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Lincoln Navigator



  • alwaysfordsalwaysfords Posts: 210
    The fold flat seats in the '03 Navigator and Expedition are new, older versions have a flip and fold configuration that takes up cargo space. The Navigator really is going to be too short if what you crave is cargo space. It sounds like all the bells and whistles of the Lincoln have you mesmerized. All the gadgets in the world won't make the 4 cubic feet of room behind the third seat hold 10 cubic feet of stuff. You should consider the Excursion before the Lincoln as it is really the only other mass produced monster.
  • Got a great deal on a 1998 Nav 4x4 with 24 k miles in Jan 2001..Now I have 55 k miles and need to replace the P255 R17 Continental tires(normal wear). Since I am bored with factory wheels and usually keep a car for 200K miles(I am getting 17 mpg at 70 mph with 87 octane!) should I think about a radical change in wheels and tires to lower the CG & improve stability?? I have not had any problems..but it looks high and I am mindful of the Explorer problems?? Any thoughts?
  • tgravo2tgravo2 Posts: 70
    You said you did not like the ride of the present Navigator? Did you know the 03 will have a completely redisigned suspension system that is supposed to be much better. Also I know in the new Expeditions, there is either a bar or button or something that you press and the 2nd row seat that your child is in slides up right behind the center console in the front row, so you can hand your child something or tend to him/her if you need. If you get the bench seat for the 2nd row instead of 2 captains chairs, you should have no problem putting 3 kids and have plenty cargo space. I saw a new Navigator up close, and trust me they are light years better than the present one.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 39,039
    First Drive: 2003 Lincoln Navigator - The Remake of (A) Rapper's Delight

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  • ric1035ric1035 Posts: 32
    I have a 2000 Nav 2WD and the driver rear leans 7/8" lower than the passenger side. I first noticed this when it was a couple weeks old but it was less than 1/2" then and were within Ford Specifications.
    Recently, I had it looked at a 2 different dealers and both of them said that according to the Ford Engineers that there is not a fix to this problem.
    I was able to get it escalated to Executive complaints here in Dearborn,MI and so far my choices are limited. I was told I could go to arbitration or wait until they get a fix to this problem. Does anyone had this leaning problem and got it fixed?
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    is the engine on or off when the leaning happens?
  • ric1035ric1035 Posts: 32
    Both on and off ,at least 5/8" and 7/8" at its worst.
    Ford Executive Complaints offered arbitration.It may not be worthwhile because my lease is over on 6/03.

    "trapperkeeper" How did you get the 5k discount towards a new vehicle?
    Do you think I will win arbitration. They do not consider this a safety issue even though I complained about the vehicle would not drive straight. They cannot duplicate this problem.

    Thanks for replying
  • blackrhino1blackrhino1 Posts: 19
    I picked it up today and a great price since the 2003's are coming in soon. I had the dvd system and remote start added. Very nice vehicle with plenty of room for the family to stretch out. Have to get used to driving it, but it is well worth it.
  • blackrhino1blackrhino1 Posts: 19
    I had the tires turned in with the white lettering facing in. All you see now is black and chrome. The third seat has been taken out and the stain resistant carpet installed from Lincoln. Gives the back area a finished look and provides the storage space for shopping. Only option the 2002 does not have that the 2003 will offer is the motorized side mirrors. The SUV is fun to drive and turns a lot of heads. Excellent captains chairs in the second row and the kids love it.
  • blackrhino1blackrhino1 Posts: 19
    Took the third seat out and installed the stain resistant fitted carpet. Plenty of space for luggage. Has anyone installed rims or bigger tires?
  • bradlake1bradlake1 Posts: 48
    I am new to townhall. My wife and I really like the '03 Navigator. Are we fooling ourselves to think we might be able to purchase it around dealer invoice?? Or is still too new? Thanks for any comments!!!
  • hongluhonglu Posts: 3
    I got $2000 over invoice deal. You could do it better . I'm the first one to get 03 navigator in my area and the 2nd car was sold at the same dealer at $3000 markup price.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Welcome aboard! I am sure Navigator owners here will be happy to help you and your wife. C'mon, gang!


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  • There are no discounts even with the different plans that companies have with Lincoln. I purchased a fully loaded 02 special edition black for a lot below invoice. While the 03 has some nice features the 02's are a steal right now. $58K for the ultimate is too steep.
  • nofeernofeer Posts: 380
    What about the reliablity of lthe nav? my wife is considering a new SUV and this one has the goodies she likes, power seat and lift back.
  • auburn96auburn96 Posts: 43
    Does anyone have or know how the entertainment system work in the navigator? Specifically does the sound come through the truck speakers or is there a seperate speaker system or are the headphones required for hearing the sound? Can you listen to the radio and have the DVD playing?

  • hongluhonglu Posts: 3
    I ordered it in my 2003 Navigator. You have two choices: playing through the whole speaker system; or
    listening to radio/CD while kids enjoying DVD movie with headphones on. nice features ah?!
  • I picked up a 2002 three weeks ago and had the dvd system installed by an after market company (recommended by Lincoln) and I can do it both ways. While the kids listen with wireless headphones to the dvd - I can listen to another source. I can also flip a button and hear what the dvd is playing while the headphones still work. I sometimes listen to a dvd concert while I drive.
  • HI, Just bought a 01 new Navigator a few months ago. It seems to me that the heated seats really aren't that good. I turn them on high and they only "sort of" get warm even if I leave them like that for 25-30min. If I turn the seats on/off (rotate dial to 0 then back to 5) they get a bit hotter. If I do this a few times, they will work pretty well for a bit and then peter out again. I am NOT inadvertently hitting the AC switch or anything like that... Dealer has replaced switch and control modules on both seats, still seem to not work really well. Anyone else have this problem with not working or variably working heated seats ? AC seems to be a bit better, but doesn't really get all that cold, fluctuates from sort of cool to kinda cool... Thanks,

  • stlgasmanstlgasman Posts: 139
    How much below invoice are the 2002's going for?
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