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Subaru Forester (up to 2005)



  • jeijei Posts: 143
    Graham -

    Could you post a photo of a Police Forester sometime? We've gotta see this. Always thought they'd make great unmarked cars.

  • scirocco22scirocco22 Posts: 721
    Synthia and Greg, et al-- Thanks to kowski, I've just checked out the Kiplinger site and it appears up-to-date and accurate concerning invoice price and MSRP of the 2003 Forester. The Kiplinger's stated invoice price appears to be the true/standard dealer invoice price similar to how Edmunds would report on its calculator. Carsdirect tacks on an estimated figure for advertsing fees, etc. so you have to keep subtracting that figure out of the mix when configuring options the case of the Forester, $190. So use Kiplinger's site for a "pure" calculation. It's extremely easy to navigate and includes all options on one page giving both invoice price and MSRP for each option. It also updates itself with each option selected.

    The Kiplinger site also includes an extensive (and I assume accurate) spec. page. although it leaves out details such as approach angle, departure angle and ramp brakover angle such as the carsdirect page that I sited above.

    Bob-- did you check out the link I sited on post #6249? ...just curious about its accuracy. Again, the picture is of a 2002 but the page is titled for the 2003 X.

  • scirocco22scirocco22 Posts: 721
    Steve-- has finally updated their website to reflect the 2003 Forester information. I just sent in the form you provided a link for in order for Edmunds to update their Forester information. Can you do anymore prodding? I have friends asking me which site is the best to do research on the new Forester. Normally I'd say Edmunds without hesitation but I can't do that right now. image


  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,919
    The data people are in Santa Monica and I'm in Boise. So it's hard for me to walk down the hall and bribe them with donuts :-). Besides, they're off today. Patience....

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  • rsunicorsunico Posts: 82
    Has anyone else gotten the letter from Subaru to bring your car (2000-2002 2.5l) to the dealer to have the Engine Control Module reprogrammed? What gives.. I've never had the CEL flash on my car.

    Also, my car has stalled twice in the past month. Symptons: after hard rain. Start car. Car starts right up with no problems. Then dies. Have to restart -- starts right up again. Anyone else had this problem?

  • burnsmr4burnsmr4 Posts: 318
    If someone will explain, in detail, what I need to do to reset my ECU on my AT 2002 Forester S, I'll be a guinea pig for solving the occasional near-stall and odd transmission hiccups.

    On a lighter note, I put about 800 miles on my Forester this weekend during a trip to the beach. The sway bars (???) still are creaking, as I've not had a chance to grease them up. It wasn't bad, but it sure makes the car sound like something underneath is worn out. My next oil change is in about 1000 miles (about 1.5 weeks), and I intend to have the dealership check/lube everything possible underneath.

    Anyway...tell me what I need to do/have on hand to reset that ECU. I don't have a working relationship with my car battery. Time to start, I suppose. ;-)


    P.S. - What happens to my remote keyless entry if I do this?
  • qmarkerqmarker Posts: 20
    More than a week ago, I did write Edmunds an email asking about a 2003 Forester update. They answered by saying they update mid-year vehicles in June/July. They did say they update "specific" vehicles such as the Cadillac CTS when info is available?

    It did not make a lot of sense to me and I am not looking for a Cadillac, I already have one. :)

  • gened1gened1 Posts: 256
    you can't do the ECU reprogram unless you are Italian!!(HeHe).
  • scirocco22scirocco22 Posts: 721
    *doh* ...and here I thought you were just down the hall! *lol* And if you think they can be bribed with donuts I suppose I could send them a dozen Krispy Kremes. :p

    Donna-- They're gonna be missing the boat if they wait that long to update their Forester pages! *sheesh* I mean, where am I going to refer people that ask me where the best place on the web is to research Foresters? I'm always in the habit of saying "Edmunds!" but I guess they're losing their premier status!?

  • mckeownmckeown Posts: 165
    Michael, Just disconnect the Negative from the battery. About a 3-5 minutes should do for the ECU memory to "decay". Then upon reconnecting, you will have to set the clock and radio station presets. My bucking is still gone (250 miles later) and I have only heard 1 "pop" (backfire while shifting) since. So Far, All Good. Hope this works for the 4EAT group. Mikey
  • scoochiroscoochiro Posts: 12
    Had my '02 Forester L for about a year. I do a lot of driving on rough roads, and managed to blow a hole in my Bridgestones this past weekend in far southeast Oregon.

    I've heard enough bad things about these tires that I wasn't too surprised. The blown tire apparently got punched by a rock and is not fixable. I'm ready for four new tires.

    I don't care much about handling; drive a fair bit in the snow; mainly, though, I really REALLY want tires that can handle some rough stuff. Out where I was, it wasn't great thinking about the fact that my spare was already on the car, and that cell phones weren't going to be of any help should I get stranded.

    So -- what are the burliest tires suitable for a Forester? How are these things rated?

    I know that this board has hosted tire discussions quite often, but the crummy serach function made it almost impossible to learn anything useful, and the local tire sellers seem to capitalize on consumer ignorance.

    Tire Rack has also been recommended, but seemed much more geared to the performance (i.e., fast driving) crowd.

    Thanks for any help.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    What size stock do you have? I can run it through the Trooper guys and see what they come up with for you in AT treads.

  • kate5000kate5000 Posts: 1,264
    Over past 2 years in my Forester, CEL came on 2 times. In both cases, I was able to get rid of it by adding a bottle of Dry Gas to the tank, and waiting ca. 3/4 tank to be used. I wonder if it's water condensation in the tank which triggers CEL in some (many?) cases...
  • scirocco22scirocco22 Posts: 721
    Ken H.-- I'm in W. Washington and a co-worker of mine who has an '01 L expressed the same type sentiment when he was shopping for tires ...he wanted something more "truckish" than something geared more toward performance. He has a cabin somewhere near Leavenworth and has to go through a winding dirt road filled with potholes, etc. in order to access it. Anyway, he did a search on TireRack but put in "light truck tires" for his search. He ended up buying Pirelli Scorpion S/Ts which he's more than pleased with.

    Here's the link for the choices if you were to choose that search: Click Here

    And here's the link for TireRack's information page for the Scorpions:

    This is assuming the size you're looking for is 205/70-15.

  • maverick1017maverick1017 Posts: 212
    Bridgestone Dueler AT 205/75R15's will fit the L a bit tight in the back maybe a couple of centimeters clearance...but definitly no rubbing. had it for almost a year now, no major complains, got a slow leak from a nail but that's about it. pretty quiet when new, but starting to notice an increase in noise, nothing I can't live with.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Kate: kudos to you, I love a simple fix. Try to avoid running on empty tanks to prevent condenstation, too.

    If you want tougher tires, consider moving to 205/75R15s, i.e. a taller sidewall, too. They should fit.

    Congrats to Jim and Gary, new owners.

    Bob: auto close should close all the way, it seems. Isn't that what "auto" means? If you have to press it twice it's not one touch open/close.

    The rear windows can't go down any farther because the rear wheel well is in the way. But in vehicles where the windows does go down all the way, like the CR-V, note that the rear window is split vertically, so only part of it goes down. I imagine the area of the opening is similar either way.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Sandra: yes, I get those streaks but only when I haven't washed her in a while. I know what you're talking about, though, it seems to run right down the middle.

    Using Rain X seems to help, since water runs off more easily.

    I love the gas cap on the passenger side because I always find more available positions at the gas station that way. In fact my wife just traded her 626, which had it on the driver's side, and I'm delighted now because a) our cars are both on the same side and b) no more waiting in line.

    Renato: maybe the stalling is related to the ECU issue? If they suspect it's bad, hey, maybe they are right!

    To reset the ECU, I prefer to start with a cooled down car. Pull the negative battery terminal, and wait 30 minutes. Then reconnect and start her up, but let her idle for a few minutes first. If you have an alarm keep the key fob handy, of course.

  • declansdaddeclansdad Posts: 118
    While taking my Forester in for an oil change, I had a great conversation with the sales manager and a sales rep. One thing led to another and I was offered a chance to drive the XS with the 5speed. Here is a list of my pros and cons:

    1. Loved the interior, especially the new shifter.
    2. the clutch seems tighter compared to mine (could be b/c the Hill Holder feature--no shuttering).
    3. the interior is quieter.
    4. the interior seems a little bigger.
    5. the lit key ring and all swithes.
    6. the sunroof (ahhhh, droool, I'm jealous)
    7. 16" wheels standard
    8. in glass antenna standard
    9. nice retractable "grocery hooks"
    10. de-icer for the hatch wiper
    11. standard keyless entry
    12. true handle on the hatch
    13. remote gas latch (about time)
    14. extra 12v outlet in the armrest
    15. cup holders
    16. nicer (quicker) electric outside mirrors (I always thought mine were slow)
    17. better handling (I felt little body roll, and I tried!)
    18. nicer brakes (EBD)

    1. no plastic ribbing on the roof
    2. mud flaps, cargo tray and rubber bumper cover aren't standard
    3. daytime running lights
    4. instrument cluster (reminds me too much of a pontiac)
    5. no java black monochrome paint for the XS (have to get the premium package for monochrome)

    I really didn't expect to be so please with this new model. Subaru's constant refinement is welcomed for sure. Now bring on the turbo SOA and I'll be trading mine in!

    Congrats to all of those who purchased the 03, you have a nice vehicle indeed!

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Yeah, my wife's new Legacy has that fuel door release and those nifty grocery hooks, too.

    I'm getting used to her DRLs. You could just leave the lights on all the time, since they turn off automatically.

    I'm thinking 2004 turbo as well, but it had better come with a manual tranny!

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