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Nissan Altima Hybrid

PFFlyer@EdmundsPFFlyer@Edmunds Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,808
New car, new discussion.

Calling all Altima hybrid fans!


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  • Have any of the auto mags published more inforamtion about the 2007 Altima Hybrid. I am considering this model, but can find little information. Even the NissanUSA site is vague about model specs. So far, all I know is the mileage and that it will have a touch screen navigation.
  • Here is a review by Motor Trend for the Altima Hybrid:

    I live in Washington DC so maybe I can buy one from Pennsylvania, but I am still leery of having my local Nissan Service Center 'learn' on my car. Maybe I should buy the car, then upgrade to a plug-in hybrid! Now there's an idea...
  • Let the discussion begin. You've heard the buzz, now the car has been released and is at Nissan Dealers in 8 states (California, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont) waiting for you to go test drive and buy. This discussion is aimed at all those who are interested in buying an Altima Hybrid, have bought an Altima Hybrid and would like to give feedback to those who are considering a purchase, and any other passers-by that want to check out the latest rumors/news on the car.
  • PFFlyer@EdmundsPFFlyer@Edmunds Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,808
    When I purchased my Versa last week here in central PA, I asked the dealer if they would be getting any hybrid Altimas. He said he didn't think so, but then again, it's pretty new and he may just be catching up! ;)


    Moderator - Hatchbacks & Hybrid Vehicles

  • PFFlyer@EdmundsPFFlyer@Edmunds Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,808


    Moderator - Hatchbacks & Hybrid Vehicles

  • BTW...thanks you guys are great and super quick in setting this up. :shades:
    You'll have to cross the border into good 'ol New Jersey to get a look at one of these, as PA has not adopted the California Emmisions law, so they will not be offered in PA - Dealer was right. Sorry. :cry:
  • PFFlyer@EdmundsPFFlyer@Edmunds Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,808
    I dropped you an email too happy!

    I kinda thought my dealer was right since he's the same guy that sold us every car we've bought in the last 27 years!

    Looking forward to your input in the group here!


    Moderator - Hatchbacks & Hybrid Vehicles

  • My bad, I thought PA would sell the NAH. I tried to price one on Nissan's website, using a Trenton NJ zipcode, but no dice. I think my only option now is to cold-call a NJ dealership and get the straight scoop from them. Wish me luck, and I will post my findings here asap.
  • Annoying isn't it...You can't price them at all on the Nissan website, no matter what zipcode you enter. A dealer here in CA told me that every color that is available in the regular Altima would be available on the Hybrid. I'm a little skeptical about that, as most other Hybrids out there have limited color selections.

    There are really only 3 option packages for the Altima Hybrid. The convenience package, the connection package w/XM or Sirius, or the Technology package. With each upgrade you get all of the things in the lower priced packages. Here is the list for the pricing of the packages: f

    Here is spec sheet that describes what is in the packages:
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,719
    "Here is spec sheet that describes what is in the packages:"

    That is a big laugh, the "cargo capacity" is listed in pounds, rather than cubic feet. I wonder just how small the trunk is... :blush:
  • In the interior section you'll find that the trunk volume is 9.1 cubic feet, but I'll tell you the trunk is pretty dang small. That was the last thing I looked at during the test drive, and I tell you there isn't much space back there. I'd say it would fit 2 golf bags, or 2 normal size suitcases possibly stacked on top of each other. There isn't much depth to the trunk, but the height of the trunk is pretty substantial. The extra space you get in a regular Altima is taken up by the battery packs in the Hybrid. In addition, there is no folding rear seats for the same reason (battery packs). If a huge trunk is at the top of your list of "things you are looking for in a new car" then this isn't the car for you...
  • So the recommended gasoline grade is regular unleaded for this car, but does anybody have any idea why the compression ratio on the hybrid is up to 9.6:1 compared to the regular 2.5 L I-4 Altima at 9.5:1. My understanding is that it is exactly the same engine, so where is Nissan getting the 0.1 bump in Compression Ratio?
  • Start here:

    and you can build one with options and see Invoice vs MSRP.
  • In conjunction with Nissan's National Sales Race, has finally been updated, so that you can build your Nissan Altima Hybrid on the website. A direct link to the build tool is here: - - lt&bs=alh
  • When you select the Technology Package Option, the build tool automatically changes your interior selection back to a cloth interior. For every exterior color, except Metallic Jade, the tool changes the interior to Charcoal Cloth. For Metallic Jade, the tool changes the interior color to Blond Cloth. Hopefully, this is just a problem with the website, and doesn't present itself in the actual models. If it does, I think buyers are going to have a really hard time justifying $7250 for a Technology Package and not getting comfy Leather Seats. Fully Loaded means I get Leather Seats. Period.
  • Hi, I'm seriously considering purchasing an Altima hybrid in NY, however after looking at it, the dealer has been telling me that there is a 3,000 discount on the first three hybrids each dealership sells. Effectively after the first three are sold, the price of the vehicle goes up 3,000 dollars.

    Has anyone come across this before, because I'm 99% certain this is BS. Especially coming from a salesperson that vehemently denied that the hybrid system was of Toyota origin.
  • Some random thoughts.

    I like the looks and the price of the new Altima but wonder whether it will drive as boring as the Cambry. The initial reviews (collected on have 0-60 times that are slower than my Pilot. On the other hand that Motor Trend piece sounds like performance is not an issue. Everything about the Accord (which I know they don't make anymore) points to more performance oriented car. The prices for used Accords rival the new Altima and the Accords are better equiped. Also wonder about the mileage of the Altima as the Accord forums rip the Accord's mileage.

    Has anyone driven both?
  • It sounds like BS to me. I've never heard of such garbage. One thing to consider here too, is that the price on these cars is already near rock bottom, as the margins on hybrids aren't nearly as good as on regular vehicles.

    Also, it may very likely be that once summer rolls around and gas is around $3.50/gallon again the dealer starts to charge a premium for this car. That happened last summer during the mad rush of consumers to get a fuel sipping hybrid. So will there be a $3K price increase? Formally no. MSRP is set, and it's not going to be changed. Informally, you can bet if demand surges, the dealers (each one sets there own price) will start charging an upcharge. If this happens, look around and you may find a legimitate dealer that is not looking to rip you off. I know I did.
  • I've driven both of them. My opinion is that the Altima Hybrid drives (read suspension and handling) more like a sports car than the Accord Hybrid. But, if pure power is what you are after, than Accord Hybrid definitely has the edge with its beefy V6 Hybrid Powertrain. The bad side is you pay a huge gas mileage penalty when you move from a Inline 4 Cylinder Engine to a V6 engine. The decision that you'll have to make is:

    Accord Hybrid VS Altima Hybrid
    ~+60 HP Better Handling
    Real World
    ~25 MPG AVG ~35 MPG AVG
  • Thanks for the thoughts. Precisely what I wanted to know. I keep thinking that the Cambry is such a boring car that I was afraid that the Altima picked up that quality

    It actually reminded me that I rented a last generation Altima a couple of years ago and thought that the 4 cyl was somewhat peppy. I'll check the new one at the dealer and report back.
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