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Mazda CX-7 Body Work and Repair



  • nmknmk Posts: 111
    Does that mean that CX-7 drivers are smashing up their new cars that quickly??

    No, it only means that other cars are drawn to it with great passion because it is soooooo attractive!! :shades:

    Darth Vader Grey etc. etc....
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    They must not be telling you the complete story. There are plenty of doorskins out there, but complete doors are in short supply depending on the vehicle production date/vin code. If you care to post the last 6 of the vin I can verify that for you.
  • astegmanastegman Posts: 171
    Hmm, interesting, maltb.

    Here are the last 6 digits of my car's VIN:


    It is very possible that the woman from the body shop said "door" meaning, "complete door" and I just assumed she meant a skin. I don't know. But any info you have would be much appreciated.
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Unless the reinforcing bar in the door was damaged i highly doubt they would replace the whole door. If i remember correctly you said there was a dent in the door, nothing huge. That to me would just be cause for a door skin not a full shell. Should call them just to confirm what they are doing.
  • Ran my new cx7 (1 month old) to the do it yourself car wash the other night, to get some of the salt off, after all the snow we have had. I washed the wheels and tires and took the wand and sprayed around the wheel well and black paint started coming off, revealing the white paint of the body. Not a huge deal, but a little surprising in 2007. Anybody else seen this yet.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    I assume we are talking about the left door as the wait looks to be about a month. If your dealer has already ordered the part, they likely have a more accurate ETA.

    Good luck.
  • Was that black paint, or rustproofing? Be careful.
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Posts: 498
    carlitos, do you think that might be something that falls under warranty repair? Seems strange that a high-pressure water spray would so easily remove that material. Every car wash I've been to, has that undercarriage spray. I wonder if robert52 problem was a fluke or if there's a genuine problem that's been uncovered (pardon the pun) :blush:

  • astegmanastegman Posts: 171
    I assume we are talking about the left door as the wait looks to be about a month

    No, the damage is to both passenger doors. I will be checking in with the auto body shop by week's end, to see how they're doing with the bumper. Yes, hopefully they'll have a better sense of when the doors / skins will be available, at which time I'll bring the car back for Phase II. :sick:
  • "do you think that might be something that falls under warranty repair?"

    Man, it BETTER be! :surprise:

    That being said, I guess none of us know what has really been removed by the spray, or what the finish is that he's seeing underneath, but I'd be concerned. When I was putting on my mud flaps, I remember seeing what I thought was a rustproofing "mastic" - thick (looking) stuff that was maybe "troweled" on in the wheel wells... If that's getting blown away, what's left under there to protect from salt, etc?
  • astegmanastegman Posts: 171
    Just got a call from the body shop. The Mazda parts man supposedly was not talking about the CX-7 when he said the door panels were back-ordered; he mixed it up with some other Mazda model. Turns out now that they are suddenly readily available. Gee, what a coincidence!!

    Also, upon closer inspection, the car also needs a new left headlight, which will take 4-5 days to get. So all told, they're hoping to have everything - bumper; door panels; headlight - done some time next week. Hallelujah.

    Meanwhile, I'm getting the hang of driving the behemoth Durango. What a boat! But so far, so good, even on the curvy, narrow Merritt Parkway (Connecticut). But wow, it makes me miss my CX-7 like crazy.
  • It's been over 3 weeks now since the local Mazda dealer submitted a request to Mazda for a delivery date on a new, replacement driver door for our CX-7. As of today, no reply from Mazda, and if a firm delivery date was given they tell me it would take 30 days to get it. UNBELIEVABLE! Less than 1,000 miles on the car, lost traction going less than 15mph on ice, damaged the right side, over $2,500 claim. I finally told the body shop to put the original door back on, put the glass in the repaired back panel, prime and I'll pick it up. Who knows when the door will get there so they can complete the paint / repair. This could go on forever!
  • astegmanastegman Posts: 171
    How can I include the pictures of my car right here in the body of this post? I've uploaded them from my camera to my computer, but I don't know how to get them to appear here.

    Edited to add: I've now put the pictures of the damage on MyCarSpace. Not sure if I need to provide a link to it (if so, how?), or if people can just click on my user name to get there.
  • Not sure how to link to it either, but I clicked your name and got to your page, and thus, your album. Worked fine.

    It sucks seeing such a new car mangled. Though, I don't feel too bad about my door ding now! Is the wheel messed up, too, or is that just dirt? ;)
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,910
    You can also go to and add the member name to the end to get there, like
  • astegmanastegman Posts: 171
    I am embarrassed to admit that the car was FILTHY beyond belief...nothing wrong with the wheel.

    I was dying to have the car washed but was afraid to take it through a car wash and possibly cause more damage (assuming they'd let me even go through). Also, the roads are in such bad shape right now - between the salt, the sand, and now the melting mush - that it's an exercise in futility to have a car washed.
  • astegmanastegman Posts: 171
    Picked my car up from the auto body shop at 7:30 this morning. It just figures that it happened to be raining extraordinarily hard - like, monsoon-type/nor'easter-type rain. So I didn't really even have the chance to inspect the work that closely. I'll look it over after work - the weather's cleared and it's sunny now.

    I am so paranoid about anything or anyone coming near the car, after all this work to it. Didn't realize just how much I really missed driving it these past 2 weeks til I got behind the wheel - MUCH better than the rental car (Durango). Whew!!
  • Does anyone know how to remove the bottom rear seat? I asked the service manager at my local dealer and also called the Mazda 800 # with no luck. I would like to remove the seat bottom when I have to transport my dog.

  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Posts: 498
    Wow, you must have a really big dog if you need to mod the car like that! :P

    If the dog is that big, why buy a CX-7?

  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,910
    Maybe it's the claws that are the issue. :shades:
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