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Buick Rendezvous



  • but what if in 2001 Buick had offered the 3800 engine as base in the CX and the SC3800 engine as base in the CXL.We would have had plenty of power and no worse fuel mileage.

    The thought of our 2002 CXL AWD having a SC3800 and no electrical problems puts a huge smile on my face.To my knowledge the SC3800 has no intake gasket problems and very few problems peroid.It sure ran like a striped ape in our 98 GS Regal and would get 24+ mpg on trips with 3 of us at 75-80 mph,AC on,and tons of luggage.It loved mountain grades as we'd pass everyone.

    Its time to wake up now and realize that it has a 3400 and plenty of electrical problems.Oh what could have been!!We are agonizing over whether to buy a GM extended warranty to 75,000 miles or send it down the road at a huge loss.After doing much research on here we will buy no 3rd party warranty.We will probably try this place I found on edmunds for a GM warranty.
  • regalluvr2- I have decided to focus on what is good about this vehicle and the mileage my wife puts on it and the fact that we both enjoy driving it:-) I will stop worrying about what can happen and deal with it when it does. As someone remarked the 3.4 is a tried and proven engine. There are problems with every car. Just check some of the boards. Range Rovers are having BCM problems and Sables and Mitsubishi have leaking gaskets and tranny problems. If you get a lemon in one model it does not preclude everyone will be that way. Anyway, I have decided to renew my warantee through GM. Just received the paper work. Bumper to Bumper for 2 yrs is $735 with no deductible - 3 yrs $935 4 yrs $1035 all include roadside assistance. It is GM's "Major Guard" coverage. Of course, the mileage you have on your vehicle does dictate what they will charge you for coverage. To be without warantee coverage today is as bad as being with out health insurance:-)Could you imagine having a lemon law for our own bodies ;-)LOL
  • islandpete,although we havent bought an extended warranty in years we will soon be getting a one for the CXL.Also will have a mechanic friend install the new improved 3400 intake gaskets as he's much cheaper than a dealer.We need piece of mine as sometimes we are 3000 miles from home.My friend recomends this as hes worked on too many 3400's.

    We have been spoiled by Buick Regals for the past 20 years.Never had an extended warranty and never really needed one.The worst failure on one was a power window motor.Going from 240 horses in our 98 Regal SC3800 to the 185 horse 3400 was hard for us to take but we needed a vehicle that was easy for my wife to get in and out of due to health problems.

    It does seem that quite a few of the newer vehicles are having problems these days.

    I'll list the positives on our CXL
    1 Wife likes it
    2 Handles good
    3 Roomy
    4 Will haul good sized loads with rear seat down
    5 Easy to get in and out of
    6 Has OnStar
    7 Love the heated leather seats

    Today we were only offered $12,900 in trade for a new 2004 Honda Pilot EX-L.This is for a loaded 2002 CXL AWD that listed new for over $34,000 in March 2001 and now has 31,000 miles on it.They sure depreciate fast.Would love to see what a Buick dealer would offer for it on an Ultra.The Honda dealer says they are selling Pilots fast as they get them in with no rebates or special interest deals.It doesnt have the options as a CXL does but that 3.5 at 240 horses is OK.

    I'm guessing we will keep the CXL for now.A GM extended warranty and new intake gaskets will see us past 75,000 miles when we will trade again.Just hope we can whip the electrical problems.
  • Took the Rendevous into day for the rear door recall.
    Also noted that the seat memory does not work and also the back up alarm.
    No problem a new BCM
    Also had them check the manifold and yes it to needs replacement.
    This is on top of three towings, one ignition switch, one fuel pump, and one other BCM.
    Hopefully the next 35000 miles are better.
    Anyway Buick have given me a nice Ford Taurus as a loaner for however long they have the Buick.
  • Just got my all wheel drive back. Had to replace the drivers side front wheel hub this time. Last year they replaced the passengers side hub. Anyone know if they are using a better hub than what originally came with the vehicle. Thanks.
  • Gang,

    Since someone asked, I have had no electrical problems. My RDV is a 2002 CW AWD with only the 1SB.

    29,000 miles so far at an avg 19.5 MPG. Last reset at 3,000 miles.

    Best regards,
    Clarnece, NY
  • regalluvr2regalluvr2 Posts: 114
    miles on their 2002 RDV yet?They have been out for 3 years now.Surely some one out there has driven 100,000 miles in one.If so tell us about it.

    We no longer own our 2002 CXL AWD(See Problems-Solutions)but I still want to follow the RDV's to see how they are doing.I'm sure that theres some high mile trouble free RDV's out there.If so speak up.
  • folks have been having with the RDV's...has anyone checked VIN numbers to see if they have anything in common such as the country it was manufactured in, the vehicle assembly plant, or just the sequence they came off the line? I'm new to the Town Hall and I've got to tell you that I'm mortified by some of the problems I'm hearing about. Incidently, last week my alternator light came on and stayed on for about a day. Last Friday my anti-lock light came on along with the DIC display citing that my AWD was disabled. Dealer found the right front wheel bearing sensor was defective. Had to replace the entire wheel hub assembly since it's all integrated. Cost of part was $402. Real glad I bought the extended GM warranty. On that note, those of you who are considering internet warranties - buyer beware. I got burned last year on a Warranty Gold automotive warranty. Made payments all year and then they filed for bankruptcy.
  • paulmlacpaulmlac Posts: 27
    Over the weekend, we traded in our '03 RDV CXL AWD with 17,000 miles. In it's place is an '04 Honda Odyssey EX-L NAVI.

    It was somewhat bittersweet. My wife wanted the minivan because we just recently had a second child & she likes it's power sliding doors. I was only OK with the RDV. Since it's first week, the brakes have squeeked very loudly - to the point that people would sometimes look as you pulled up to a stoplight. There were multiple repair attempts but to no avail. During the last one, the service manager told me it was normal (!!!). Also, I think I was beginning to get the start of some of the BCM problems.

    In any event, best of luck to all of you - and your RDV's...
  • pcs15394pcs15394 Posts: 27
    This past Monday my wife and I traded our 2002 CX with 17000 miles for a 2004 Nissan Murano. We have had several issues with the RDV. The BCM issue kept rearing it's ugly head, i.e. windows locked, AC shutdown, Doors wont unlock, etc.., we had to have stereo replaced and several other smaller issues. For those of you looking to trade this vehicle in, be prepared for shock at what they are worth. We are not the only ones aware of the problems with these vehicles. The word is out.
  • arthur24arthur24 Posts: 6
    I have a 2003 rdv cxl with 7500 miles on it, I have had no problems with it.It has most options except towing. I purchased it because I really wanted to buy American. I think it is an excellent vehicle. The features are outstanding. Except for owners with real problems I think its critics are critics for the sake of it. I don't hear anyone complain that the base engine in the Highlander is a 4 cylinder, that must be awfully underpowered. I don't hear the critics complain about how ugly the Element is, but they criticized the Aztec. Everyone in my area that has a rdv speaks well about it. Even though the Escalade has around 100 more hp then Lx470 the critics say the Lexus is much better. Yet many more people buy the Caddy. Is it possible that car writers are out of touch or have an agenda.
  • regalluvr2regalluvr2 Posts: 114
    Last week we traded off our 2002 CXL AWD for a new 04 Bluestone Metallic Toyota Highlander Limited AWD with the 3.3 engine.In March 2003 we paid $22,900 for our loaded CXL with only 13,000 miles on it.

    Most places would only offer $13-14,000 for it in trade with only 31,500 miles on it.You still cant tell it from new.Finally we got an offer of $18,300 for it so we decided to let it go.Otherwise we would have kept it and put a GM extended warranty on it.

    Theres lots of things we liked about our RDV but we just couldnt live with all the electrical problems that we were having.There doesnt seem to be any fix for them.We once had a 1986 Toyota Camry that had electrical problems.We fought it for 2 years and never did get it fixed.It continually blew fuses and we had no lights.

    The straw that broke the camels back is that when we complained about our CXL to Buick Customer Relations they acted like we were the first ones to ever have BCM problems.We told them that Edmunds was full of Buick RDV's with BCM problems.I've counted over (60) RDV owners on here and other places with BCM problems and I'm sure its far more wide spread than that as lots of people dont even know about this place,wouldnt admit they are having problems, or dont have computers,etc.

    Only Buick knows how many RDV BCM's are going bad and they arent talking.When our BCM's went bad they were always on back order so it must be a ton of them.

    From 1995-2003 GM built the 3100 and 3400 V-6 engines knowing that the intake gaskets were prone to leak.Why does it take them so long to fix a problem?To this day they wont even admit that there ever was a problem.The internet is full of unhappy 3100 and 3400 owners with leaking intake gaskets.I see new posts every day on this.They need to admit that some Buick RDV's are having electrical problems and try and come up with a fix for them.Its too good of a vehicle to not try and fix it.

    Its just a shame about all the RDV problems as it was such a great idea.We like our new Toyota HL but theres things it doesnt have that the RDV did have.We wish we could have kept our CXL but we just didnt feel good about it.We sure do miss it at times.

    I made my last post at problems and solutions and this is my last post here since we no longer own a RDV.Good luck to all RDV owners.I know that alot of you arent having problems.
  • tracyegtracyeg Posts: 7
    I have a 2002 with both front door hinges now bent. Does anyone know if the newer models came with something to prevent the wind from pulling the doors forward and bending the hinges?
  • wws2wws2 Posts: 23
    Our 2002 CXL has had no electrical problems whatsoever. (Knock on wood.) Actually has had no problems at all, except for one small dash rattle when making left turns. Wife loves it, very practical, etc. We intend to keep it for many years.

    That said, from various complaints here it certainly seems that *something* is going on. I agree with regalluvr2 that replacing the BCM seems like it is a 'symptomatic' fix when a vehicle goes back multiple times for the same problem. The dealer mechanics are obviously not finding the 'real' problem. (E.g, a cable that is getting abraded? A bad ground? etc.)
  • nosuvyetnosuvyet Posts: 72
    Hi all. I've modified a bumper skid plate from the Envoy for my RDV (it fits reasonably well and looks ok) and I would like to know if there is any particular glue that would work best for the RDV's plastic since I don't know exactly what type of plastic it consists of. I don't mind sanding or scoring the bumper surface for better adhesion. Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  • nosuvyetnosuvyet Posts: 72
    By the way, I've also had zero problems (except a wonky HUD) after 40,000 km (25k miles)and are about to take a 5600 km (3500 mile) round trip to the southern US in our RDV, so I'll let you know how it goes. I'll admit, if I was one of the ones having BCM or other major problems, I probably wouldn't be so confident.
  • nosuvyetnosuvyet Posts: 72
    Someone was recently asking about the new Ultra, and I see a black one locally. Looks really sharp. They finally dealt with the major cosmetic flaw this vehicle has (in my opinion) by painting the whole thing one color instead of the multi-tone nonsense they originally came up with. Sorry if I offend anyone who has one, but the white with the green cladding and the charcoal section below the cladding looks absolutely atrocious. Some designer must have been asleep when they thought up that combo.
  • jk27jk27 Posts: 244
    I own a 2002 Buick Rendezvous CXL -- purchased it in May 2002. I am pleased to report that I have just over 25,500 miles on it and (fortunately) have had very, very few problems with it. I have not had any repairs done. I have no electrical problems (e.g., BCM) whatsoever. I did receive the tailgate recall notification but I just haven't gotten around to getting it done.

    Comprehensive list of the problems: 1) The driver seat lumbar knob broke off and 2) my right passenger sideview mirror doesn't always return to its proper place after backing up. Aside from those very minor nits ... I've had no problems. Great car! I'd buy another one in a minute. Excellent luxury, phenomenal stereo, LOTS of room, good in Wisconsin snow (I got the VersaTrack AWD), good mileage and OUTSTANDING ride.
  • murfdogmurfdog Posts: 61
    great to hear the good news. I also bought mine in May 2002. We have put alot more miles then you have. We have close to 33k and also have had no real problems with it. Little minor things. Nice to hear good news for a change. Maybe we just happened to bother buy in a lucky month: may2002.
  • cmccullcmccull Posts: 33
    I got my 2002 CX in September of 2002 and have had no problems except the shifter boot was torn when I first got it and I had it replaced. Of course I only have 11,000 miles on it but I am very pleased with this car for the money.
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