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Buick Rendezvous



  • I had to replace one at about 50K. It was around 250 for the entire thing. You are not alone. I like your potential price better than what I paid!
  • I have a 02 CXL with 60,000 miles, bought Certi. Used w/6000 miles. (Yeah, I know.) Anyhoo, we have LOVED this car. This spring, stop for a fill up, and the car won't start. After having the car towed it is determine the fuel pump has gone out. Because my husband works for an auto parts co. he has the part ordered, pays someone to put it in. Only cost us a few hundred, but still not cool.
    2 weeks ago, on a day long drive in Georgia heat, my husband calls to tell me the AC is blowing hot air. He stops has someone put in Freon (or whatever you call it now), but the car won't "take any" So, we agree that we'll trade cars for a few days since he does get out in the heat and I stay home. I drive it a week, air works great for me. But, then over the course of a couple of days, I get some really strange stuff.While driving down the road, all the warning lights on the display come on, like when you first turn the key to acc. Hmmm. Then I notice the rear hatch light chimes while I'm driving down the road. Only it isn't ajar. Hmmm. I realize it's blowing hot air again. Then, the I glance down at the digital display for the AC and the temp & fan speeds are going up & down. Only I'm not pushing the buttons. And when I park, my door won't unluck. If I use the manual lock, it just relocks itself. My daughter has to unlock the car from the passenger side switch so that we can get out. Yesterday I heard this strange clicking & I get the chime and lights thing. Then I realized the clicking was my drivers side door lock! Clicking every second or so like I was trying to unlock the door. And the door wouldn't stay locked when I parked.The security light comes on & shows the system is armed, no radio. AC blowing hot air. All the aux. lights were flashing in time to the click. (I swear to God I am not making this up!!) After giving up on reaching my husband I parked the *@#@&$ and went inside, unable to roll up the windows, open the back hatch to get the kids stuff or lock it. Figuring eventually the battery will die and this will all be over with!! Ha Ha.
    But, a couple hours later, my daughter calls me outside to show me that now, ALL of the lights on the car are FLASHING! In time to the click,click,click. Thankfully, my poor neighbor came over to help. He couldn't figure it out, so I asked him to unplug the battery. Gotta stop it somehow, I was starting to worrythat the horn would start next. After a few minutes he reconnected it, my keyfob worked, doors locked. No problem. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Be gentle, it's my first time!!
  • I have the same vehicle, and with the same problem. Condensers, new, are about $125. The trick is, do you have a mechanic that will do work on the side? Otherwise, a local reputable garage can do the work, provide the part, and warranty for a lot less than the dealer. I found one that would do it all for about $500, which is about half of what the dealer quoted.
  • I'm having this same exact problem right now!!! It's been driving me crazy! Have you had any problems after disconnecting the battery and then reconnecting it? I was thinking it was a fuse, or maybe the Pass-Key. If it's just the battery, then I will be a very happy man. I'm so glad I've found someone else with this problem. Anyone else with any information please post. Thanks!
  • Like many others I am having both sets of wheel bearings and hubs replaced on my 2002 rendezvous it has just over 50000 miles on it and of course is no longer under warranty. I can't believe that buick, GM, and our local dealer all refuse to fes up. This is a manufactures defect. Those of you who say oh there are only isolated incidences reported on the internet are living in a dream world where everyone has internet access. There are multiple problems with the bearings, ac condenser and head gaskets, does this mean the car is terrible NO. However, GM should steep up and cover problems with these three major repair issues and cover them to at least the gm grand extended warranty level of 5 1/2 years or 80000 miles.
  • I'm glad you are happy with your RDV. We too, have our second one. First one was a 2002 Cx. , This one is a 05 CXL. From the first day, we have complained about excessive road noise. MUCH more than the 02. Buick replaced the original tires at 3,000 miles with Michelin. Helped a little. Carried it in for service at 7400 miles this week and talked to Dealer's Ops manager. Went for a test ride with him in rear passenger seat. Acknowledged excessive road noise and had me bring the vehicle back the next day. Three hours later, called and said vehicle was noisy because of exhaust resonator and insufficient undercoating and insulation. Dealer personnel are good, but Buick will do nothing. Fortunately, I leased it but it will be my last Buick. I'm not a whiner. This vehicle is so bad that rear passengers cannot carry on a conversation. This was a $32k vehicle and I'm VERY unhappy with it.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
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    tidester, host
  • Sounds like a body control module problem.
  • gail04gail04 Posts: 51
    Well, now I am smelling not only those rotten potatoes mentioned elsewhere on the forum, but I've seen the rain!!! Literally. Massachusetts got a deluge of rain and much of it is now in the 04 rendy!! Not happy with it!! I bought this car at 1500 miles, and it's been in for struts already and noisey brakes if you've followed along on my posts. I noticed the rotten pototoe smell a few days ago and it nearly knocked me out, 100 miles from home. I trust something under the hood is leaking as some of you mentioned the hoses near the ac. I planned to stroll into dealers this week for that, but low and behold, the car now LEAKS big time, all over the rear drivers side door, from the roof down!! It's just everywhere, including rug, seats, doors and roof liner. JK, if you're reading,given your legal exp, at what point is this a true Lemon under the law? I just want my money back from dealer and I think that will not happen. If I trade, despite the fact all of this has happened since April 25th with the exception of the rainstorm we had last night, what recourse (pressure) can I possible use to bring home my point? I can't sell the car to anyone from the public now, knowing it has this problem. I am so upset.. thoughts/help from members appreciated! I think it may be the rubber seal, but who's just made a terrible mess and I took digital pics to prove it..problem is, it's columbus day isn't opened until Tuesday, which means another day of pay lost to this lemon of a car! Thanks, Gail :lemon: :lemon: :mad:
  • gail04gail04 Posts: 51
    Hi Bruce,

    I'm stilling have much wind noise and the car literally blows all over the place. It's as difficult to handle as my 1968 VW bug was, while on the highway. Locally on small roads, it's great, with the exception on leaning, despite dealer having taken 10lbs from each tire and replaced a front strut. This is an o4, with only 5K miles on it. As you can see my most recent post of today....................the car now LEAKS from the roof, down to the drivers pass. door, and all the way to the hatch! I am not at all happy with this car and I would never recommend it to a friend. I've spent so much time at dealers over the noise, the tires, and then they discover the front strut, on a new car, which I bought with 1500 miles on April 25. It's not a good score card so far in my opinion. In my dodge caravans, I went over 150K in 11 years, with very little issues..if any. Never, have I had a car leak from the roof and I don't have roof racks. THe car is soaked, and I have a long holiday to get through before I roll it on in again. I was wondering...I don't know where you are located, but wondered if you are near massachusetts or NH so i could visit your dealer. and replaced your tires? I've had no luck beyond the front strut job and lowering of tire press. If you put the brakes on hard, you have to be prepared, because it nosedives and turns left a little. Thanks Bruce
  • bruce4bruce4 Posts: 13
    Sorry for all your problems, Gail. I'm located in Tennessee. Rondy was leased from a dealer in Arkansas who got it from a dealer in south Texas. Drove about 300 miles [all interstate] this weekend, and this is, without question, the noisiest vehicle I have ever owned. Drives good, handles okay except for a lot of lean in curves, but it is very noisy. Replacing tires with Michelins did not help.

    I got nowhere with Buick's hotline people. Local dealer has tried, but cannot fix the problem. Apparently just lousy construction.
  • jk27jk27 Posts: 244

    You've got to get out of this car. Every state has a different "lemon law", so it's important that you find out what the law is in your state. I found a website (Lemon Law Summaries) which states that the Massachusetts lemon law covers new cars for 1 year or 15,000 miles (which I believe you are under both). Also, to be a "lemon", you must have brought in your car for 3 repair attempts on the same problem OR your car had to be out of service for 15 business days. Don't know if yours qualifies under that definition.

    Have you followed the customer complaint steps that I've posted here previously? (e.g., including going to the BBB Autoline?). If not, I recommend that you do so OR file a lemon law claim if your car qualifies. You really do not need an attorney to file a lemon law claim, imho.

    Good luck!
  • gail04gail04 Posts: 51
    JK & Bruce,

    Thanks for your responses. The car will go to dealers tomorrow in "As is" condition, with the lining sagging and the tarp on top of it. Unfortunatly, the holiday got in the way of my doing that any sooner. JK, yes to some degree, I followed a portion of the regulations you sent. I have been working with the dealer and thought all things were happily resolved, until now!! :lemon: :lemon: :cry: I will drive it in on Tuesday and see what they have to say, and will keep the board posted, so friends won't have to experience this like I have. I am sooooooooo glad I found this board and the people who are on it. It's been a great help and consolation for many of us. We'll see what they tell me tomorrow, but I don't think they'll accept responsibility all too quickly. The reference of the roof rack leaks on the boards has been a blessing in that regard. Take care friends, and thanks again. I'll keep you posted.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Did you not notice the noise when you test drove your 05??
  • gail04gail04 Posts: 51
    This is just an FYi for anyone who may find themselves with the same problem as I have had with my Rendy. As you can see by the posts I left, my car has suffered a horredous "flood" from the roof, down, and from center of vehicle, to hatch, and eventually to the front and around the sunroof. Thank Goodness I took digital pics each and every time the water made its way along the liner. Long/short story so far is it's been at the dealers for 2 days now. Rec'd call today (day2) from dealer, who tells me it's not the roof racks (though I have serious doubts, because of where the water was first being spotted), but rather the sunroof. Now mind you....I was at the dealers 3 wks ago with "proof" of the sunroof leaking and he pointed the finger to me, for not closing the sunroof. I don't use the darn thing! Anyway....I told him then to shut the roof himself and solemly promised to not use it again. Now, I am told by the same service rep, it's the sunroof, and that there are 2 tubes which come out from the drains around the sunroof to drain the water down to the drivers rear pass. side door area and down the hatch; and the same for the other side. Supposedly, these tubes "cake up" as he said,(I can't imagine how or why; let alone what they cake up with) & cause a back up which in turn damages the interior of our vehicles. DOES THIS AT ALL SOUND FAMILAR TO ANYONE? I've has sunroofs before, and never, had this problem. I would appreciate any thoughts you may have relative to this which may help me when I go to pick up this car. My personal thought is to leave it there until he takes it back from me! Ü (see prior posts with problems). I did manage to get a rental car from them at their expense however it was the smallest "golf cart" on 4 wheels you could imagine! A VW bug would've provided more room. I wouldn't mind ,but I have a spine disability and the service rep knows this and drops this "puddle jumper" my way! I called him later yesterday when it arrived and told him this is not a comprable car and the cart had to go. Today at 2pm, this big black CHEVY TRAILBLAZER pulls into the yard and a swap on rental vehicles was made. That's better now. Service rep advised me the liner was taken down and will be put back up and the car will be "chem-dried/cleaned etc. I had insisted on a new headliner, and new rugs, as they are all soaken wet. I don' t know if I'll see that happen, but this car has only 5100 miles on it and I bought it April 25th. Any thoughts, suggestions, appreciated. I hope this info. will help someone out there; more importantly, i hope no one has to suffer with such an issue, and I wish JK27, you could get a class action suit going for all of us here! We'd all be happy to help you! Ü
    Thanks, Gail04 :lemon: :mad: :cry: :lemon:
  • I have heard of sunroom gutters causing a problem such as this. You have really been through it. I am sorry about that. My Rendezvous has been very good so far, but everyone has a different car. One thing I'd think to caution you and anyone is that you have to be careful letting a reduction of 10 psi be a fix for tires. The tire pressure is set by GM for a reason. Ford had the Explorer rollover problem that I think was directly linked to undersized tires. In a car with a higher center of gravity such as this car you really don't want to go too far below the manufactuers specification I don't think. Good luck with it all mike
  • gail04gail04 Posts: 51
    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for getting back to me. I rec'd a call from dealer very late this afternoon, just about rush hour and he told me the car was "ready." I wasn't "ready" for that call, if you know what I mean..I just wanted no part of the car. I did go to get it and talked to the service adviser for a bit. He has assured me it was the sunroof versus my thinking it was the roof racks. Supposedly, the run off drip hoses (I have had cars with plain old fashioned sunroofs and never heard of anything having "drain hoses" in them like this), had been "pinched" from GM's plant and backed up. Got me, Mike. All I know is I've had so much going on with this car that I no longer want it. I love the shape and style, but also agree with you about the low tire pressure to create a softer ride...I don't have the work order to see what all was done, as their computers were "down" and the promised it would be sent. We'll see over the next few days. I don't think they took care of the rotten potatoe smell from the a/c, as that didn't come up, & I actually forgot to inquire about it while there. For others who read the posts- I was told they took down the headliner, replaced the tubes which is about the size of a pencil, replaced liner, cleaned it, and shampood and dried the rugs from hatch to front end. I am told an ionizer/ozonater machine was placed in car to remove any odor from wetness. I left to come home because of highway rush hour traffic, and in Massachusetts we are on our 8th day of rain with a weekend weather report of "downpours," so we'll see. I'm still going to speak w/sales dept and see what they will do, if anything. I'll keep members posted, and hope no one, has to go experience such an issue. Take care, gail :lemon:
  • gail04gail04 Posts: 51
    I suspect by now everyone's tired of hearing about my "Lemon," but I feel it's important that I keep the board advised as to what's going on, so no one else will have to deal with it or atleast will have some info here. FYI- Got in car Saturday, first time since retrieving it from dealer. Liner has water marks from visor to rear hatch!! I indicated to dealer I wanted this replaced...he told me upon pick up that it would be fine, and used the term "Handpainted" when he said, "We hand painted the lining, because it's not an item we can replace." I reminded him the car is only 5 months old, and I expected it replaced, knowing water marks penetrate through when you try to clean stains sometimes. Well today, sure enough, it's all clearly marked and I've got a call into the sales manager and the service manager. However, as both are closed do to wkend, I must wait until Monday for a call as to what next. I am so tired of the back/forth, the distance to and from dealer is 20 miles each way, and being handicapped makes it even more difficult when it comes to driving rentals, etc. Like so many other posts on the board, we pay enough for these cars, and it doesn't matter what kind of warranty you have...who wants to keep going back and forth like this all the time? I left voice mail with Sales Manager that I expect return call to set up a meeting of the minds because I want my money back on this car and I expect meeting to take place this week. If I get nowhere, I'll proceed to try to trade it, or notify Lemon Law and BBB. I'll keep you posted, but if you're all getting tired of me, let me know. Thanks for reading and for responding. :mad: :lemon:
  • bruce4bruce4 Posts: 13
    Gail, I suggest you find the meanest lawyer you can. A lawyer fee will be cheaper than the loss you will take on the vehicle if you trade it. I agree it is ridiculous to pay what we do to 'buy American', then find out its assembled in Mexico. Then to have to deal with the issues that we do....
  • jk27jk27 Posts: 244

    The way your car was returned to you is absolutely unacceptable. Go ahead and meet with the manager. And then, as I've suggested before, go through the steps outlined in your manual. That is the quickest and most efficient way to get this OUT of GM's hands and into a neutral arbitrator's hands (BBB Autoline). Follow each step ... to the letter. Eventually, you'll be meeting with a BBB rep. This is a different process than the "lemon law". And I am concerned that your car might not qualify as a "lemon". Has your car been "out of service" for 15 days? Have you had it in for the exact same problem at least 3 times (and they were not able to fix it?). So ... go for the BBB autoline -- and, as bruce suggested, DO NOT trade it in until after meeting with the BBB. Hopefully, they'll force Buick to buy back the car from you. Good luck.

    P.S. This is a completely different process than simply reporting a business to the Better Business Bureau. That action really carries no consequence to an auto manufacturer.
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