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Lincoln Navigator Suspension



  • Has anyone on this board changed their suspension to coils/springs? If so, what are the differences, if any and how much did the conversion cost? Did you change the front and rear or just the rear?
  • I Just Converted my Airbags to a Coilover strut Setup sold at Suncore Industries. The total I payed was $750 shipped from florida to LA county California. I installed the whole setup my self and am beyond happy with it. It truly drives nice and gives me a good piece of mind having a solid setup thats backed with a lifetime guarantee. BTW, I drive a 2003 Navigator on 24"s. I bought the system when I walked out and found my truck squatting on the front tires. I cannot recommend a better use for $750. Im not one to waste money on a $475 sensor or $1000+ diagnostic-lie-and install price. Why? Just find someone who can install for you or do it yourself. Saves money during this economic mess. Good Luck.

    PS. Im selling the good Air Suspension components. My height sensor was the only thing bad. I just need a trusted suspension. email me if you have any other questions.
  • What are the functions of the height sensors? Can they be changed by myself or does a shop have to do them? Here's my problem: Rear end was sitting low compresser wasn't turning on. Replaced relay everything ok. Rear again sitting low (but not as low as before) replaced rear air springs and the left rear sits lower than the right rear when truck is parked. Left rear air spring begins to deflate right after truck is shut off. Is it normal to have the air springs deflate everytime the truck is shut off?
  • If you purchase the height sensor you can certainly replace them yourself. A dealer charges a premium for everything to do with the air suspension. Sadly though, even if you replace the height sensor/s the dealer is typically the only servicer which has the STAR programmers. These programmers are used to set the ride height for the vehicle and there are actual specifications for this.

    As for the air leaking when parked, it is perfectly normal. The navigators air suspension is supposed to drop after a preset time (15-30 seconds), to a height that I believe they call "Trim height". It is also supposed to reinflate the suspension and raise itself when you put your gear selector in the drive position.

    I believe I have the suspension service manual in PDF which helps to trouble shoot. But since it is made for service departments with the right equipment, many of the procedures are not applicable to us without the equipment.

    Email me and I can try and forward it to you.
  • Thanks for the info. I don't think the manual would be useful for me at this point. Thanks anyway. If the height sensors were bad, what would the suspension do and how do you know when the compressor is going bad?
  • someone asked if you could bypass the pump to lift rear end from what I tried you can't do it maybe others have a way to do it I even opened the air line and used an air compresser to try and fill it but even that didn't work I had a diagnostic check done and found an EAS fault. the air suspention is inop. received a EAS pump relay fault traced fault to a bad relay and corroded connector. so I'll need to change the relay but do i also need to change the connector as well? or can I just clean it up?

    1998 lincoln navigator
    4dr 4wd
    5.4L 330cid V8 FI (L)
  • The reason you can't really inflate manually is because there are four separate air spring solenoids on the suspension (one per airbag). These solenoids are activated to open by the suspension control module and essentially let air in or out. This is why when you park and exit the vehicle the Navigator airs-down at different intervals in the front and rear. Each airbag has a solenoid which is there to keep air in or out (depending on the situation). If you try to force air into the airlines you are only going to meet resistance from the closed solenoid.

    When you shut the Airride switch off in the rear of the truck, you still cannot open the solenoids. They are electrically actuated and are set to default to the closed position.

    Here it is straight from the workshop manual:
    The air spring solenoid:
    �� allows air to enter and exit the air spring during leveling operations.
    �� is electrically operated and controlled by the 4WAS module.
    �� is only replaced as a unit (the air spring solenoid is serviced separately from the air spring).

    Back to me:
    Sometimes you will find that your Door Ajar light is messing with air suspension height levels. That's because it is a factor which determines the height.

    Also, if there is a bad connection, a little elbow grease and a wire brush can help.

    Hope this helps.
  • My 03 2WD Nav goes into "kneel" position (front low) when the ambient temp gets below 65-70 (I live in AZ). It won't go back up until the ambient temp gets back above 70. My local mechanic says his diagnostic computer gets an error code, then the system boots it off before he can get the complete diagnostic. I am hesitant to take it to the local dealer, er- rip off shop. It seems like the dealer will soak me more for the "diagnistic" than the likely repair.
    Anyone familiar with a temperature sensitive issue like this?
  • 98 Lincoln Navigator replaced rear bags and front shocks replaced compressor and dryer compressor runs and leaks down which seems to be normal when car is shut off and ride heights seem fine when driving but seems to ride rough immediatly after I back out of my driveway compressor kicks on and off after bags and shocks are filled but it will eventually stops and will run after a while which seems normal but after driving for around 30 minutes the check susp light will light. If I start the vehicle in the morning the check susp light will also come on after about 15 minutes with the vehicle just sitting in the driveway. When the light comes on the compressor stops running. Does anyone have any idea on what could fix my problem of the rough ride and check suspension light? Please help me
  • I am having the EXACT same problem, i live in texas and the temperature gets low at night but hot again during the day, the bags barely inflate if the temp is under or around 65 and the ride is terrible. I recently took it to the shop and they changed my solenoids and one of the bags but it did absolutely nothing.... 930 dollars! It is in the shop again right now and i am waiting on another [non-permissible content removed] excuse to give them money. Have you found anything out? I need help and i think this is a weird problem we are having.
  • I dont know if I found the problem yet. I put both solenoids in the rear and replaced a coupler under the hood on the air line that was leaking and the compressor still runs alot more than I think it should. I havent driven it enough to see if the air bag light will come back on but I will let you know what I find out. After changing the things that I did it seem to ride about the same. I have done everything myself so it hasnt cost me near that much. If you want to save money instead of bringing it to the shop get some soapy water (I used dawn dish soap and water in a windex spray bottle) and follow your air lines and spray them and all connections down tp check for leaks. I also would spray were the air line enters the rear air bag because they are also famous for leaking. Other then that for now I dont know what else to tell you. Let me know what you find out and I will most definately do the same.
  • check the ball joints, that was on mine, i had to replace the ball joints with the control arms.
  • I have a 2003 Navigator and both the tire sensor and air suspension lights are on. The Navigator is sitting on 20's and the air suspension seems to be fine (not slammed to the ground and sits up pretty good). Is there anyway to get rid of those warning signals without spending an arm and a leg?
  • Hi, I have a 2003 navigator. I stopped at one of those side of the road tire shops to get my tires rotated. Instead of jacking the truck up from the sides. He jacked it up under the front and the back. now it is leaning to the drivers side. When i do a systems check on the dash it says everything ok. Any ideas what he may have mess up?
  • Did he turn off the suspension system? You need to do this anytime the car is being jacked up. my guess is driver side height sensor.
    If it does not stabalize after a few trips i would have it checked. It could be just having to re-calibrate the system or you might need to replace the height sensor.
    Let us know what the end result was.
  • Can you give us an update on the coilover conversion? Do you have any regrets? Do you feel a difference from the air suspension?
    I just purchased the same kit but have not installed them yet.
    I had problems with my air suspension last year and it cost me about $1,300 to fix. I am starting to get the same symptoms again and am afraid that I will have to fork over another grand or so.
  • I see a lot of the same problems on this board without any solutions. My suspension has a mind of it's own. I have a new pump and it works fine. It turns on and off. But the suspension doesn't always go up or down. Anything below 30 degrees and the suspension won't stay up. If the temp is over 50 degrees the suspension will pump up fast but then drops. After about 15 to 30 minutes the suspension pumps back up quickly and works great the rest of the day. In the summer time the suspension pumps up and works perfect in 80 degree plus weather. I've replace the pump and the passenger side front sensor and nothing has helped. The dealer is dumber than a stone. They suggest replacing everything or better yet they will make me a great deal on a new SUV. I'm sure it's as simple as some sensor failing that is affected by cold weather. I know many on this board have had the same issue. What did you do to fix the problem? Please help. Thank you.
  • LOL or should I say COL (Crying out loud). Your's sounds nice compared to mine. Dealer says $2,500 on trade in. 65K new and I'm the original owner. Last Ford product I will ever, Ever own! :lemon:
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    There is no relationship between Navigator and Aviator problems and the rest of Ford's lineup. The newer vehicles have great quality - on par with Honda and Toyota and in some cases better. The frustration is understandable (I had an Aviator - replaced it with an Edge), but don't extrapolate the problems to the whole brand.
  • jwallyjwally Posts: 71
    where's the switch exactly located?thanks
    "hen you shut the Airride switch off in the rear of the truck, "
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