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Isuzu Trooper Stalling Problems



  • i just got the trooper and it was running great till one day i had been driving around for a couple hours and then when i went to back into my drive way i put it in reverse and hit the gas and it died so i restarted it and it idled and i hit the gas again and it died. it did that a couple more time then it started starting but as soon as it started it would die without being able to idle. so i thought it was the fuel pump so the next day i went out to start it and it wouldnt start at all so i sprayed starter fluid in the intake and it started up but then died so i thought for sure it was the fuel pump so the following day i went and sprayed more starting fluid and it started and i hit the gas and it ran rough for a minute then smoothed out and kept running so i took it for a drive and it drove great then went back home and parked it. turned it off then tried restarting it and it wouldnt start again so i changed the fuel filter and it still wont stay running. its still doing what it started doing before either run for a few seconds then die or not fire up at all. im lost and have no idea what the problem is. does anyone else know????
  • weftweft Posts: 1
    Hi Marshall. I have an Isuzu pickup that does exactly the same. Its as though theres enough fuel in the system to start up the engine, but its not drawing fuel through from the tank once its going. I have to park mine facing down hill with over half a tank of diesel in to be sure it will start! Emergency procedure is, open bonnet, prime fuel filter (press or squeeze until its full), back in cab start engine ( i need to keep the key turned all the way round until its actually running), heres the fun bit - jump out round to fuel primmer again and pump more deisel through to keep it running for a minute or two, then everythings fine.
    I have a new new filter on but that didnt make any difference, Its as though maybe a one way valve is malfunctioning, the weight of the fuel being drawn forward by gravity is enought to get it statrted. Hope this helps.
  • Might want to check out the throttle body.
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