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Ford Thunderbird Help!



  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,305
    If it has keyless entry (keypad) on driver's door. Enter the code to unlock the cabin and then press the key (5/6) which opens the trunk.
  • jaxejaxe Posts: 6
    Perhaps 1 of the fuses is out blocking the code for the trunk,you could possibly try disconnecting the battry alot of times doinf that resets alot of different codes,unless the code pad went out
  • toomanyfumestoomanyfumes S.E. Wisconsin Posts: 892
    You would think it would open one of the ways. Either the key or the inside release or door pad.

    A few years ago my wife took my '95 to the grocery store. She never drives it. She comes home with the back seat full of groceries. Said the trunk won't open. She had tried the ignition key to open it.(her car had only the one key.) She tried the key fob by pressing the unlock button repeatedly. (her car worked that way and didn't have the trunk button.) She didn't know about the button in the console or using the key pad. Four ways to open the trunk and she couldn't quite do it. :P :blush:
  • iam looking for a brake pressure control valve for a 1989 ford thunderbird sc with abs brakes
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,664
    Did you try the dealer?
  • yes dealers say they cant get this part
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,664
    Are we talking about the solenoid valve assembly attached to the master cylinder?

  • no its the valve between the master cylinder and the brake lines attached to the back of the motorone line in one line to master cylinder and the top of the valve is electrical
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,664
    Have you tried another dealer? Some of them are....shall we say....lazy....when it comes to ordering parts for older cars, and it's so easy to say "nah, we ain't got that".

    Get on the horn and try another place.

    Otherwise, I guess it's the auto wrecker for your search.
  • dtbirddtbird Posts: 3
    Would it be possible to take a fuel injected 5.0 out of a 1986 Grand Marquis (this motor was actually originally out of a Mustang or a T-Bird), & put it in a 1986 Thunderbird with a throttle body injected 3.8?
    What do ya think??
  • dtbirddtbird Posts: 3
    That is a '87 fuel injected 302.
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,664
    Any engine swap is "possible" with enough money, time and skill.

    But the question is, is this a good idea?

    Seems like a fair amount of work and expense, even with a "free" motor, for piddling 20 HP. The Mustang motor of that year has more HP than the Marquis motor.

    If you are saying that the Marquis motor used to actually be in a Mustang, then you have 165HP instead of your stock 120 HP--but still no big deal for all the work IMO.

    I'd go either with a used T-Bird V-8 motor, or with a 5.0 crate motor that was built up. I'm sure there are kits around to make this kind of swap and the engine builders probably know which ones work best.

    If you find an entire 1986 T-Bird to cannabalize parts from, all the better.

    Also you have to consider that a 1986 T-Bird is not worth very much, so this will be a labor of love, not any kind of investment.

    Best thing to do is HOMEWORK and a BUDGET before you buy, or try, anything. Find someone who's actually done a V-8 swap and find out what difficulties they ran into. Did they use the same transmission? How did they mate up the V-6 wiring and computer to the V-8 engine?

    Visiting Host
  • i have a 1989 ford thunderbird sc with abs brakes is there any way to switch it over to regular brakes and if it can be done how
  • i have a 2002 tbird that i keep having the same recurring problem with and i can"t seem to find anyone who can understand or fix the problem. i have had to have every one of the plugs and coils replaced at least twice in the last year because of miss fire problems. i have taken the thing to several different dealers here in the tampabay area and none of them can seem to find the problem. i am about ready to sell it and move on, has anyone else had this problem and what is the fix? i love the car otherwise but if i can"t drive it then what good is it?
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I truly wish I could help you - mine however, has never had this problem at all..... and from your description, it's hard to see how this could actually be an electrical issue. Any chance it could be a fuel pump or filter?
  • toomanyfumestoomanyfumes S.E. Wisconsin Posts: 892
    I assume this car has the COPS (coil on plug) like the Lincoln LS. Common for these to have to be replaced.

    However, if they all have been replaced, they should be good for years. Maybe it is another issue and the dealer automatically replaces the COPS because they are usually the culprit when there is a miss?
  • zeus7zeus7 Posts: 2
    Is anyone familiar with the engine? Specifically the fuel pump and sensors? Mine is in the shop and at first I was told it needed two fuel pumps, now they are telling me they were wrong, that it only has one fuel pump and two sensors, one regular sensor and an auxiliary sensor.

  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,664
    one pump, + fuel pressure sensor and fuel temperature sensor.
  • zeus7zeus7 Posts: 2
    Thank you for the quick reply!! Much appreciated. :)
  • daver35daver35 Posts: 1
    i have a 94 bird replaced the starter on it still makes the dreaded whirring sound when engaged trying to locate the starter relay or solinoid having no luck finding either any advice on where to look or other possible solutions to fix it would be appreciated :confuse:
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