given the experience with 'German Engineering'.
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,476
    You are worried about reliability and you bought a S-Class Mercedes????

    While the current generation S-Class W221, has done fairly well Knock on wood the previous generation S-Class W220 did not do well at all. That Mercedes was one of the lease reliable luxury vehicles produced in recent memory and severely damaged the reputation of Mercedes.

    The W221 has been much better but after how poor the W220 was I wouldn't give Mercedes a pass yet. Just keep that in mind.
  • British rover,

    can you advise as to the details of the prorated tire bulletin for the LR3, I purchased my LR3 in Dec 05 and we have had air suspension issues, which the dealer has fixed 2 times, though we still get a an air deflating noise from the rear of the truck when it is parked. We have had uneven wear on the rear tires but the dealer said it was alignment issue, but a re-alignment has not fixed the problem...The tire surface is uneven, do we still have any recourse....we have 22000 miles on it

  • I have 3 young boys and we are considering buying a new LR3. Currently dealers seemed to be almost giving them away. My wife is the primary driver and typically drives 8000 to 9000 a year.

    Any thoughts? Third row useful?
  • chuka1chuka1 Posts: 1
    I own a 2006 LR3 and it is the first car to give me monumental problems. First I had a cracking sound whenever I turned the vehicle backing up. Then the emergency brake locked up on me. It was fixed by the Landrover dealer and it lasted ALL OF one day!! After that, it locked up and had to be towed. After this, I am done with Landrover. :mad:
  • iftiifti Posts: 1
    I had a same problem with my LR3, 2006 and I have 50,000 miles. I don't know what is causing the rear tires to wear out unevenly and I am taking to the dealer next week. I don't know what he is gonna say ?. I wish I know better.
  • jgattijgatti Posts: 1
    My '06 LR3 SE is just short of 120k miles. Outside of regular maintenance the only thing I've had to replace is the air suspension compressor. I think some people are just lucky, or it may be due to driving habits and how people maintain their vehicle. I've had fewer problems with my LR3 than Hondas, toyotas, and BMW's over the past 22 years I've been driving.
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