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Lexus LX 470



  • cwilbscwilbs Posts: 14
    Just wondering if anyone notices the difference when you put the setting in Sport vs Comfort? What does this really do?
  • sidgriggssidgriggs Posts: 122
    Find a street with expansion joints. Drive down it at each setting, at the same speed--you will feel and probably hear the diff. On a winding road, I like the sport setting, because the car doesn't roll so much. Most of the time I am in the comfort mode.
  • Hi Lou, I just now came across your post and have questions as you are one of the few people I know that have owned both a Land Cruiser AND a LX470. Since we last spoke, I've been biding my time and waiting for the 2007's. My thinking was that perhaps I could have some choices & maybe better deals. For instance, if I really liked the 2007's then go for it, but on the otherhand if the differences were minute then get a great deal on a 2006. Then there are the December Days To Remember for Lexus dealers and I could possible even deal on a LX470.

    Lou, can you be very descriptive and tell me the likes & dislikes, the pros & cons so to speak of your experiences owning the Cruiser & LX470? Tnanks a million pal.
  • After a rousing 7-day, 5-dealer, 3-state internet game of "play each dealer off of each other," I purchased a brand new '06 Crystal White LX470 this morning for $59,900. I couldn't be happier. Flew the 200 miles there to get it and the ride back was a thing of beauty.

    As for whether to wait for the 07s, my two cents is that you would be well advised to hit up every dealer in your region for deals on whatever remaining 06's they have left. My dealer today (Hendrick Lexus in Charlotte, NC) told me that they only had two 06's left and that once the '07s roll in that I would've been "hard pressed to get anything more than $2000 off MSRP for what is essentially the exact same car."

    If anyone could get a deal even remotely as good as mine on an 06 it would be way better than what you'd have to pay for an 07.
  • Hi James. I have been dealing with a very painful dry socket right after a tooth extraction.
    Both vehicles are the same and at the same time very different.
    While watching the Telly , Lexus of Orlando had a great sale on the LX470 ,2006 brand new . $9000.00 OFF MSRP.
    You should pay them a visit.
    My 2006 now has about 5400 miles and got the first 5000 miles check-up for FREE.
    Send me an E-Mail , is not private
    If I were on the market for one of this great SUV , I would choose the LX470 , hands down.
    I am trying to sell my LX because of my volunteering animal rescue , I am waiting for the new 2007 Toyota Tundra Double Cab.
  • OK Lou, I've sent you an email. Good luck w/that eye, and hope you're feeling better.
  • The best thing that I like about owning a Lexus is the pampering you get while having your
    vehicle service, the FREE loaner , free drinks , free bakery goods.
    Just need to call ahead and reserve the loaner you want.
  • I am wondering if anyone can direct me to information on the redesign for the Land Cruiser. Since Lexus won't have one, I suppose I need to go there.

  • Hi all..just getting ready to take my 2003 LX470 in for its 90K says that should run around $800.
    He recommends at 100K to replace the timing belt, water pump, cam seals, etc. for around $1,100.

    Is it reasonable to do that 100K service, or sit tight?
  • Last December I posted about my low pressure warning light coming on. Was told my tires were low due to cold weather and it was reset by my Lexus dealer. June 30, 2006, I have 15,000 mile service on my 06 LX, tire inflation should be checked and set. August 28, 2006 Low Pressure light comes on again--Service dept says all 4 tires were low!!!(it is not cold in Dallas in August) They corrected tire pressure and reset system. I bought a tire gauge, waited until the LX had been parked overnight and checked the pressure--34 to 35 psi in each tire. Panel on door says "29 in front, 32 in rear" so it appears the fix is to put more air than spec in tires to keep the tire pressure light off. Sept 15 I drove to the mountains in New Mexico. Low Pressure light came on before I reached the mountains--Tires were hot, I waited until the next morning (and it was cold outside), but the tire pressure was 32-33 psi--NOT low by mfg specs. The light stayed on for 3 days, then I drove home. On the drive home, the light went off. I checked the tire pressure this morning, all OK. Anyone had a similar problem
  • Looks like the Land Cruiser replacement - not a Lexus
  • Exciting stuff!!

    The autospies shots do seem like a new LX!! The interior shot of the dash is pure lexus -- looks very similar to the new LS460-- that's a heckuva HUGE screen!!!

    This is the first definitive sign that the LX will live on. Cool.

    My biggest questions will be -- how did they handle the third row (current design is awkward) AND will it have all the techno goodies of the LS (for the $$ they charge it better!)
  • Here's a link that shows a couple good interior shots of the new Landcruiser. Assuming the LX will be similar (except with the Nav and lots of wood/leather, etc), this should give an idea of what the new LX interior will look like.

    Scroll halfway down to see the interior shots:
  • The new LX is not going to look like the Land Cruiser--inside or out. Toyota made that clear several months ago--look at one of my older posts.
  • Interesting.

    Autospies is reporting the "first" spy pics of the new LX 470 on their site and they show an SUV that looks very similar to the new lancruiser but with a different interior. The LX 470 on autospies really does look like a lexus-type interior -- very similar to the Lexus LS sedan interior.

    Take a look at this link and tell me which suv you think this is -- Sequioa? LX470? It can't be the Landcruiser because the interior is way different. The shape and dimension of this truck is very similar to the landcruiser.

    Click on the link and scroll down a bit to see the pics. - s-of-the-next-Lexus-LX470-8688/

    What do you think?
  • I think that is the inside of the new Land Cruiser. Toyota is making the LC more upmarket (more Lexus-like) I see a Toyota steering wheel.
  • Those autospies pics have stirred up many different angles.

    Some say it is a "test mule" for the new GX coming out in 2009.

    Some say it is the Lancruiser with the navigation system -- and the other pic floating around is the landcruiser without the nav.

    Others insist this IS the new LX/JX/VX whatever the new 470 will be called.

    Your post (message#1314) has a Toyota executive stating the LX is DEAD.

    What's the real deal here?!?!?!?!?!?
  • Not a JX--the JX is due mid 2007 as a 2008 crossover off the GS platform.
    I think the LX will return in 08 as a 09 model to compete with mercedes g class.
  • psyranpsyran Posts: 30
    I realize this is not a 470 question - but does any body know whether the 1997 LX 450 had a key fob for remote locking? Just bought a 450 as a run around vehicle but it has no remote fob. Thanks
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