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Lexus LX 470



  • moj1moj1 Posts: 11
    I like lx470, but for a +$60K car, disappointed about not having dual climate and in-dash CD player. Does any one think this is a significant factor? the sc430 has both, which i use frequently. otherwise, i may go with TLC, gx470, or even 4runner until the new lx comes out.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,661
    They had the six disc in dash cd player when they had the Nakamichi. But when the introduced the nav mated to the Mark Levinson it bumped the in-dash cd player back to the glove box (though that is not the case in the Lexus cars).

    moj1 - the climate control is great on the LX. I wouldn't let the lack of either dual controls for air or the missing in-dash cd deter you from an LX. It's a fabulous truck.

    Imagine shelling out $85k for an S-class and you still have the cd player in the trunk. The glove box isn't so bad.

    By the way the new LX model will be bigger (Sequoia frame) more luxuriou still and more expensive when it comes in as a late 2004 or 2005 model. That's why they are introducing the GX which looks like a run away success already.
  • 9411794117 Posts: 39
    TRAC is Toyota's way of saying traction control. In 2001, the LX was marketed with VSC and "TRAC", not "Advance TRAC" as far as I know. You'll never find out about ATRAC because that's a technology for audio compression from Sony (I think).

    So, maybe things changed from 2000 to 2001 but I don't it could have been that significant. I thought that all this electronic wizardry might make up for the lack of locking differentials but that's not really true. There are cases where you can get stuck until you lock the central differential.
  • That's the terminology Toyota uses.
  • re:lexslvr2

    I actually have the same problem as yourself, have the ls400 and a jgc,(getting rid of jgc) been trying to decide whether to go with the lx470 or gx470, for loading the kids in the jgc somewhat easier, no third row seats but better upright position loading and unloading, kids just jump down they love it, when putting them(3 kids under 8) in the ls400 more room but alot of bending. I'm really thinking about that gx470 with the DVD installed
    a must for kids(I use computer now w/dvd) but have been considering the Ls430, gas mileage no problem, what a decision to make in the next couple of months.

    any more suggestions guys?

    has anyone driven one yet?

    how about you ljflx, driven or seen one yet?

  • Does anyone know how to take out scratches without damaging the paint? I have a few minor scratches on the backside of my new 03 LX470. It's not in the paint, but rubbing it with a rag doesn't take it out. I have no idea how they got there because it wasn't there when I bought the car. Any information would help...thanks!
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    Does the 03 LX have a "miles to empty" display? and... Does the Lx have power folding side mirrors? Edmunds says yes but the LX promotional brochure I just received doesn't mention it as a feature. Thanks!
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,661
    djr7399 - haven't seen the GX anywhere. I thought it was due out this month though. I did have my car in for service last week and asked about it. They said Lexus is bringing just about all of them over with the third row and about 50%of them will have the dvd entertainment system in them. Lexus did one of those parties parading the GX in front of invited guests and the guy told me they sold 25 of them in an hour or so. He also said there are a lot of advance sales and pent-up demand. I assumed that this would hurt the LX but he said they sell as soon as they come in. Lexus/Toyota seems to have this market well researched. The Sequoia is also a run away success.

    By the way my dealer said they can put dvd systems into any car or suv if it didn't come over factory installed. Price ranges from $750-$2000 depending on the type of unit desired by the buyer. The dealer also said that Lexus will likely offer factory installed dvd players on the LS and GS in the near future.

    Corine - try Zymol - I've found it to be the best wax and it removes minor scratches. If it is a fairly deep scratch try GS27. That's a product that was always advertised on TV (though I haven't seen it recently) in those promo shows with the special offers. I bought it at the mall in one of those TV product stands and found that it did a great job.
  • It does have " miles to empty " and the mirrors also are power folding.
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    On my current vehicle('00 Navigator) the "miles to empty" and trip computer is up high on the windshield by the rear view mirror. Where is it on the 470? Is it integrated in the navigation screen? Again, thanks!
  • Someone said that a 3rd person could sit in the back seat with 2 car seats in the ls. This has not proven possible in my ls. I've tried to wedge myself in there to comfort a fussy baby and almost never got out. It is impossible even for a small child to fit in there. I think I need room on the Sequoia level but I'm wondering if I will have trouble going from a Lexus to a Toyota. I have had such a great experience with my ls.
  • It is on the nav screen
  • Does anyone know what I can do to keep leather on the driver's seat looking good? I've got a new 03 LX and the seat already looks worn on one side from getting in and out because the vehicle is so high off the ground. This is going to be a major problem if I can't fix it now. Thanks for anyone's help!

  • ace10ace10 Posts: 137
    my opinion is that the tan leather wears alot faster than the gray. we looked at lots of '99 & 00's and found that the gray interior held up MUCH better. the outboard side of the bottom cushion is going to wear down. it gets wrinkles and will crack if not maintained. i have not yet found a leather care product that i like. i have heard that lexol destroys the stitching. our four month old '02 w/gray interior is showing some slight signs of wear, but i am trying to make of habit of stepping in and out of the seat instead of sliding. lowering the ahc control helps as does carefully using the running boards.

    i'm sure that lexus will happily sell you a leather product. whetehr it works or not is another story, though.

    good luck.
  • Thanks, I'll try to find a product out there that will work. I also have the gray leather and I can't believe it's wrinkled already and only 2 months old. They need to come up with a border on the outside of the seats that is more durable, like the "pleather" on the Mercedes cars. That material holds up under all conditions.
  • Anyone experiencing annonying engine vibration in "drive" at idle (stop-sign, light, traffic, etc...)? Typically, seems to be at 800 RPM. Dealer claims it is normal, but my experience in other Lexus V8s suggest it is unusual. Any input welcome!
  • tdo123tdo123 Posts: 102
    I know that they have made recent tweaks on this years model, but has anyone heard anything new on a redesign or what is going to happen with the LX470?
  • I own a 2003 lx and notice the towing has decreased from 6500 to 5000. Any idea why? I plan to tow a trailer and would like the extra 1500 lbs. Thanks in advance for you comments.
  • intmed99intmed99 Posts: 485
    In my opinion, the limit is due to the integrated hitch in the rear. In contrast, the '03 Land Cruiser (which has a traditional bolt-on hitch) still can tow 6500 lbs.
  • intmed99intmed99 Posts: 485
    Does an 2002 LX470 have Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (aka EBD)?? From my reading of Toyota literature, it does NOT have it. However, every other Toyota/Lexus SUV have it since at least 2001.

    Can anyone confirm this?? Does it have EBD??
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