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2008 Scion xB - new design... love it or hate it?



  • babbajo- I'm in Lafayette Indiana--not too far from you. I can't wait till I see someone else in town the a new XB--Mine will be 3 weeks old tomorrow already! The dealer only got two in mine (black) and a silver one which already had a sold tag on it but then my sales person said someone might be backing out ect--so I don't know if the silver is still there or not. I'm so very happy with this UUB (urban utility vehicle)
  • I'm thinking of buying the new 2008 XB. My wife and I were actually shopping for a Vibe/Matrix, but it's impossible to find one of those with optional ABS and side curtain airbags. So the salesman at the Toyota dealership asked us if we'd like to look at the new Scion XB because those come standard. At first we thought, "a Scion, no way." But once we got passed the silly marketing campaign and weird looks (we don't love the way it looks, but don't mind it, either) we test drove it and liked the ride, and really like all the standard safety features.

    The salesman, though, and no other salesman at any other Scion dealership have been able to answer my question about the safety build of the new 2008 XB. I know it has side air bags, but does anybody know about how it's designed with side crumple zones, etc. I can't find any of this info on the Scion website or any other website. The 2006 XB rated poor in side impact crash tests. The new 2008 is heavier and also now has side air bags, but sometimes side air bags don't actually improve the crash test results in small, economy cars. So I'm wanting to know how the structural integrity has changed or been improved, or maybe if it hasn't and so that's why I can't find out this info.

    I would very much like to wait on buying one until after side crash test results have been released (only the front one has been done so far) but I'm in a situation where we have to buy a new car within the month, and aside from that, I'm leaning toward the Scion, but I really don't see a point in spending thousands of dollars on a car that might rate poor.

    Any thoughts or info would be great on this subject. Thanks!
  • Unfortunately, there is no such thing as "side crumple zones". It is just the door, the impact beam/B pillar, and the airbags. The 2008 xB has side airbags (protects your body) and head curtain airbags (keeps your head from bouncing off of hard things).

    There is no real way to tell how well it will take a side impact until the test is performed. The doors are heavier than the last generation, which is a good sign, but your question cannot be answered until the test is performed. I would venture a guess that it will do considerably better.
  • tonyklotonyklo Posts: 3
    Hi! If you find the crash test results or other interesting info please post a link to it. Before I bought my 2008 xB, I spent time on using the build your xB. It shows the car in zoom and you can open the hood, doors, and tailgate to see inside. Notable items: Power brake vacuum assist chamber and master cylinder is on the Passenger side actuated by a cross-rod, and the Power steering is Electric Motor assisted, not driven by belt drive from the engine as the norm. Also, on my 2005 xB the standard Pioneer radio display could be changed to display any message you want upon power-up (didn't try the 2008 yet). :)
  • w9cww9cw Posts: 888
    Re. the display message on the radio during power up . . . yes, this can be done on the 2008 as well.
  • subjectivesubjective Posts: 62
    The only serious problem with our 08 XB has been the Bridgestone EL400-02 tires. At 1300 miles we had a sidewall failure, a perfectly straight separation from the edge of the tread to the rim. We did nothing to cause this failure and Bridgestone refused to replace this tire which we strongly believe is a manufacturing defect. Reviews from most customers of Tire Rack owning this tire reviewed it to be poor in wear and driveability. If others buy a new 08 XB my advice is to make a serious attempt to immediately trade these tires out for a better tire such as the serenity, but it seems to me that customer service with Bridgestone is nonexistant. They did not answer my emails and I could not find listed anywhere an 800 number such as the other tire manufacturers list.
  • Yeah the Bridgestones are dogs. But on the west coast the 2008 xB has Goodyear tires.
  • slrmanslrman Posts: 2
    I Really Like Both Designes, How The New One Is More Wavy And Old One Is Boxy. Overall I Love The Scion xB!!! :P
  • With assistance of Scion and Bridgestone Corporate customer service overriding the local mgr., the tires were replaced with the Bridgestone Serenity which are much better. I hope this will help other Scion XB owners with the Bridgestone EL400-02 tires. I would strongly recomend if you have this tire immediately change it out for a better safer tire.
  • wapswaps Posts: 19
    Place small close-up mirror on outer edge of both L/R rear view mirrors. Adjust until blind spot is gone.
  • wapswaps Posts: 19
    Bridgestone and Firestone owed by same company. :confuse:
    I'll stick with the Goodyears that's what's on my 2008 xB. Great ride and no worries. :)
  • I currently drive a mini cooper, manual transmission, and i love it but my lease is up in October and my needs have changed..I have kids that are larger, so I need a bigger vehicle but my sense of quirky style hasn't changed and I have absolutely decided upon a Scion Xb...but! to buy the newer 2008 or the older style 2006 is my dilemma. i am not a crazt fast driver (I have kids) but I do enjoy the control of a manual transmission...and I am mostly a city driver but again, the manual transmission thing is stimulating and keeps me super alert. iI think i love the boxier but smaller style of the 2006 but there is something about having an even more modern vehicle....I may be answering my own question here but if anyone has any advise knowing what I drive now to what what is a good transformation....?
  • texasestexases Posts: 5,511
    If you're carrying kids, I'd definitely go with the '08, it's a much sturdier, safer vehicle. That's one reason it's bigger, to the dismay of the '06 lovers. The older version is light because it's an old design, with much poorer performance in side impact crashes (3/4 stars front/rear, compared to 5/5 stars for the new model).

    If you want better handling, there are Scion parts (I'd go for the springs, shocks, front tower bar and anti-roll bars) but not the larger wheels, there are good tires you can put on the 16" rims.
  • I noticed that the xB has only one reverse light on the left side of the rear bumper: . I wonder why they did that. Do any xB owners find that there is less or asymmetric light when reversing in the dark? Is it a potential safety issue?
  • My husbands coworker just got the 2008 xb.
    I took it for a test drive and I found no safety issue with reversing and the lighting was just fine in the dark.
    I personaly feel more comfortable in my mazda.
    But I didn't feel that the lighting brought up any safety issues.
  • Thanks. What was your opinion of the car overall from the test drive?
  • My overall feel in the car was great..It handled great and the blind spots were almost non existent compared to my mazda....But call me shallow I just don't like the way the car looks....its niether retro nor modern :shades:
  • natatacnatatac Posts: 17
    Anything in the rumour mill about design changes coming in the 2011 model year? I know the 1st gen had a short run, not sure how long the second gen will go for and being with the new Soul and upcoming Cube the market isn't so exclusive anymore and the people love to see the newer designs. I noticed the discussions on the XB boards have lost a lot of momentum as of late. Lot of consumer reviews of the Soul going on now the car is hot, will likely see a similiar perk of activity with the cube......
  • flawlesslyflawlessly Posts: 2
    The 1st gen. was out in 2003/4, the 2nd gen. was out in 2008, I don't think the 3rd gen. will out for another 2 or 3 years, if they really do change to 3rd gen. in just 2 or 3 years, people will think that Scion isn't a good bit due to too often changing styles, buyers also will put on hold buying Scion entirely, who knows the car will be outdated tomorrow or not.
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