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Honda Pilot 2007 - 2008



  • Just bought an 07 Honda Pilot EX-L CPO car. 29k miles, grey/grey in Florida. Sticker price was 24,600 with 650 dealer fee. The magical internet price (non-negotiable) was 23,656 + dealer fee. Paid 21,600 + tax and tag, no dealer fee . I think I got a pretty fair deal.

    Now, am I correct in assuming that once I leave the dealership I cannot purchase the extended warranty from Honda? We drive a ton of highway miles, so I wasn't all that interested in the warranty to begin with, but if I was, I'd want to shop around dealerships for it.

    Overall, wife loves the car. It was pretty decently serviced for the CPO certification and the leather is in nice shape (not always the case).

    Next stop - trailer hitch and roof racks for my surfboards.
  • afsquidafsquid Posts: 1
    I plugged an adaptor in the car receptacle the other day and my radio shut down and I can't get it to come on again. I checked the fuse under the hood for the radio and it's all good then I checked the other two fuse boxes inside the car but I don't see any labeled "radio".

  • We are experiencing the same faulty rear license plate weld. Did you ever find a fix, other than paying the dealer to repair?
  • I ended up taking my case to Corporate because my dealer (Courtney Honda, Milford CT) did nothing for me. The Regional Parts and Service Manager came out, took a look at it, took photos and told me that Honda would be in touch. About 2 weeks later I got the call from Corporate telling me they won't do anything for me either, not a dime. I think this is a case of if your dealer doesn't offer to help out on it, then you're SOL. I ended up jury-rigging a solution - my brother-in-law works for a major defense contractor, and he got some industrial-grade velcro for me to try. So far it's working great.

    This will be my last Honda though, I've had it with them.
  • vrmvrm Posts: 303
    For the last one month, I have been getting this message on my odometer: "Check Fuel Cap"

    I have opened and closed the fuel cap 3 or 4 different times, filled the gas tank a few times, however the message still flashes on my odometer.

    Does this mean I have to replace my fuel cap? Also, my vehicle is due for Safety inspection this month. Is this a safety issue and will I fail the Inspection?

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