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Dodge Caravan Instrument Panel



  • Without being able to view a technical schematic, I have no idea how the turn signals interract with the instrument cluster. If replacing that part worked for you than that's another good piece of info in our arsenal... Right now, aside from the erratic low fuel indicator/falling gauge problem; I'm also experiencing an intermittent 'buzzing' noise coming from one of the relays on the fuse block.. At first I thought it was the headlight relay because I always drive w my headlights on, but it's located under the hood and not in the passenger compartment. After months of observation, I now realize that the buzzing occurs only when the headlights are on AND I use my turnsignals... Now, are these two problems related to the instrument cluster? Again, without a schematic of the wiring system and instrument cluster I'm only guessing...
    With all these problems, you'd think that Daimler Chrysler would wade into the discussion...not a chance. This is why the American automotive industry is failing. Fat cats drawing exhorbitant wages and shoddy workmanship.... SAD...
  • reonreon Posts: 19
    Sounds like a poor ground connection. Spend a some unhurried time on Saturday going over every ground under the hood. Lots of mysterious problems are solved this way.
  • Have you checked the plugs on the box by the fuse panel by the brake pedal? Unplug and re inset them. I had an intermittent left turn signal caused by a loose plug that was sure was the multifunction switch. This truck is are the biggest POS I've ever owned and judging by the sheer numbers (of others with problems) mine isn't the only one. I have the service manual (I had to buy) from Ebay but it is very difficult to understand ( I understand why the dealers have problems fixing these stupid problems too now. And keep in mind I am a electrical and electronic service person. And bad relays holy crap almost changed them all now. I thought I blew the tranny (1st and reverse only) 2 days and find it's a relay.
  • Thx for the tip; I'll try that and let you know. Who knows, maybe that'll fix my possessed fuel gauge problem too
  • After our first snowfall a couple of weeks ago my ignition system on my 02 caravan started to act real strange.As soon as you turn the key off there is about a 5 sec delay before all electrical systems shut down and before start up.After final shutdown power door locks will not operate,interior lights will not go on with door open but will turn on manually and radio stopped working.Power locks will work when the ignition is in the on position or running!
    Does anyone have an idea about this??? I started to check for any wires shorted out but have found nothing!! Mike
  • My electronic dash cluster crapped out on me. It's a 98 voyager. I have lites in the upper bar and the panel lites work too. Checked fuses in car and engine compartment too. Beat on dash. Nothing. All accessories are working fine except radio needs reprogramming after pulling the memory fuse at top of the panel. I've read all the posts in this forum. I guess I'll try all the fixes mentioned unless someone has other ideas I can try. Sure hope its not the BCM. Also can someone tell me where the IOD is located and how to reset it.

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