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Toyota Tundra General Shopping Questions



  • 1moob1moob Posts: 2
    I recently bought a new Tundra and the finance manager offer me the 7 years or "75000" miles for the price of $0.70/day. I was told by the sale manager that the warranty was 7 years or 100k. When I signed the paper, I did not ask and assumed that it was the 7 years or 100k because he did not mention the mileage, only the 7yrs. I found out over the weekend when I took some times to read through everything. I went back to the finance manager and asked to take the warranty out since it was only 15k more than the company warranty. He promised to change it to 7 yrs or 100k for me. My question is: How do I find out if this warranty is truly 7 yrs or 100k? Who should I contact to check out this extended warranty on this truck or any Toyota dealer should be fine? Thanks for your assistance.
  • sammy21sammy21 Posts: 2
    I want to get a tundra but would like to see what is new for 2008 anyboby have inside info dealers don,t seems to know or will not tell. I feel that a 07 model is already a year old
  • bugchuckerbugchucker Posts: 118
    Spring of 08.
  • hotel1hotel1 Posts: 50
    The 08 tundra is in production as of 7/10/07
    according to

    They should be rolling into dealers now!
  • flinchlockflinchlock Posts: 13
    Hmm, I just looked at and I see this info...

    Toyota Tundra, Production Startup Date, 10/10/07

  • hotel1hotel1 Posts: 50
    Flinch...........You are correct. I posted the 07 prod. end date!
  • In July Toyota had rebates upto either $3000 or $3500 on the Tundra, when do they usually post the new rebates for the next month? I live in Dallas/Fort Worth.
  • For my zip in Michigan 49012, they are already posted...

    New 2007 Tundra All Models Customer Choice

    0% APR for 36 Months
    0% APR for 48 Months
    1.9% APR for 60 Months
    OR $2500 Customer Cash

    Offer Ends 9/4/2007

  • Single cab and Double Cab

    3000 Customer Cash or 0.0 for 36, 0.0 for 48, 1.9 for 60

    Crew Max

    1000 customer cash or same APR financing
  • Thats the problem with Ira and Boch they want to sell you whats in stock at that time. Also you might have had the wrong salesperson working for you. I know of 3 reg cab short bed Tundras all with TRD Off road pachage with bucket seats. All at Toyota of Nashua in Nashua NH. The only dealer in New England with it own Truck Center so you know you will have someone selling you the truck that knows everything about it.
  • gkbgkb Posts: 2
    Has anyone ever heard of such a thing? I was in the process of buying this truck, I returned it after learning it was not a toyota package. They originally told me it was a limited edition package for 2007. I called around and nobody had heard of it. I would still like to give the Toyota a try however, I am a bit worried. Thanks in advance for any input!!!!
  • I need some advise!!!!! I want to buy a Tundra soooooooooo bad but can't afford anything near new. Been looking on Ebay and see many that I like but even these are alittle more than what I think I can afford. I've seen others in the 2001 and on model year that have 100,000 miles plus on them but am not sure about them because of the mileage.
    My questions are:
    1. How safe is buying from Ebay?
    2. Should I stay away from the higher mileage Tundras?
    3. Are there certain years of Tundras that are better than others?
    4. Any advise or suggestions would really be appreciated.
    Thanks for any and all replies.
  • ltdan2ltdan2 Posts: 17
    go to toyota .comfor models my wife works for SET , production manger says shortbed reg. cab,5.7, 2x4,or4x4 is avaiable in all areas. 08 's are already in port & being shiped to the dealers for launch end of jan. 1st of feb
  • With all the combo's the Tundra's have for 2008, I was wondering what the major differences were between all the packages of features. Limited vs SR5 seem more obvious, but for the extra $$$, what do you get between the Tundra Grade vs the SR5? Even the Tundra brochures dont really help. Thanks!
  • mrbigsmrbigs Posts: 1
    As the '08 models all have limited slip differential as a standard feature, can someone explain the operation of LSD vs. 4x4 operation?

    In particular on the '05 model, as I understand it, LSD is available when in 2WD. Now when you switch off LSD and then select 4WD, do you now have 2 open differentials (1 in front and 1 in the rear) without LSD? Which is like saying you have
    1 wheel w/ traction in front and 1 wheel w/ traction in the rear under slippery conditions.

    Along these lines, why do you think edmonds tmv pricing discounts by -$431 the added option of LSD on a 4x4 '05 model? Is there some disadvantage to LSD on a 4x4 model when configured as an option like on an '05 model?

    Thanks in advance.
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