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Chrysler Town Country Audio/Entertainment Systems/GPS



  • We recently purchased a 2006 T&C, standard wheelbase. The DVD player in it is the single DVD, not the changer. Rumor has that there isn't any way to get headphones (wireless or wired) to work. It appears the only thing that we can do is play the audio through the radio - except we are getting tired of the kidz vidz!! Any tricks or solutions - or even an aftermarket product that would solve our problem??

    Also, this was purchased as a used van, there wasn't a remote for the DVD - should there have been?

  • Hello you will need a remote
    to turn the rear audio on
    press 1 on the remote control on some of the radios the headphone icon the radio will be displayed for 15 seconds on the other radios channel A or channel B will be displayed
    to use the headphones the rear audio must be on or the headphones will not operate
    If you need the remote you might want to look on e-bay

    Look for an VES remote that is the model you will need

    look for an e-bayer with above a 700 score with 99% or better you you will get great service
    Look for FACTORY PARTS there are knock-offs and aftermarkets on e-bay and you will need the FACTORY PARTS to get you headphones working
    Thank you
  • nance5nance5 Posts: 1
    We just recently purchased a 2005 Town & country LImited. It has the DVD player and also a single cd changer/gps system and a 6 disc cd changer. The book says we can watch a dvd and listen to it with headphones at the same time as playing a different cd and listening through the speakers(If the adults would want to listen to music in the front of the van) : . It doesn't explain how to do this , though. Can anyone tell us how we accomplish this?? Every time we try to listen to something ,other than the movie playing.... it turns the movie off.
  • rdwilkesrdwilkes Posts: 3
    I want to replace my RB1 satelite head unit with an after market head unit, i also have a 6disc dvd attached i'm not fussed about this tho, is there a particular harness i need? 2007 T&C Limited speakers are not amped there is a stand alone amp in rear quarter.
  • I bought an 08 Chrysler T&C Limited about 2 weeks ago. I got the Sig Series package but the dealership did not have the van I intended to purchase. I really did not want to leave without a van so I bought a cheaper model which did not have uconnect or navigation. It does have the MyGig system with the VES (2 screen rear video). I checked into site which offers the Lockpick.
    This solves my problem of watching tv and sat tv while driving, as well as the back up camera, but I really want the uconnect feature to work as well. Is there any way around having to buy a NAV radio unit in order to use the bluetooth function? The radio in my van has the buttons, shouldn't there be a way to unlock and use the feature? I know i'll have to add a microphone as well. Any help would be great.
  • asdrew1asdrew1 Posts: 19
    The coastaltech site says that there is a factory kit available from the dealer that can "connect and integrate these functions in the non-nav MYGIG radios." (

    They don't specify what it is called by Chrysler, but hopefully your dealer will be astute enough to know what it is (unfortunately not all of them keep up with the tech stuff enough).
  • Yeah, I havn't had any luck so far with dealerships. I'd go ahead and buy the NAV radio unit but I like my Garmin and don't need the feature. I've seen so many things for MyGig online but nothing to solve uconnect on a non-NAV MyGiG unit. It makes me curious if it is really possible and if so if the voice recognition is available as well since that feature is mainly for the NAV.
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    It makes me curious if it is really possible and if so if the voice recognition is available as well since that feature is mainly for the NAV

    A friend of mine has a T&C with MyGIG. He has the non-nav version but he does have UConnect with it.

    I have the MyGIG with nav but I rarely use UConnect except to make a call.

    I read on another forum where another owner was inquiring about UConnect. One day, he/she was sitting outside to pickup their child from school. While waiting, they pressed the UConnect button and said something into it. It responded. Apparently they'd had UConnect for several months and didn't know it. They said it wasn't part of the features listed on the sticker.

    You might try that and see what happens before investing any money towards something you might already have. The microphone might at least be in the mirror already.
  • sudwelsudwel Posts: 3
    We recently purchased an '06 Grand Caravan, and are having the same headphone issues - even the parts guys at the dealership can't get the headphones to work with the DVD player - even with the headphone icon displayed! (We do have the remote).
    We still have warranty left on the van, so it was suggested that I have them take a look at it... and it just happens to be there today to get the A/C fixed under warranty - so they are also checking out the radio - I'll let you know what I find out!
  • sudwelsudwel Posts: 3
    Bad news - dealership told me on Friday that our radio "didn't come with the wireless headphone option"!!! We get the headphone icon, speakers in the van turn off and everything - but it wasn't an option on our vehicle - crazy! :confuse: So, our mechanic, who we bought the van off of, is going to look for a radio at the wreckers with the transmitter - I don't think I can handle listening to the kids' DVDs for another 5 hour stretch (one way!!) - I feel your pain!!
  • csteinbecsteinbe Posts: 10
    I was under the impression that the MyGig radios on the 2008 Caravans had a place in the glove box to plug in an interface cable for an iPod. This was supposed to be on non navigation equipped MyGigs.

    I have a REN code radio, no navigation and no Uconnect and no plug in the glovebox. Is there something I'm not getting here, or is this supposed to be on Uconnect equipped models only?
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    There might be an add-on for the iPod but I believe the standard connection is just the AUX jack that lets you listen to your iPod through the vehicle's speakers.
  • csteinbecsteinbe Posts: 10
    I think you're right. The part I was looking at: pc=7603

    seems to indicate the Bluetooth Uconnect kit is required.

  • claskeyclaskey Posts: 3
    We purchased a used 2005 Town & Country limited a few months ago. Finally took advantage of the unconnect service and paired my phone last week and everything was working very well. 2 days ago my son wanted to check it out and pushed the voice recognition button. Afterwards we made a call and my husband couldn't hear us but we could hear him - thought it might be muted but it wasn't. Next day we noticed I noticed I could no longer hear the radio, cd, dvd -- no sound. Called the uconnect people and they suggested I reset the system. Did this to no avail. Light indicating sytem working has never come back on again - only the mute light when it is pushed. Didn't get the warranty so really want to find out if this is something we can fix -- UGGGG!
  • kameltonkamelton Posts: 1
    How do I play the two DVDs on the separate rear screens? I don't have the satellite TV, just the radio and my gig setup. I can't find it in the manuals. Does it even do this?
  • asdrew1asdrew1 Posts: 19
    Use the remote to select different inputs for the screens. There's a lever kind of thing on the right side to select screen one or screen two. Then press mode at teh bottom left and select the screen's input source.
  • girlcat1girlcat1 Posts: 1
    Two questions, We have a dual tv in the back. Whenever we put sirius satellite radio on in the back the screen says "updating channels." How do we fix this?
    Also, in the back we try to put on one station on AM or one on FM, or the same (both FM or AM) and we can't do it. Whenever we change it to Fm or AM the other person's screen changes to that to. Or whenever we change the station both have to listen to the same thing. How do we get separate channels (FM etc.) and separate stations?
  • captfuncaptfun Posts: 2
    We have an '06 Town and Country that came with the RB-1 Navigation Radio and the in dash 6 DVD Changer, it does not however have an overhead screen. I want to add an aftermarket screen (since the Mopar ones are only 7") The problem I am having is that Chrysler wants $300 for the cable from the changer to the screen. Any ideas where I can find one or even just the connector,

    Thanks in advance!!!
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    Is it a standard type connector, such as an RCA jack, or is there more to it than that?
  • captfuncaptfun Posts: 2
    I wish it were that easy. It is a rectangular connector with very small pins and approx 25 or so conductors. From Mopar the part is almost $300. I've tried some junk yards but no luck so far.
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