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Lexus LX 470



  • nofeernofeer Posts: 380
    with the pressure from the LC and sequoia, will lexus redesign the Lx470 and base it on the sequoia? does any one know if the rx will be changed soon. you'd think with the Highlander and the sequoia $$$$ less than the lexus things may get changed for 2002
  • rxpcrxpc Posts: 2
    The odds of the LX being changed to a Sequoia platform is very unlikely for several reasons. The main one is that the Seq is more "trucky" and the LC is more "luxury." The LX being Lexus' ultimate, luxury SUV, it needs to maintain it's ultra smooth ride. If you've driven a Seq, you'll notice that it is nowhere as smooth a ride as the LC or LX. Don't get me wrong, the Seq is a wonderful SUV but it's is geared for a different audience.
    As far as the RX goes, several buying guides have indicated a complete makeover in '03. The new Camry is coming in '02 and I believe the RX will be based on that platform.
  • gkexecgkexec Posts: 6
    Just returned from a trip to Florida. In order to more fully enjoy the two months we decided to buy a car trailer (fully enclosed) and tow one of our two sports cars with us. I must say, the LX470's billing as being capable of towing 6500 lbs. proved to be accurate. With the trailer and BMW Z3 inside, we topped out at around 6500 lbs. While we could certainly tell we had a load behind us, the LX470 handled it beautifully. My only complaints are the gas mileage (down to 10 MPG) and a desire to see more horepower in the Lexus. For those who intend to embark on some seious towing, you need to follow the owners manual carefully and lower the suspension before attaching your trailer. As the manual noted might occur, my vehicle did not return to the Normal driving indicator on the suspesion, but in Low, it handled just fine and we had a good experience.

    I would be interested in anyone else's towing experience with the LX 470. By the way, mine is a year 2000.

  • rmddnrmddn Posts: 9
    Have read concerns from #170 lando3 and #285 mckinnis----
    Does anyone have an answer to bypassing the 2001 DVD??? Am anxiously waiting for a solution!!! (As are many others) Would LOVE for the children to be able to watch a movie other than in the line at the car wash!!!
  • woolyswoolys Posts: 1
    I just picked up my new LX470 last week with Navigation. I ended up with an amazing deal. I live in the Los Angles area and had been poking around the internet looking for availability and the best possible deal on a new LX470. I found a local dealer advertising one at $300 over invoice or $59,289. My wife and I went down to see it as it was a Blue Vapor color which was not my first choice. After seeing it and driving it, we decided we really liked it and would buy it right then. When we went to sit down and do the paper work they said there had been a mistake and that the car should never have been listed at that price as they are getting close to invoice or more for 2001's with Nav. I showed them a copy of the email they had sent me with the price and VIN # and they still refused. Needless to say I was a bit upset! The next day I called up Autonation, who owned the dealership, and complained. They advised my to talk to the dealership again. When I did and told them that I was contacting Lexus to let them know about them not honoring an offer in writing, they backed down and said they would sell it to me. One problem, they had just sold it to somebody else! After a lot of discussion they agreed to sell me a RiverRock that was coming in next week. That was my first choice of color. I just picked it up last week. Score one for the little guy! Boy is that Nav system great. Now can somebody please help me find a way to override the DVD lockout while driving. They should let you sign a waver and override it for you. What's up Lexus?
  • tierradtierrad Posts: 3
    Hello All,
    I purchased a wonderful 2000 LX470 fully loaded last year and have had no problems to date. However, that all changed recently when I took it in for its 15,000 mile service. It was performing great, I had no problems, it was just receiving the recommended service (which I am very dilengent about and never late in having scheduled service performed). In any event, my wonderful LX470 now sounds very loud to me. When my car is in the "Drive" mode and I have my foot on the break, there is is loud drumming sound and I feel a slight vibration in the steering wheel and in the shift gear. When I put in in "N" or "P." the loud sound goes away completely - it sounds like my old LX. This noise problem did not occur until after the 15,000 mile service check-up. I took it back to my dealer and spoke with the head mechanic about this "new" noise problem. We took it for a test drive, he heard the noise, and said it was normal. I once again explained it was not "normal" because I had never experience it until after the 15,000 mile service was performed. I am the only one who drives the LX. I know every sound this baby makes so when I tell you this noise is new, it is new. The mechanic did re-inspect it for me and check some heating shields that was causing some LX owners noise and vibrating problems. My shields were not cracked or showed no signs of being cracked and according to the mechanic, everything checked out fine. What should I do? I know it's not in my head. I let my husband listen to it and he said it sounds like the LX is trying to "rev-up" and take off although you have your foot on the break pedal. Although he may drive the LX once every 4-5 weeks, he knew the noise was new and it was very loud to him also. The noise is louder when it been sitting out in the cold for a few hours(it is garage kept, however I do travel in the evening). The LX is loud and it's driving me crazy. Help! I think I will take it to a different service department next week. Has anyone experienced this problem?
  • tierradtierrad Posts: 3
    Hello All,
    I posted this message somewhere on the board but don't think it was the right place.

    In any event, I took my 2000 LX470 in for the 15,000 service 2 weeks ago and when I got it back, I am discovering some strange noises that did not exist until after this service was performed. My LX is garage kept, so it never gets truly "cold" but I still wait 30-40 sec before driving. After allowing it to "warm up", I noticed that it is very loud when I am stopped at a light and when I start acceleration. I put it in "N" or "P" and this loud thumping/humming sound goes away. There is also some vibrating in the wheel and the shift gear. I took it back to the service shop only to be told that this noise, which they acknowledge, is normal and maybe I was just looking for a problem now that I have 15,000 miles on the LX. I explained the noise is not normal, I am not "looking for problems", and I expect them to re-check the LX. They did, found no problems and opened a file on my complaint. I am planning to take it to a different service shop next week. Has anyone experienced these noise problems. Help.
  • scheukscheuk Posts: 2
    When I got my LX470 (from Florida)the tire pressure was at 39 lbs. I lowered it to 35 lbs. The sticker at the door says 29 front 32 back. I took it to another deal (New Or leans)for the first recall they pumped it back to 39 again. My friend just bought an RX300 in Baton Rouge. He told me the tire pressure is 5 lbs over inflated. Is over inflating consistent with all Lexus dealers. Can anyone explain?
  • tonychrystonychrys Posts: 1,310
    I can tell you that I have a 2001 RX300 and that the tire pressure is exactly as stated on the door jamb sticker, when I picked it up new and when I take it for service.

    I would simply ask the service manager for an explanation, they are usually very cooperative.
  • I don't know if I have the same problem as you. But I do hear a low bass, thumping/humming sound when the vehicle is stopped while in gear. While the vehicle is stopped and I shift into N or P, the sound stops. I took my 2000 LX470 with 6,500 miles in to the dealer this morning. One of the tech took a ride with me and he heard the sound too. When he heard it the first few times, it wasn't very descernable due to the background traffic noises. He said that the sound is normal because the vehicle is in gear and there is load and pressure on the engine and transmission so there is not much he could do about it. But when the same sound became more appear ant in the quieter dealership parking lot, he offered to take another LX470 for comparasion but I had to goto work. He said he is going to take another LX470 for a ride later and let me know the results. I think the tech is right about that there will be some sound when the vehicle is stopped while in gear, but it's the level of the sound that concerns me. I just hope that it is not an indicator of later problems. And to me, this level of noise shouldn't be coming from a $60,000 plus vehicle!
  • tierradtierrad Posts: 3
    Let me know what your service department come up with. I took it to another dealer and they too acknowledge the noise and have received the same complaints from other 2000 LX owners. The fact they cannot give me an explanation for this noise is unacceptable. I have placed a call to Lexus customer service (1-800-Lexus) and am awaiting some feedback. I'll keep you abreast.
  • 123461123461 Posts: 2
    I own a 01 and I've notice a slight tendency for the truck to go towards the right. I have less then 3000 miles and have already had a alignment done by the dealership under warranty. I'll probably bring it back when the 5000 mile service is due, so they can rotate the tires. I personally think its the tires, but not sure.
  • khuynh1khuynh1 Posts: 1
    I owned a 4runner before trading it in gor the LX, and noticed the same problem of veering off to the right on the 4runner. I had it aligned many times without effect, and finally balanced the tires, and the problem resolved. I don't know if this also applies to the LX, but it is something to consider.
  • spessardspessard Posts: 5
    Now that we're apparantly heading into recession with consumers increasingly holding off on major purchases, even the Lexus dealers should be more flexible, right?

    I'm just curious to hear about other people's experiences in buying over the last 3 or 4 weeks, and how close to invoice the dealers are getting these days.
  • wood190wood190 Posts: 4
    It might be dirty, try cleaning it with a damp rag.
  • rewyllysrewyllys Posts: 24
    I've now had my 2001 LX470 for almost 3 months, and have put just over 2000 miles on it so far.

    Right, most of the mileage has been in town (Austin, Texas) or to nearby cities (San Antonio and Waco). We were planning to go to my mother-in-law's this weekend--about 450 miles roundtrip--but my wife developed a cold, so we've postponed what would have been our longest trip to date.

    But though the mileage is limited, my delight in the car is not. I find myself enjoying it more and more. Some unexpected nice features have turned up: for example, I use a dark parking garage at work, and with my previous car, had to turn on the headlights manually each time I entered the garage, and had to remember to turn them off when leaving it. In the LX470, I just leave the headlight switch in the AUTO position and never have to bother with turning headlights on or off, whether in the garage or not, whether driving from dawn into day or day into twilight. Another nicety that has turned out to be unexpectedly pleasant is the heating of the front seats; my wife, who has back problems from time to time, has developed a fondness for turning on the passenger-seat heating even when the air-conditioner is running.

    And as to basic driving, the transmission is the smoothest shifting automatic I have ever driven. The engine power, while not putting the LX470 in the 0-60mph in 5 seconds class, is more than adequate for my driving style both in town and on the highway. Partly because of NAFTA, and partly because of the explosive growth of Austin, I-35 between Laredo and Dallas-Fort Worth has become one of the most crowded sections of interstate in the country. The heavy congestion makes for frequent need to get quickly past trucks, and the LX470 responds very nicely to a heavy foot on the accelerator when that is necessary.

    Best of all, though, is the superb noise insulation within the passenger compartment. I've caught myself exceeding 80mph more than once just because the engine noise is so low. (Fortunately, so far I'm the only person who has caught me doing that. Knock on wood!)
  • dwrichadwricha Posts: 24
    Rewyllys..That's great!! Glad to know that you're enjoying the LX450. That's one SUV that I'd love to own one of these days. I know how you feel finding the little features, I was finding little things myself when I first got my 97 Land Cruiser. These are some very well made SUV's, inside and out. They're pricey, but in this class of SUV's, you get what you pay for.
    In my opionion, they're the best SUV's on the road.(and off) LX470/TLC
  • bmw5454bmw5454 Posts: 3

    I have a 2000 LX470 and noticed a 4" crack at the bottom of the windshield (approx in the middle). Never taken offroad and only my wife's daily city driving - this crack appears to be a defect. She swears that no rocks have hit the windshield!

    Anybody out there experience the same? Will take to the dealer soon.

  • jgts1jgts1 Posts: 32
    If you know nothing has hit the sounds like it could be a stress crack, from flexing to much.
  • deuce56deuce56 Posts: 46
    I own a '00 ES300 so I happened to stop by the dealer today and checked out a "new" '98 470. It has been used by the owner's wife and has 6500 miles on it. This would be sold as a new vehicle as it has never been titled. The asking price is 51k+. Edmunds and KBB price this vehicle USED as 39-41K trade-in, 44-46K private sale, and 48-50K dealer retail. What would be a good price for this "new" LX with remaining new car warranty? (I would especailly like to hear from Bill M. or any other dealers.) tia
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