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Subaru Legacy Steering Issues



  • i have the fwd fuse out of my car and my back two wheels locked up... any ideas on whats wrong
  • I just had the same problem (needing to have the steering rack, etc.) replaced at 7000 miles. Shocking! I have a 2010 Impreza wagon.
  • merriemerrie Posts: 3
    If it's any consolation, my Legacy has 67,000 miles on it now and I haven't had any more problems with the steering or anything else. It was just a defective part, luck of the draw I guess. Good luck.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Can you clarify?

    You say "i have the fwd fuse out of my car"...

    When you take the fuse out, it's AWD.

    You actually insert the fuse to go to FWD mode.

    So it seems like the problem occurs when AWD is engaged.
  • So my power steering has been making noises the last few weeks when i turn to the left. Well this am i was heading to work and it was cold out side and it mad a loud squeaking noise and then after i made my third turn this morning i noticed the my break light and battery light came on on the dash board, I also smelled like a burning smell and i had no power steering. any thoughts?? thanks
  • chicago_chicchicago_chic Posts: 4
    edited October 2011
    Sounds like it could be the steering rack, which is a serious problem. This is what happened to my Impreza wagon at only 7K miles.
    Initially with power steering problems, you will only hear noise (and shaking) when the car is cold, and when you turn to extremes. Later, more stuff happens more often.

    If you've lost power steering, and lights are on, this really sounds like an urgent situation. It might be unsafe to even drive the car. I ended up getting my car towed using the Subaru 24 hour roadside assist to the closest dealer. It was easy. No hassle, no problem, no charge.

    [I had waited until my car was un-driveable because I kept thinking it was 1) my imagination, or 2) I'd take it to the dealer and they would say #1]

    One quick thing you can check is the power steering fluid level, if you're able. My car had no fluid left after the rack had broken.

    Good luck, be safe, and let us know how things work out
  • dynamitedgdynamitedg Posts: 2

    I brought my 2003 Legacy to a mechanic last week with a steering problem. Turns out the hose was dried out and leaking in 3 places and I needed a new pump. I got a call on Friday saying they replaced both but now with the new parts, the power steering is not working when idle or slow, only when the speed picks up. They then replaced the (new) pump and hose and put in a new rack, but to no avail. The same problem was happening. They tried it again with a 3rd pump and hose and 2nd rack and it STILL wasn't working. They've called Subaru and other mechanics and everyone says that what they tried should have worked.

    Has anyone heard of something like this happening and have a solution? If not, does anyone have an idea of what else they can try? They've had the car for a week now and we wouldn't mind getting this fixed so we can get our car back.

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