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Subaru Forester (up to 2005)



  • kenskens Posts: 5,869
    Yep, the bi-turbo used in the Legacy is a 2.0, not a 2.5.

  • rochcomrochcom Posts: 247
    The two Forester engines listed at the Subaru-global site are 2.0's, one normally aspirated, and one a turbo. The turbo has less power than a North American 2.5.

    I too would like more power in a Forester. I agree that the WRX, while a very nice package, is just too small for my needs.

    I bought my Forester after the sales rep suggested I drive one. I had initially gone in to try out a Legacy GT. But the Forester was more "nimble," as the auto magazine writers say, and faster. There should be versions of both the Forester and the GT that offer more power. Either a 2.5 turbo or a 3.0 six would be nice.
  • ann365ann365 Posts: 5
    g,day my local subaru agency offers a complementary service for new vehicles at 1600 klm
    although I don't believe subaru recommend it some advice i've had is to change oil & filter at that
    time;any comment fellow subarees.nhmcck
  • mlp1mlp1 Posts: 6
    Hi again guys! Thanks for all the responses to my past question. Now I have another! My Subaru dealer is selling the invoice on his lot at invoice price. I took a Premium home last night to try out. I like it except for 2 things: 1, when I use the remote to unlock the doors, only the driver side unlocks and 2, there doesn't seem to be an inside light that automatically comes on when you open/unlock the car. Small things I know, but I have both now with my lemon car so I'm used to it. But, my question is, should I accept the car at invoice or try and wheel and deal below? I really don't have any experience with that but adding taxes in will take the car to almost 25,000 (it comes w/several options).
  • mrk610mrk610 Posts: 378
    If you hit the remote button a 2nd time all the doors and lift gate unlock . Thats how it works on my outback so I would think it is the same on the forrester.

    Mike k
  • Mike's right, a second push will unlock all the doors and the rear hatch. As far as interior lighting, check the switch on the overhead dome light and make sure it's not set to "off". I have a 2001 L, and my interior light comes on whenever we use the remote to unlock the doors, so I can't believe they got rid of this feature...

  • mlp1mlp1 Posts: 6
    I tried hitting the unlock twice Mike and it still didn't unlock any doors other than the driver. What yours does, is what I would want mine to do.....wonder if it's something you have to program? I'll ask the dealer today when I take the car back.
  • p0926p0926 Posts: 4,423
    Yep, twice should unlock everything. Also, I agree with Steve in that the overhead light is turned to "Off" vice "Auto".

    As far as price goes, Edmunds lists the current TMV at approx $300 under invoice. I think there is also a $500 dealer incentive (that expires today). Therefore, I'd think you could get the dealer to come down some more. Having said that, if it was me, the price differential still wouldn't be big enough to convince me to buy a 2002 over a 2003.

    -Frank P.
  • lark6lark6 Posts: 2,565
    Your experience sounds exactly the same as mine: I went in to drive a Legacy GT wagon, ended up in the Forester for much the same reasons. Threw in a Legacy OB test drive just for good measure.

    I don't think the WRX is significantly smaller except in terms of the shape, especially height, of the cargo area. I wouldn't have been able to haul as much tall, square antique furniture or home entertainment equipment in the WRX wagon.

  • lark6lark6 Posts: 2,565
    The time is drawing near to take off the Superleggeras and Pilot Sports for the winter. I will, however, need to buy a new set of tires for the OEM 16" Forester S alloys in the stock 215/60-16 size (to replace the bald Geolandars). These tires will likely stay on the car through late March and, if I get too distracted, maybe later into the year.

    I live in the Philadelphia metro area and, while we don't typically get more than 2 feet of snow a winter, we have gotten accumulations of up to a foot at one shot.

    So I am not looking for a dedicated snow or winter tire, but a good all-season performance type that will be at least adequate in snow, slush or ice - hopefully better in all categories than the Geolandars.

    My inclination is to go with a set of Dunlop SP Sport 5000s or SP Sport A2s. What are your opinions on these or other choices?

  • my 03 forester xs - the 1st time you hit the unlock button on the remote - driver door unlocks. the 2nd time unlocks the other doors & the hatch. dome light switch set in middle allows the light to go on/off with open/closing of the doors. only thing i wish but which doesn't happen is that the 2 map lights up front don't come on when doors open. the dome light set to far towards rear seats to provide adequate lighting in the front which is sort of a pain at nite but i deal with it. subaru should tie a switch like that to the 2 map lighes up front as well for future model improvement. - just my 2 cents.
  • mlp1mlp1 Posts: 6
    Thanks guys! I'm glad I won't have to live w/those 2 'problem's. Frank, are you sure TMV is $300 under invoice? I get invoice at 22,918 and TMV at 23, 870. I also didn't get a hit on a dealer incentive.....but I'm in Ohio so maybe that's regional?
  • p0926p0926 Posts: 4,423
    Michelle- TMV can vary according to region (that's why you have to input a zip code) but the numbers you listed appear to be for a 2003 XS Premium. If you go back to the initial Forester selection page you should see a link to the 2002 models. Once there you should also be able to pull up the deal incentive info.

    -Frank P.
  • mlp1mlp1 Posts: 6
    Frank, I see what you're talking about now....I wasn't clear in my message. I actually took an '03 Premium home, not an '02. Other than special financing, there aren't any dealer incentives for the '03.
  • bsvollerbsvoller Posts: 528
    Ed - I got a message that my Dunlop SP A2's are in - were on back order for a week. We'll be getting them put on shortly, and we have some fresh snow in Denver.

    If you can wait a couple of days, I'd be happy to share first impressions with you.

    We drive an '01 Forester S/MT for comparison's sake.

    FWIW, the A2's seemed to be very highly rated by everybody I could find, and I did research this pretty thoroughly. The general consensus seems to be that they match the Geo's in the dry and wet, outperform them considerably in the snow, run quiet and offer twice the useful life mileage-wise. Plus, they're still affordable at under $100 each, mounted balanced and installed.

    I'm getting ours at Discount Tire. Same price as Tirerack and I get to deal with a human. Great service too.

    Hope this helps,

  • p0926p0926 Posts: 4,423
    Michelle- My mistake. When you mentioned that your dealer was offering to sell his inventory at invoice I assumed that he just wanted to clear his lot of any remaining 2002s. However, if you can actually buy a 2003 at invoice then I'd jump on it. That's a great bargain ($900 better than Edmunds' TMV.

    -Frank P.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Jeff: I felt the same way. The Forester has a couple hundred pound weight advantage, plus a shorter wheelbase vs. the Legacy.

    If it's free, go ahead and change the oil at 1600km. There is no break-in oil used, in fact it's plain ol' Havoline motor oil.

    My keyless entry works on all doors if you hold it (or hit it twice), and yes it turns on the light. The cool thing is that when you lock the doors, the lights fade slowly, like opera lights. Classy.

  • kenskens Posts: 5,869
    Ed -- I'm thinking of new tires for my Forester too. Unfortunately, as you probably already know, 215/60R16 is not a popular size.

    Tires that I would consider are:
    - Dunlop SP5000
    - Dunlop Sport A2
    - Continental CH95
    - Bridgestone Turanza LS-V

    The SP5000's are popular, but a local tire shop recommended my friend (also owns a Forester S) not to go with them because of the body roll on the Forester. He recommended the A2 instead.

    The Contis are value priced and seem to have good overall handling.

    The Turanzas usually get very good wet handling but snow performance doesn't seem very good.

    brianV -- Please keep us posted on your A2 experiences!

  • lark6lark6 Posts: 2,565
    So would 5000s cause the car to roll more or less? Bear in mind I am running 225/50-17 Pilot Sport A/S with an 18mm rear bar.

  • kenskens Posts: 5,869

    According to my friend, the tire dealer thought that the body roll on the Forester would cause faster wear on the SP5000 since they were designed for sport cars. I don't know how true this is, but the dealer is a huge fan of the SP5000 and probably would not hesitate to recommend them unless there were some concerns. Then again, he's probably never driven a Forester either. Just FYI.

    Also, my friend who got the Sport A2s didn't notice a huge difference in handling and performance compared to the stock Geos. I drove his Forester S also (not a the limit) and I can agree that I really couldn't tell them apart.

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