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Dodge Caravan Instrument Panel



  • pmack1,

    I have taken my BCM out of my 98 grand caravan, in which the speedometer still does not work, even after repacing it from a scrapyard. Otherwise, the van will start, but does have the ABS light on. I have PN P04801062AC for the BCM.

    I have the cover off and see that the components are almost all surface mount. On th top I do not see the 330 ohm resistor you are talknig about. Is it on the back? I see one resistor (331) which sits on the back near the blue connnect near the pins of a component identified as Z5 on the front.


  • saviorsavior Posts: 2
    Hi, I have problems with my 2000 Dodge Van. All the gauges and the gear selector PRND3L light have packed up. The ABS and the Service engine lights of the information center are permanently on. In addition, the rear wiper stopped working. Checked fuses and okay.
    A step by step remedy will be highly appreciated. Please, I need help urgently.
  • I have a 99 grand caravan with all of the guages quitting intermittently and then you thump the dash and they come back. now the rpm and speedo are way off ( 2k rpm higher than actual and 30mph higher than actual) what can I do or where can I get another rebuilt cluster or whatever has gone out. thanks! love the van hate the little crap that keeps going wrong.
  • i would try to replace the bcm first mine had all the same problems and i took the cluster out first it wasnt that so replaced the body control mod and its all worked every since the only thing diferrent is my shifter still worked its a meatel box under the dash with a few plugs in it only two screws hold it 25 bucks at the junk yard good luck
  • doublea3doublea3 Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 Plymouth Van and intermittently the ding ding alarm goes off after starting and stays on for about three minutes---not other instrutment light are on. The doors are closed and this not a seat belt issue. Sounds like it maybe the instrument panel circuit board or the BCM module. Anyone have this type problem?
  • I just tried this hack and it completely solved the same problem and my wife thinks I'm heroic! Thanks!

  • launchohiolaunchohio Posts: 2
    I have a 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager that whenever it wants to (maybe a day to 4 weeks) the van will not stay running.
    When this happens everything on the van works except the electronic mileage and trip meter will not light up.
    The van starts and runs for about 5 seconds then stalls out it will restart then stall for about 5 times then it will not crank at all BUT everything else is ok IE:radio,lights ect.
    When you let the van just sit as short as 10 minutes and sometime as long as overnight the next time you turn the key the electronic mileage and trip meter will light up like it is supposed to and the van starts and runs fine then the next time or maybe weeks later it will do the very same thing again
    Every once in a while the electronic dashboard will flat line
    It shows no error codes when running fine and of course it is never close to a repair station when it won’t start.
  • rbergstromrbergstrom Posts: 2
    I own a 98 Grand Caravan had a very similar problem, except it would occur almost every day. Thank goodness I'm not totally dependent on this vehicle for everyday use! For some reason, if I disconnected the battery and removed the Power Train Control Module's connections and then re-connect, it would turn over. I also later found a wire just underneath the lower steering column cover. Somehow it was not tight enough. It is just a simple black wire with a ring lug on the end, that connects to the frame under the panel for a ground connection.

    Although the engine would turn over and I could drive the van, the gauges would not work or be very erratic. Replacing the speedometer from a junk yard did not help, Also the famous resolder job of the connector on the back of speedometer did not help either, although some have claimed to find cracked solder joints on this connector.

    This is what fiixed my speedometer gauges and lights not working, and possibly the engine not starting. The problem is in the body control module under the dash on the left side by the drivers feet. This is a pain to get out and patience is required. Once the body control module is removed, take the cover off to remove the circuit board. On the back side, there are many surface mounted components. With a magnifying glass look for a 300 ohm resistor (301 will be the marking). For mine, it was the only one there. Carefully unsolder it from the board. Replace it with any off the self 300 ohm resistor. What helped to take all the dash appart (and other dead end attempts to fix) was the Chiltons repair manual from the library for the caravan and voyager 1996 - 1999. See the chassis electrical for taking out much of the dash in order to get to the BCM.

    For this fix, I give credit to the some technician on this board (and other forums) who said he works on the body control modules. Apparently, the resistor is opening up, and it prevents communication to the speedometer from the BCM.

    As always, for safety, disconnect the battery before doing any of this. It would hurt to have the airbag go off :sick:
  • In my 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport, when I use the turn signal in either direction the signal lights do not work and the power cuts off to the dashboard. The instrument cluster goes dark and all gauges set to zero. Then, when I return the turn signal switch to the middle position ("neutral") the dashboard powers up and everything is fine. The problem is NOT intermittent and happens every time. :cry: :confuse:
  • Hi everyone. I also own a 2002 Dodge caravan, and I had the exact same problem as preacher 1120, except that by now, my instrument cluster and upper panel are completely dead. Nothing will come on no matter what I do. I have replaced the BCM, TCM, checked all the fuses, etc. Everything else in my van works fine. My mechanic is at a loss as what could be the problem. jmcdonnel at post #10 mentionned a "BDM". I was wondering if that was a typo error, meaning "BCM" or if it is yet another component that should be checked. Any help on this is greatly appreciated.
    Handyman49. :cry: :confuse:
  • Ok I have two seperate issues. I have a 2002 Chrysler Town and Country and some of the lights dont come on. I remember when we first got it everything lit up on the dash and heat- a/c and radio but now only the light clusters and some of the dash lights come on. What could be the issue?

    I also have the 98 Plymouth Voyager and am having the flatline issues. I don't have the doors getting locked and I can't hit the dash and have it come back to life. I have just survived with it. It seemed that when I drove it to work at night (I work overnights) that it would be dead but when I started it in the morning to come home it would work fine. But not today. I checked the fuses and nothing. I read JMcconnell say something about a replacement BCM offered by Chrysler? Is that still the case or do they not give a dang now that they are folding?

    I need help with this. I don't like driving with out knowing where my gas gauge is at and how fast I am driving. I have a feeling its the BCM since thats what everyone is saying but I don't want to pay 250+ to get it replaced. Any ideas? I am not very soder apt. Thanks for the help.
  • I say have him check the motherboard for the electrical system. There is a solder that needs to be resoldered and it will work fine. So says "98 Voyager Dashboard Issues SOLVED by 98voyager1 "

    I would try that. It would say you headaches.
  • My problem is finally solved. Under the main fuse box, in the engine compartment, there was a plug-in for all the wires connecting to it. A friend of mine, who knows his way in electronics, found that that plug-in was severely corroded. When he tried to clean the corrosion, my PW's and heater blower stopped working. I bought a new fuse box, which is very expensive, and now everything works again. I would just like to know why would the Chrysler engineers decide to install electronics exposed to the elements. It was a stupid decision taken by them... ;) :)
  • I have scanned through the messages of related problems, but none are quite exactly the same of what I'm experiencing.
    My 2000 Plymouth Voyager's instrument panel has been doing weird stuff lately. The speedometer often will go flat, as well as the temp. and fuel gauges (although not always together, often it is the speedometer alone). My odometer often will blank out as well or get brighter, and my seat belt sign will come on at times.
    This is were it gets interesting... If I have my foot on the gas for some time, the gagues may go flat, but as soon as I lift my foot off the gas pedal all the gauges come back on! Also, if the gauges go flat while I have the vechile in park, as soon as I shift it into a gear all the gauges come back on again.
    Hitting the dash does not bring the gauges back on- either they come on again unprovoked, or I use my shifter or gas pedal trick as mentioned above.
    I don't mind this so much, except when I took the van in for emissions inspection, it could not pass because the OBD stopped communicating. The inspector stated it started to communicate, but when the gagues went flat the communication connection failed. I wonder if this is all related some how. But how? Is it the Instrument Panel Cluster, the BCM, or the PCM? I have limited time as I need to get this reinspected soon. Please help! (Also, the other day my rear windshield wiper came on just once all by itself. Wierd. Is all this related, or am I dealing with a plethora of problems?) :confuse:
  • Well, I tried a BCM (same part number) I got from a scrap yard, as well as a cluster from a scrap yard, but niether of these fixed the problem. I also found that when I shake the van I can get the gauges to come back on, but shaking the van cannot cause the gauges to go flat. I am not sure how this is all connected: Shifting the gears has an effect (particularly shifting into reverse); turning the stearing wheel while the van is in park also have proven to bring the gauges back; and as I stated in the previous post, while driving if the gauges go flat I can let my foot of the gas and they come back. What's the connection (no pun intended). I need to figure this out asap! :confuse:
  • jantt5914jantt5914 Posts: 1
    Do you know of anyone in the Winston Salem, NC area that knows about this problem and recommend someone?
  • ozzievanozzievan Posts: 1
    Dash lights, fan, radio, remote lock all work. Battery and starter have been tested good. Nothing happens when ignition key is turned. I suspect the engine imobilizer or the BCM. Does anyone have a suggestion? Can the imobilizer be reset? Does the BCM need to be replaced?
  • molochmoloch Posts: 4
    I myself own a 2002 Dodge grand caravan sport like preacher1120, and I have the exact same problem as preacher1120 and handyman49.

    Now, my instrument cluster and upper panel are completely dead. It would somewhat try to reboot itself after a while on the road, but simply go back dark in a matter of seconds.

    I was wondering if you had found any other alternatives than changing the fuse box.

    I also checked the single black wire connected on the frame as stated by rbergstrom, but its all good.

    Thank you
  • Hi there moloch. Apparently, it is the connector under the fuse box that gets full of corrosion. One of my friends tried cleaning it, but it caused more problems. The replacement of the fuse box is the only solution. A cheaper solution would probably be to find one in a scrap yard. The symptoms you are describing are exactly the same as in my van. I just wish that I had changed that fuse box first. Good luck. :)
  • molochmoloch Posts: 4
    thank you handyman.

    I guess I will check the local scrap yards tomorrow and hope to find a good looking fuse box. In the mean time, I will try to remove it and check for signs of corrosion in the connectors to the fuse box.

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