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Ford Expedition Starting and Idling Problems



  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Thanks for the info! I hope the original poster sees it.

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  • in response to #23 it fired the starter but didn't turn-over. Wat should i try next?
  • I know this post is old- but I just dealt with this on my own 1997 Expedition.
    Your starter relay is mounted on the firewall right next to the battery. If you follow the red wires from the battery, they go right to it. Remove the small boot on the starter relay- this is the line from your ignition switch. Put 12v to the small post. If your starter runs- you've got no power coming from your ignition to fire the relay. If not- then the problem lies in the relay, starter, or somewhere in-between. In my case, my truck starter would 'click' (fire the starter solenoid) but didn't have enough power to turn it over (brand new battery- brand new starter!) I found that the power cable feeding the starter had corroded really badly underneath all the electrical wrappings, and couldn't carry enough juice to the starter to do the job....
    Hope this helps someone out there!
  • macitmacit Posts: 2
    I would say it was the fuse relay. Part # FSTZ*14N089*B cost 16.24. We had a situation like that as well. You will not find item other than the Dealership. You can replace it yourself.
  • I have an intermittent problem with a 1998 Expedition 4.6L. It is sometimes really slow to turn over, sometimes just 'clicks' the relay and sometimes completely drains the battery. The battery checks OK (820 cca and it's a 750 battery), tests right at 12v but then drops to 4-5v when the problem occurs. The starter and solenoid have both been changed as well as the 4" connector wire at the starter that is said to have had corrosion problems (mine did not). It seems to happen mostly after the truck has started in the morning and sat for a couple hours mid-day. It always starts eventually, but usually with a jump/charge. Any ideas?
  • My 04 Eddie Bauer edition will not start periodically. It has power going to the car as all the lights come on and everything seems to be working electrically, but the car just won't turn over. We at first thought it was associated with temperature as it always did it when it was 34 degrees or lower and it has sat (overnight) in that temperature. Once the car sat in the sun or the temperature went up it started right away. The connections on the battery were replaced a year ago as they were corroded and the dealer recently fixed/tightened one of them hoping it was the problem. So there are new connections on the battery and no corrosion. We thought this fixed it as the car started fine for several weeks. Now it has started to do it again. Just less frequently and less predictably. It starts in 3 degree weather now and other days won't start on a day it is 28 degrees. It also does it just a couple hours after it was run versus sitting overnight.

    The dealer wanted it to stay with them so they could start it on a cold day and they have had it over three weeks total at different times and it starts every time for them. They just can not figure it out without it not starting for them.

    The other night it was in the mid 20s and did not start after only sitting for a couple hours. I tried 9-10 times with no luck. I was so frustrated that I decided to try anything. The steering wheel was not locked so I started to crank on it really hard and suddenly on about the 3rd or 4th position of the wheel that I tried it just fired up. It occurred to me that the car at the time was parked at the same angle that it had been at my home almost every time it did not start. I recently have been parking it in another place where the wheel is not turned in that same angle, so maybe that is why it has been starting. Is there any chance that the angle at which my wheel is turned has something to do with it not starting. Keep in mind the wheel is not locked. My husband thought it might be acting like it is locked even though it is not -- that it is getting the wrong signal. I thought it might have to do with a loose connection behind the wheel or corosion right at the starter inside the car.

    Any thoughts as the mechanics seem baffled? The car is unreliable with the way it acts now and I need it to start every time.

    Thanks for any thoughts.
  • I have an 05 expedition and had been experiencing an issue for a few months now where intermittenly my car would not start and it would take a few tries for it to actually start. I took it the dealer yesterday and they were first thinking it was the fuel pump, but it turned out be a computer issue. Ford has a fix for this and they had to reprogram my computer in my car. This is a known issue with the expeditions. The issue has to do with idle setting on the car that is controlled by the computer or something like that.
  • If you have an expediton that turns over but wont start or dies when you let off the key, especially in cold weather, it is probably the ignition switch/commutateur/interrutor that bolts under the steering column. The rod from the cylinder ignition swtch runs down to this contact box and starts the vehicle. If you are having trouble in cold weather with the ignition working intermitently, this is probably the problem if the vehicle turns over and doesn't start. The BWD part number for an 01 is CS287 at oreilly auto parts. If your vehicle turns over in the cold but won't start, try turning the ignition on and off several times without starting the vehicle. This moves the starting ignition rod up and down inside this box and if the contacts are bad inside, it will probably start after several tries. The contacts on the inside of these ignition switch boxes get worn and do not make contact, especially in the cold. Hope this helps someone....
  • Nice afternoon - sunny, 80 degrees - cruising down the highway at 55mph when SUV suddenly stalled out and wouldn't restart.

    Cranks but won't start.

    PATS tests out ok.

    Oil and fuel levels are ok.
  • wade22wade22 Posts: 1
    my starter stays engaged and burns out my solenoid. this has happened twice now about a month apart. replaced solenoid twice. why is this happening
  • I have a 1998 Expedition it was running great I turned off ignition for about 5 mins while waiting for my daughter...tried starting it and it cranks but wont start!! I noticed the theft light's neverf done that! What can it be??
  • I have a 1999 Expedition that in November would not start after I drove to Home Depot and let it sit for just a few minutes. It had been running fine before that. Engine would crank but it would not turn over. Had it towed to mechanic who replaced battery and battery conections, did a throttle body cleaning and cleaned the fuel injectors. I don't drive this vehicle much, usually just to Home Depot so I only had driven it 5 or 6 times since November and it worked fine. Yesterday the same thing happened at Home Depot. After parking it for 20 minutes it would not start and I noticed the theft light flashing (had never noticed this before). I left the car there and came back three hours later, it started just fine and I drove it home. Any ideas why it won't start when the engine is warm?
  • I had a similar problem- only got worse until the truck wouldn't start at all. Ended up taking it to a dealer, who spent 3 hours (and $230) to discover that it was a loose grounding wire on the firewall- I had taken all the boxes off when I did the head gaskets, and apparently didn't tighten one well enough. It's worth checking. To narrow it down a bit- it was on the passenger side, near the top of the firewall. Good luck. ~B
  • Fishhead316, thanks for your reply. I checked all of the wires connected to the firewall and they were all tight. My thinking now is that the fuel pump is on its way out (another site I looked at suggested that the fuel pump could be in it's early stages of dying). How much does it cost to have a mechanic change a fuel pump on a 1999 ford expedition? Or am I wrong on this assumption of the fuel pump being the problem?
  • How much was it or them to reprogram the computer?
  • A fuel pump problem should be easy to detect with an in-line pressure gauge- you can pick one up at any parts store, and it will be a lot cheaper than paying for one that doesn't need replacing! Like I said though- MY issue was a corroded starter cable- the corrosion was hidden, and it was carrying enough voltage to "click" the solenoid- but the starter wouldn't turn. Is that what's happening with yours?
  • pinkwavepinkwave Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 ford expedition. All winter it starts just fine, as soon as the weather warms up when I turn it over it acts like it's not getting gas and dies within seconds. I had the "normal" stuff done, fuel line, fuel filter, gas cap, starter and it still is having the same issue. Can anyone help?
  • shortz1995shortz1995 Posts: 1
    been having the same problems as you, wondering if you have it solved?
    wife came home for lunch, an now the truck will not start. as you descibed in your post. i can do the same thing. (word for word). leave it sit for around an hour an she will fire right up.
  • I am not sure if it is fixed yet or not. We don't drive the Expedition much, so it may sit for a week or two between short drives and I think that may be a lot of the problem. The last time it happened (about 1 month ago) we let it sit for 2 1/2 hours and then tried it. It failed once and on the second attempt it backfired or coughed twice and then started up. The next day we took it on a 3 hour drive. About 5 times within the first half hour of freeway driving I could sense a very minor shudder or hesitation which seemed to be like a small misfire due to dirt or moisture or something. Then it stopped misfiring and we continued on our trip with no problems. We returned the next day driving 3 hours at freeway speeds and no problems. It has started for us since then, but again I am not convinced it is fixed. I think it is either the fuel pump beginning to fail or some sort of sensor that is going or has gone bad. Sorry I couldn't be more help.
  • pinkwavepinkwave Posts: 2
    Unfortunately not yet =( It happens at the worst time too. I've been all over the net because I don't want to take it to the dealer and have them change $1000 worth of parts and not know what the heck is wrong with it. I can guess for free!
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