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What Are Your Thoughts on the Return of the Taurus/Sable?



  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,415
    It is NOT the first model year. It is the fourth, with some running changes and an engine upgrade--an engine already in use in other FoMoCo models without significant issues. Changing the name does not a new model make.
  • jeyhoejeyhoe Posts: 490
    Gregg is right, the sales of the "New" Taurus/Sable are dismal. In fact, the "Old" Five Hundred/Montego outsold them by a fair percentage.

    So, Mulally's first "Bold" move is a failure. A dismal failure. What's next? I've read that he wants all Fords the world over to look alike and be basically the same. Ummm, and just what does that being to the party? I mean, who the h__l cares? Most Americans never get to Europe. This is another waste of money fiasco if u ask me. It might have worked with Boeing - I mean a tarmac is a tarmac whereever u go. But roads are different the workd over. Americans have different needs for their cars than Italians just based on the roads alone. Why make cars the same the world over? It dont make any sense.

    On the personal side, I think the Taurus/Sable might be the best family sedans out there right now. They're big inside and trunk, they ride and handle well, they've got good safety scores, the engine now is up to the task etc etc. Yet sales are down. Why? Here's a few guesses:
    * There are more men than just myself who wont buy a car named after a furry rodent whose claim to fame is it makes a nice neck wrap for riche women.
    * Americans are not as stupid as Ford marketing (and AM) think. We KNOW the Taurus is not "ALL NEW". To me the name change feels like a sleight-of-hand move designed to fool the consumer.
    * The new Accord is fabulous. Anyone who cross-shops is not likely to buy anything else. Unless the have to have AWD.
    * The Camry is ... well it's a Camry. And u can get a hybrid for not much more that gets over 30mpg.
    * The Subaru beats the Ford head-to-head.
    * If u want style and panache, you get a Chrysler 300.

    So who's going to buy the Ford? Again, I think the car is quite nice. The best in some ways. But still second rate overall.

    Lastly, Ford marketing is absolutely the WORST in the business. OK, back to wating for baseball games to begin.
  • jmn1jmn1 Posts: 26
    I disagree.
    You said the Accord is fabulous. How? And how does the Subaru beat it? Before he got a 2008 Taurus (a remarkable car), my brother had a Legacy (2006) that wouldn't stop blowing chunks. I think that the new Camry, the Chrysler, and the new/dead GM vans (to get the drift, but the Pontiac SV6 especially) look like hot dogs with bites taken out of them. I wonder how things would be looking now if they had called the US Fusion 'Taurus', called the Five Hundred 'Crown Victoria', ditched the current Crown Vic, and made the 2008 Focus a sedan (budget), a true station wagon (to compete with Subaru and VW), a coupe (to compete with Maxima, Accord, and CAMRY Solara, even the Yaris), and the hatchbacks. The two-door to compete with the VW Golf and come with more upfit options than a Scion(which, unfortunately, as we must remember, is a TOYOTA), and the four-door to compete with the Honda Fit and Dodge Caliber. If we were talking Toyota, I'd say ditch the Scion nameplate and make it Toyota-Scion xB or tC. That would be just like how Saab has Saab 9-3x or 9-7x, all different models. The Taurus' competitors all get okay mileage, so Ford should engineer a hybrid (like TOYOTA)... but, as for the return of the Taurus, its a nice car, as I remember from the 80's (a nice car for then) and possibly legendary. Afterall, its got the largest runk of any sedan sold in North America, and if I am correct, bigger then the Crown Vic (21.2 cubic feet vs 21) and in the world.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    The problem with Taurus is that peeps aren't going to pay 30k+ for the pleasure of owning a TAURUS!

    Still, until there is some advertising, its hard to tell.

    I just wish the car was more exciting. The 300 has lots of compromises. BUT ITS EXCITING!

    Remember, mediocrity breeds contempt.
  • Ford would have been wiser to retain the Montego name for the Mercury. (Maybe Crown 500 for the Ford) ;)
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,415
    Excuse me, jmn1...I totally understand the "I disagree" part, but what you say beyond that gets a bit obtuse. I do agree the 80's Taurus was legendary for it's time. But the big trunk on the the current one being a segue?

    You propose some reasonably rational changes that Ford could have done in the past (woulda, coulda, shoulda), but they didn't. Instead they did this conservative 500/Montego thing and then "let's make the decent-but-poor-selling 500 a Taurus" move (why not, it was worth a try?....the 2008 500 would have sold even WORSE than the dismal 2008 Taurus sales), but it didn't light any fires.

    Ford is f*****d, unless it can design ASAP some models like the 80's Taurus/Sable and Thunderbird, relevant to today. I sure don't know how to do that. Doesn't look like anyone at Ford USA does either (see Ford Europe for talent that should not have been kept under a bushel).
  • Hi, I have not participated in a while.

    I'm so curious as to the bas sales... This car has all the goods to compete. I think the style of both the taurus and sable are exiting, but the commercials i see reek of 'safety' and other boring stuff. I don't get it.

    This thing has 263 hp, its got chome on the SIDES, its got the largest rear seat, the largest trunk, the best price, and for those who need it AWD. What is so hard to sell?

    Sell it as exiting, because I think people should see that side of it. What do you think?
  • bobber1bobber1 Posts: 217
    It's premature to call Taurus sales lack luster. It's just the beginning of the 2008 sale year and sales have barely begun. Most of the professional reviews have universally been positive for this car and consumers just need to cross shop. That's what I did.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,415
    Sell it as exiting, because I think people should see that side of it. What do you think? First off, I think the typo is apropos. Lipstick on something that is boring to dumpy in profile doesn't make it exciting. Exiting is more like it.

    And to your point bobber, when a good car appeals to consumers, sales take off and it often gets in short supply fast. The 08 Taurus has been for sale since May, and this is nearly five months later. You call that barely begun?
  • jeyhoejeyhoe Posts: 490
    I get excited when I see the commercials with Jill Wagoner sitting in the backseat of the Montego, oops, Sable. Unfortunately, she is not optional equipment so the Mercury remains boring.
  • jmn1jmn1 Posts: 26
    Good point, all of you.
  • I find new Sable weird looking : from front (like bloated Milan), from side (like bloated Passat) and from back -because of white taillights. Montego was more elegant and name was more decent (who came up with name like “Sable” anyway?). In general proportions of both new Taurus and Sable are wrong – tall big cars, like someone took VW Passat pumped up. If it was lower and wider – it would have nice elegant proportions like Passat. While Passat’s proportions work for compact sedan it does not work for full size sedan.

    And interior - weird looking door panels, cheap black plastic center stack with flimsy buttons, weird looking gauges. What Ford designers smoke at work?
  • pnewbypnewby Posts: 277
    OK, if you take the fleet sales(esp. the rentals) out of all figures for both the 500 and the 2008 Taurus, how do those numbers compare? As for the all new claims, are the '08 Taurus (and X), and the '08 Sable not completely different than the last Taurii and Sables? I haven't seen the numbers, but at least I am glad Ford wants to lower rental sales. Other fleet sales are no as bad since they usually are kept for either several years or lots of miles. It is the rental sales that drive resale down since they are generally sold in 1-2 years with low mileage at a cheap price.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,415
    The 500/Montego sales started out badly and drifted down from there. 2008 would have been a totally dismal year for them, for now they would not only have already been sold to most of the people to whom they appealed, but they were designs getting long in the tooth. Giving them new but recognizable names, new engines, and more sound deadening has probably helped, in the sense that Ford can continue to sell a car in some numbers--even though unimpressive--that would have been even harder to sell had they stayed with the 500 moniker.

    Now, if they could just get their act together and truly redesign the car to appeal to a wider audience, they might get somewhere. Toyota and Honda have shown that model cycles work best if they are limited to four or five years.
  • jmn1jmn1 Posts: 26
    Cna't fault you in that last statement.
  • There are more men than just myself who wont buy a car named after a furry rodent whose claim to fame is it makes a nice neck wrap for riche women.

    A Taurus is a rodent? Hmmmm.
  • Sell it as exiting, because I think people should see that side of it. What do you think?

    It's basically a Volvo . . . Volvo never appeared "exciting". The Taurus isn't marketed at the crowd who *should* be considering "excitement" as the main criterion for buying a car.
  • bobber1bobber1 Posts: 217
    Yeah the Toyota Avalon doesn't "excite" me either but it appears to be a great car that a lot of people like. The Taurus is very similar in targeting the same group of buyers.

    If you want exciting look at the Fusion or Mustang.
  • jmn1jmn1 Posts: 26
    Good point.
  • jeyhoejeyhoe Posts: 490
    "A Taurus is a rodent? Hmmmm"

    Ummmm, I was referring to the other one. But you (hopefully) knew that. When is your next gig at a comedy club?
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