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Subaru Forester (up to 2005)



  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    JB: true, the front tilt adjustment does allow me to have more thigh support.

    In fact, I like the position enough that I modified my Miata's seat track, putting spacers under the front for similar thigh support. Most cushions are too low or too short, or both.

    Zero tolerance for seat kicking here. She did it once, and not again.

    Didn't the 2000 Outback offer built-in booster seats? They were rare, maybe it was another year, but I'm sure they existed. That would be cool, actually. Volvo offers two on the V70, one in the middle seat of the XC90.

  • ballisticballistic Posts: 1,687
    I modified my Miata's seat track, putting spacers under the front for similar thigh support. Most cushions are too low or too short, or both.

    Haven't looked at the seat/track mount yet on the XT, but I hope to perform a similar modification when time allows. I also wish there was some way to move the accelerator forward an inch or two. If I set the seat where I can put the clutch all the way down, the throttle is about 2" too close. Set the seat for a good throttle distance, and depressing the clutch is a long stretch. <sigh>
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    My Forester's seat track angles down at the front, it would be very hard to modify. At least it would have to be a custom job.

  • lite1lite1 Posts: 26
    Have silver Forrester and the black decal really sticks out. Can one just peel it off carefully? Concerned about leaving an ugly adhesive mark on the roof rack rail. Any advice? Edward (S. Oregon)
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    You can probably remove the sticky residue with WD40, just wash the area thoroughly afterwards.

  • bkaiser1bkaiser1 Posts: 464
    I've peeled the warning stickers off the racks from my Outback and WRX -- they came right off with nothing left behind. I did this in the summer with the sun blazing down on it, though. It may be difficult to peel if it's not hot outside. If it doesn't feel like it's going to come right off, get a hairdryer and heat up a little.

  • Happened to me during that cold snap as well, subkid! I had to gently pry the door open with one of my keys - desperation dictated this unusual and stupid way of getting fuel into the Forester.
  • ballisticballistic Posts: 1,687
    Maybe we need to add a 12-volt heat gun to our kit of winter gear...
  • leo2633leo2633 Posts: 589
    I've used my rechargeable Mag-Lite as an emergency defroster for doors and key holes. That 30,000 candlepower generates a LOT of heat at the lens!

  • For all those with Defroster Problems
    I'm so sorry for you, guys :-)
  • Many years ago the locks on my Fiat X 1/9 iced up. I went to a nearby drug store and bought a lighter, then heated the key.

    It worked.

    That and my Forester (23 years later)are the top two cars I've had when it comes to fun.

    Gotta say the Forester beats 'em all on reliability, not just the Fiat (that would be a rather low standard).
  • subkidsubkid Posts: 94

    think freezing next Jan/Feb time frame when you leave your car running while parked in the shopping centre parking lot, just to be able to run the AC. :))

    on the funny note, when we got our first snow/frost morning this year, leaving a house I grabbed the can of key lock de-icer, just to find out that it wasn't needed :)). I used - the remote.

  • man that was a fun car
  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    IIRC, most, if not all, modern vehicles that have A/C have autoshutoff circuits for when the temperature is below freezing to prevent damage to the compressor. So, even with the defrost on AND it's below 32F/0C, the only cold air you'll get from your HVAC is from the outside air.

  • subkidsubkid Posts: 94
    I was hoping somebody would confirm that. There is a such note in manual, but only for the vehicles with auto climate control, not for the X model (manual climate).

    Is there somewhere a place where that's confirmed?
    That would pretty much solve the problem with the auto AC on defrost.

  • Subkid:

    Back when I lived in Russia, it was so bloody cold that "fluid" in radiator was freezing to ice.
    To start the car we had to use a blow torch (it was a part of recovery kit) to defrost a radiator "fluid".
    Of course today I would think they have no problems like that because they use proper antifreeze.
    Must admit - never had problems with aircon - did not know about it existence. :-)

    So this topic realy brought back memories :-)
  • dnestrdnestr Posts: 188
    to use a brake fluid. Just dip a key in brake fluid reservoir and carefully put one into the lock. The only problem is to open a hood, but most of vehicles afford to do it through a front grille by a thin bar . Hope it helps if no other chance to defrost.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    With keyless entry, who cares? It's wonderful not to have to deal with it any more.

    My '91 Escort froze up all the time. I'd be holding my thumb on the lock for 5 minutes some times. What a pain!

  • bpibpi Posts: 120
    1. I understand you can earn up to $500 a year. Is it each calender year or every 12 months from the time you open the account?
    2. Is there an expiration date attached to each $100 SubaruBucks certificate that they mail you?
    3. Are there other limits?
    4. What happens when you pay for a $70 purchase with $100 in SubaruBucks? Do you get $30 back in the form of another certificate?
  • bsvollerbsvoller Posts: 528
    1. 12 months, but I'm not sure if it's from when you open the account, or when you start using the card. Ours rolls over in October.
    2. Yes. They're good for 4 years from the month of issue.
    3. I believe there's a limit of $2000 in 4 years.
    4. There are no refunds. You have to use them in $100 increments.

    We use ours for parts, accessories and service. We also got a few hundred off our car purchase, but that was the old program, which didn't allow application of credits towards anything else.

    It's a great program - we find that it substantially lowers our cost of ownership, and is a major plus vs. other brands.

    I sure wish Mazda had a comparable program...

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