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Lincoln Navigator Suspension



  • devanwondevanwon Posts: 1
    98 lincoln navigator just started the other day. it pumps itself all the way to the max and maintains do I fix this, where do I start, I am very mechanically inclined so any help is appreciated!!
  • I own a 98 Navigator that the check suspension light would go on and out sometimes on. The compressor runs a lot and sounds loud and rough. the compressor even run when the car is off and is unattended at times. I ran over a speed bump one night and the next morning the rear was drop on the tires. The compressor didn't come on when I started the vehicle. I've checked to see if any electrical part was disconnected due to the speed bump. I took out the compressor thinking its the place I should start. Any suggestion before I start to spend unnecessary money and other procedures I can try..... :sick:

    ANY help will be appreciated. Thank you!
  • ss1ss1 Posts: 3
    I am considering saving myself alot of time, money and frustration by switching to the Arnott Inc coil conversion kit. My 05" navigator drops so that is sitting directly on top of the tire on the passenger side. I have replaced the air spring, upper hardware mount, ,also referred to as the cap, o-rings and the solenoid. The dealer says it passes the pnuematic tests it is just a very slow leak that they were not able to pinpoint. Their solution is to replace the cap on the other side. I am skeptical and reluctant to throw more money at it.

    The problem is drops all the down after it has been parked for about 30 minutes. I have to sit with my foot on the brake and put it drive and wait 1-2 minutes before it reinflates and I can drive away. :mad:

    So, What has been your experience with the conversion? Are you happy with it. Does it ride alot harder than the air? Any other side effect? Does it ride the same height as the Air? Do you have any suspension problem indicator messages?

  • The Kit I got is from Suncore. I had it installed while my nav was at the body shop. The height is about the same or about 1/2 inch higher than with air. At first you can tell the difference between the air and spring system but after a month or so the springs soften up. If you never experienced the air shock ride you would not know the difference with springs. As for the light, most kits come with instructions on how to turn off the dash indicator. I chose to turn the switch off at the rear of the vehicle and that shuts the air system off. If not the compressor will come on and off as it should. What that did was disable the system but I have a steady message at the dash that states "air system shut off." That does not bother me at all. I will have to wait for winter to see how it handles in cold weather.

    Overall, I am happy with the conversion. Now I do not worry about forking over all that money everytime a component of the air system goes bad.
  • How much was labor cost to install the conversion kit? How long did it take them to put it on?
  • Since it was already at the bodyshop getting some work done they did it for me for $100. It should be around $350 $400 if you take it to a shop though. A good shop can do it in about 3 hours.
  • ss1ss1 Posts: 3
    I wanted to answer my own question for those of you considering switching to coils. I highly recommend it. I just had this converted and I am extremely happy with the results. I was afraid the ride would be much rougher with the coils, but there is little or no noticable difference. The only adjustment I have had to make is it sits about an half to an inch higher that when the air springs where fully inflated. But I like the look. The stance is more similar to the new 2008/09 navigators.

    It cost me $375 to switch them out and $65 to have it realligned to be safe.

    Now, I dont have a low rider and I don't have to wait a minute before I can drive away. Also, I can go up north to cold country without worry about the suspension bottoming out and tearing up my tires on my 22" rims.

    If you want to save yourself frustration there really is little or no downside to switching to coils. I am a Ford guy so I hope Lincoln fixes the design on this flawed system on their future navigators.
  • ok i have already changed my suspension compressor that 2 different mechanics told me that it was no good....after reading Mattmo post...i had my husband go outside under the truck pull the relay out and connect the wire and it went on so now i'm guessing its the relay, but of course he didn't want to leave it connected to long just in case it got hot but it didn't make the truck go up from the does the work on both front and back
  • My check suspension light wil come on while i drive down the road. the suspension is usually inflated when i stop and check after noticing the check light. I reset the suspension switch under the glovebox and the compressor comes on. this usually lasts for about 100-200 miles. before i have to reset the switch again. any ideas?
  • i have a 03 navigator and i tried to locate that switch i have no idea where its at....i pulled out my glovebox but i can't find plz tell me where i can find it at....i actually just bought a new suspension relay but it hasn't came in yet so i'm hoping that what it is because when i wired it like one of the last post said it turned on...
  • I just came from the dealership a few minutes agon and seriously considering switching my air rides.

    I was having similar issue with my 03 Gator on 24 inch rims. Back in August of 08 I took it to the dealership (Oursiman of Alexandria, in Northern Virginia) to be looked at. They diagnosed and so far have changed the following:

    Air Compressor Right Front Side
    Right Front Side Sensor
    Replaced all three Adjusted Aims
    Left Ride Height Sensor
    Rear Height Sensor
    Total cost of the above $2513.60 (very painful)

    The system worked for roughly eight months and failed again. I took it today and they tell me there is a $500 relay that needs to be changed before they can continue testing to see what is wrong. Yeah, that is what I said.

    Anyways, I called Suncore but they tell me they can’t give me the name of anyone in the Northern Virginia area that can do the change for me until I buy the conversion kits because it is against their company policy. I would give up the vehicle except it is highly customized and I have put a lot into it already. I will appreciate it if anyone in the DC, VA and MD area is on here who knows of a shop that can give me a quote as to how much it will be for the conversion.
  • i have a pdf manual for an 03 nav with 4 wheel drive and it says that the suspension switch on the 03 nav is located in the jack box that is located in the rear kick panel behind the back seat. if you post your e-mail address i will forward you the pdf manual that i have.
  • sure you can email it to
  • Stix11,
    Please send the PDF manual for 03 NAV to me as well if you don't mind. My address is

    doffoh at hotmail dot com.
    Thanks a lot.
  • Were you found that kit? $350 don't sounds bad.
    my problem in the morning the commpresor dosen't work and my nav is all the way down, probably after 15 or 20 min. the commpresor turns on. some body can help me?">
  • :confuse: well i still can't get my compressor to come on its new, & have changed a relay too...but i have no idea why it won't turn on at all....but I did get the manuel the other day in my email...thanks by the hopefully i can figure this thing out
  • Newbie here on Edmunds. I have a 2000 Navigator that is now sitting on it's back wheels - air suspension failure. The air susp.dash light is not on so local mechanic can't figure out what is causing it using his scan tool. Did a bit of research and could be a number of things ie: bad relay, loose connector etc. any advice on how to troubleshoot the issue without going broke at the dealer?
  • Hello, Thanks so much for this! I did the test and my air compressor kicked on after i put the 2 wires in the slots.. So I thought ok its the relay so I bought a new one put it in and nothing.. I took it out and in and nothing so I put the copper 2 wires back in the 2 slots and it comes on? I am not sure whats wrong? Do u have any suggestions for me as to whats wrong? Thank you!
  • Hello, Does anyone have a pdf file of the manual for a 2001 Lincoln Navigator that they could email me? I need to know which fuse#'s go to the relay switch & where they are at.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,916
    You should be able to download one from Ford:

    How To Find Your Car Owner's Manual Online

    Unless you mean a repair manual. This may tide you over until you can locate one:

    Online Repair Manuals
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