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Lexus LX 470



  • In Re: Sucker for 3k oil change

    This is the most convenient way to change the oil at 3k. Go buy a sucker (at marine shop) which uses vaccuum to suck the oil from the engine. Just add new dino oil at the same amount of oil sucked out of the engine and you are done. No crawl under the hood, no drain plug, no clean of mess, no.... Regards,
  • How about today's actions shown in LX board? Have a nice day. Regards,

    BTW, I got the feeling that buyers of Lx 470 are either retired , are not interested in anything mechanical, or are busy in paying off the debt from buying Lx470. On the other hand, buyers of Lc are eager to boast about off-roading, a topic I have little interest.
  • f8 - Yes, the TLC board does seem to be a little different crowd. Got a kick yesterday out of reading the entire postings there. Wife would kill me if I took the new Lex 4 wheeling. That's what the PU is for. As to the oil sucker, sounds interesting and may look into it. Have always used one of those sealed flat pans which I can also use to take the old oil to the local Checker.

    Please let us all know what Lexus/Toyota says in response to your HNL vibration letter. The stir-the-stick "fix" really helped in my case. I also ran it through all the gears several times in low, when I did this. Both seemed to help as I would not even call it a vibration now. More of a totally silent "hum". Have an 80 Toyota 4x4 shortbed with manual trans and the transfer lever does vibrate a little on this also. But then with almost 200K and some serious off road use, I guess that's to be expected. Unless the vibration significantly increases or I actually hear something, I tend to believe the service guy when 4 other new LX's have exactly the same or slightly greater HNL vibration (and brake sound). If it is a "defect" and things start falling off or making noise, we have 70K/7 years of warranty coverage on the powertrain. Cheers...
  • Does anyone have a good idea of what a fair price would be for a 1999 LX470 (all options) with about 24,000 miles in excellent condition?
  • swiftmswiftm Posts: 68
    Uforever: Try good luck, swiftm
  • Hello,

    Looking at 2001 LX470 with Navigation and inquiring about pricing - have seen ixixvi & jasmine10 postings, wondering if any are now 2001 w/ Nav owners, and how pricing went?
    I pinged both my local dealers and both would take $1k off MSRP, and since they will order, I don't see why I should be paying that price - they are not carrying inventory,, so it's all gravy...Thanks in advance!
  • About pricing for LX470, that's $64,000 question. Well, I have no idea how pricing is going this day. Suffice it to say that the price is all over the place, depending on whom you ask.

    Remember, time is on your side. If NASDAQ continues sinking, if gas price continues hiking, then by the January 2001 ( a reasonable time frame for lexus dealers to be hit with allocations) you might have a decent chance get a fair price. Unitl that time, stay put. Wait until dealers have taken their allocations. No inventory and one demand show up, you got pay up for it. Lots of inventory and no demand, WOW, ready for a bargain way under invoice like Nissan xterra. That's the rule, demand and supply. Good luck.

    BTW, may be you should wait for 2002. I heard new engine for lx470 (to be called lx500) based on ls430 may be available in 2002 if history is repeated itself. And, there is a slight chance that 2002 will feature a botton, instead of a stick, in the transfer case which will ensure that there will be no HNL shifter vibration whatsoever (because the HNL shifter will be eliminated, just like the low range button in Mercedes ML class)
  • Glad the stick exorcism works for you.

    Today was a fine day, weatherwise. I decided to take the car out for a spin. At the same time, I went through the stick exorcism ritual one more time. Oh, Boy, did I get a kick out of it. After the exorcism, I finally felt the v-8 engine's torque, the Lx-470 showed its eagerness to race. Now, driving lx470 is becoming exciting in addition to comfort. I am not a mechanic, I don't know why. I guess the High gear was not in the correct position when the car was delivered to me and was not in correct position even after I performed the stick exorcism ritual some time ago. Today, I push fully into H gear pisiton ( if vibration is strong, then it is possibly not in correct position---well, it is quite difficult to describe it. if in N gear and when you shift main transmission, then HNL shifter move in response to the main shifter, then N is not in correct position) The other possibe reason could be: at 800 miles odd, someway somehow engine is conditioned, but I doubt it.

    At 32 psi front 35 rear at a good weather day, under normal driving suspension recommended, the ride seems a little rough. After turning the variable dampening suspension to soft ride, then the roughness is gone. At night time, the ride is not rough even under normal suspension recommended. I guess the temperature does have some impact on the tire, but you can compensate it by using the adjustable variable dampening syste. By the way, while I lamented that xenon (?) light was not available on LX470, after tonight's drive, I can see the halogen in LX470 is bright enough and the auto-dim rear view and side mirror are proved to be useful.

    Anyway, I am delighted that I decide to take a 150-mile one way to the beach tomorrow so I can bring the car in for a check up after 1000 miles. I shall see if I still get the kick tomorrow. Regards,
  • swiftmswiftm Posts: 68
    I got my 00 LX for below invoice with 1k rebate about three months ago; I know they ship cars to all over the country; many have done it and pleased with the service. Call Theresa Reefer at this web site with the toll free number I am waiting for the right time for a LS or RX in the near future.
    good luck, swiftm
  • Hopefully you have gone back through this whole board (and the LX470 I). There is a huge wealth of buyer and owner experience presented here. I personally hate the whole 1 on 1 "dealing" process. That is why I used the method I explained in my post #49. There are some interesting follow-ups just after that one, also. It may be a little early in the model season for this method, but you never know till you try. I agree with f8 - patience is the key to getting the best deal. Good luck with your quest.
  • csnowcsnow Posts: 5
    When using your method in post #49 were you requesting a specific interior/exterior color and options?

    I have the brochure for the 2001 and see many combinations. Would you lose bargaining power if you wanted it in a certain color and just had to have the navigation.

    Thanks, Chris
  • Yes, Chris - I specified an exact model, including exterior/interior color and options. It is important to do this and include the current MSRP price (cut-&-paste the list with prices from That way, both you and the quoting dealer know exactly which vehicle you want. I do not believe you'd lose buying power by telling them what you will buy (at the right price). Quite the opposite. Remember though that this method is for those who are absolutely serious and ready to "pull the trigger". Also, don't forget about Theresa, she and the two over on the east coast have built quite a rep on this board. Your exact model is out there and it'll be worth the search once you find her...

  • Hi Bill,

    I took my LX 470 for service in the New Orleans Lexus dealer sometime last week or two. It went smoothly...although a lot smaller dealership than what I saw at JM Lexus dealership. (Incidentally I did shop at the New Orleans Lexus dealership.....but they would not work with me. I was there about a year ago looking for an LX 470.....the only one they had was already sold, SO I WAS TOLD. It was a Golden Pearl too. They absolutely would not allow a test drive AT ALL. I could ONLY LOOK. I PROBABLY LOOKED WAY TOO YOUNG TO BE IN THE MARKET FOR THIS VEHICLE........THEY PROBABLY THOUGHT!!!! BOY, WERE THEY WRONG!!!)

    Anyway, after the service for 5k, I got a complimentary wash.

    I did not notice a few defects regarding the front bumber until I got got home later. There were a few places in the front bumper with what appeared to be "chips" looks like the paint had "jellied up" during the painting process.....very small had to look VERY CAREFULLY.

    Also I am beginning to hear a strange vibrating sound.....near the front drink holder area.....I will test it again later in AM (after I remove all that junk I had put in out of the center storage bin area).

    Other than the above the vehicle is an absolute joy to drive around. There are only three in my area (one black, one Golden Pearl, plus my Golden Pearl). Several LC's cruising around.....but the LC's are EASILY DISTINGUISHABLE ............Many Ford Exp and Lincoln Nav and Chey/GMC/Call Subs around.......but none of them turn any heads.

    Bill........a job well done.

    I will be back for my next Lexus!!!
  • Hey,

    You might try looking under the "top" console lid you can open, and not the drink holder lid. When you do look on the underside near the rear where the hinges are look to see if you see a black rubber gramet, I'm sure I spelled this wrong, a rubber piece in the far corner. If you just see a hole then your rubber has popped out which lets the top of consule vibrate and is audible. I finally tracked this problem down and replaced it and I just found that it did it again. ck it out

  • (John,

    The word you were looking for is "grommet".)

    Here's a curious opinion on the 2000 LX470 that just popped up elsewhere on the Web. It appears so atypical of the experiences with the LX470 that show up in this topic that I thought it might arouse some reactions. Here it is:

    Pros: luxurious
    Cons: too many problems to list.

    To whom it may concern:

    I am very dissappointed with my purchase of my new 2000 Lexus LX-470. The reasons that I am mad, dissappointed and confused about this car is because I have no power, visited the shop 3 times in the past 3 months for the same problem and lets not forget the incredible low mileage that I get per gallon.

    I was promised from the dealer that if I did not like the car now, that surely it would grow on me. Well, here I am 3 months later and no sign of growth. May be I have some kind of secret repellent for this particular kind of vehicle. I have spent more time driving rental cars, than driving my own car. This makes me mad because, I pay a nice monthly payment, and lets put it this way, I have 247 miles in three months. half of those miles are driving to and from your shop.

    The problem that keeps reoccuring is in the engine compartment, everytime that I come to the dealer to try to get it fixed it is always the same problem, however you tell me that it is an easy fix, and I get my wonderful car back in three weeks, with the same rattling noise as if something were missing.

    Lexus is a trademark of luxury and right now, I do not feel that luxurious driving around in a rental car, but I guess it will have to do for now.

    The purpose of this letter was to inform you of the problems that I have been receving because of my reckless purchase and my trust into your salesman. I liked the looks of your dealership and the 2000 Lexus LX470, however what happened to my particular car. Is it a bad one, because if it is please get me a new one.

    Thank you for your time,
    signed buyer...

    If you owned a car of this sort, a 2000 Lexus LX-470, you will have to write one of these types of letters to your dealer wondering why your $60,000 car has a single problem. My friend just received the car, and he is having many problems, and he has not written a letter, but maybe this will help him to acheive his happiness.

    Take care and have a great day.
    Purchase Price: $ooooo
    Owns this: No
    Condition: New
    Model Year: 2000
    Reliability: Several visits to the shop per year
    Comfort: Seats comfy for about an hour
    Quality & Craftsmanship: Everything rattles a lot
    Handling & Control: Significant roll when cornering
    Model and options: LX-470

    Has anyone in this topic heard or seen anything like this?

  • swiftmswiftm Posts: 68
    Ron: Sorry, sound like lemon law may apply to your case. To share my experience with my 2k LX, it has <5k with only two problems: I ran over a nail and driver back seat squeak. Dealer replace the seat and repaired the tire for $18. Most of my miles are from driving across the US recently. This is my fourth Lexus and no significant problem with others also. Swiftm
  • ixixviixixvi Posts: 24
    Can someone advise on the following:

    Can the Adjustable Suspension be placed in the lowest position and driven very, very slowly?

    If one is putting a LX 470 into a garage where the clearance [height] is close [garage door entry lower than garage height]can the vehicle be placed in the lowest suspension setting and just creep along to park and also reverse out of garage space also in lowest suspension setting.

    The information I have says the suspension goes into the lowest suspension setting for entry and exit. I have no idea if it will do the above. I seem to remember that on my test drive once you put the vehicle into Drive the vehicle goes to Normal setting and will not remain in the lowest setting.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank You.
  • ixixvi

    There are three solutions to your problem:

    1. Adjust the garage height. or

    2. Put the adjustable height to low. Turn off the adjustable height mechanism and then turn off the engine. Try to push the SUV into or out of the garage. (based on the manual, even if your lx is located on the truck during the tow or in the shop, a vibration may cause it to adjust back to normal height.) or

    3. Try to get in or out of the garage within, say, one million second to beat the adjustable time needed by the haydraulic mechanism.

    Good luck.
  • I was seriously considering buying either 2000 or 2001 LX470 until I read a lot a complaints on vibration from the NHL and am having second thought. I was wondering how many of you considered the vibration a big enough issue that you would make you regret buying this car. I did read one post warning potential buyer from buying? Thanks in advance for any input !!
  • ixixvi,

    You won't have any problem, as I lower my lx before I pull into the garage always. It will not automatically re-adjust to the neutral position until vehicle is traveling between 10 to 15 mph.


    I'm one of the posters on this issue and I've even been blessed with being able to hear it as well as feel it, would I still buy the lexus? You bet. There does'nt seem to be any mech problem here just annoying if you have your hand on the shifter.Concider that if this was Ford they wouldn't have given me the time or day with the audible or vibration. The line of "within operating condition" I'm sure I would have heard.

    Good luck John
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