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2001 - 2006 Honda CR-Vs



  • jquantjquant Posts: 10
    I installed my alarm for the '02 V. It doesn't come with extra remotes. You need to use the ones with the keyless entry. The hardest part about the installation was figuring out how to mount the alarm brain wtih the cruise control bracket as per the instructions. has the best deals. Don't go to the dealer if you want to save some money and get to know your new car a little more.

  • sluglineslugline Posts: 391
    I think that window tint in the South is sort of like winter tires in the North; it is possible to live without, but once you've experienced the difference, you'll never want to go back. In southeast Texas, we consider it an A/C upgrade first, an appearance enhancer a distant second.

    Isellhondas is correct, however, when he stresses the importance of getting the good stuff. My installer used Llumar film and backs their work with a lifetime warranty. This is no fly-by-night operation; this shop first opened during Gerald Ford's last year as President. We had a Civic done several years prior, and it's very likely that the tint will outlive the car. In fact, they are kept busy from the work farmed out by nearby new car dealerships. . . .
  • canadiancl, yes, the flashing LED was installed on top of the steering column cover where it can be seen from either side of the car. In addition, they installed (unless I didn't see it prior to the alarm installation) a small infrared panel right behind the ignition lock (on the dashboard) to sense key presence. As mentioned by jquant, the system doesn't come with extra remotes, it is used with the existing keyless entry ones.
  • altoonaltoon Posts: 64
    I had after market leather installed through the dealership. They used a company called Classic Soft Trim and the cost was $1,800. That is more than I was told up front ($1,600) but they did a great job and I can live with the difference. (It also helps that the dealer gave me $1,000 off MSRP). I have a silver EX and the leather is very dark gray - looks black to me. The price included the door panels and it came with a three year warranty. It gives the interior a nice rich appearance that I like (also you can't beat the smell).

    If you decide to go with leather I definitely recommend using a large company with a lot of experience. Ask whether their product is compatible with all the manufacturer's equipment, particularly the side air bags, and also ask whether they carry liability insurance to that effect. There was some discussion on another forum (CRVIX) about whether after market leather would interfere with the air bag sensors located in the front seats. At this point we don't know. If I had known that before I ordered the leather it may have influenced my decision.
  • I'm in the market to buy a CRV EX and have just started shopping around. I'm looking for an EX model w/ standard EX features. I was told by dealers that they are not willing to go beyond their MSRP. Can anyone who recently bought a similar model in Southern Cal tell me what their out the door price was so I know that I have an idea of what the market dictates?

    Thanx in advance.
  • canadianclcanadiancl Posts: 1,078
    Since there is no siren kit for the '02 CR-V, do you beep the horn when you arm/disarm, if so, is it annoyingly loud. I found it to be very loud on our '97 (especially if the car is in a enclosed parkade), so much so that we had to buy the siren kit to get the nice soft chirp. Also, when you disarm, I believe the parking lights flash twice (and the horn beeps twice if you have enabled it). Does it only do that on the first press of the disarm/unlock button? ie. no flashing lights and horn beep on the second and subsequent press of the disarm/unlock button?

  • I have a black EX and had leather installed. The leather is a dark graphite (looks black) and it looks great; they included the door panels. Initially, they wanted to charge me $1,900 for the leather. I did my homework and found out that the after-market company charged the dealer $800.00 to $900.00 to install it; yes, they make an incredible profit on the after market upgrades. All this means is that you have a lot of room to negotiate with the dealer. A fair price for the leather would be $1,100 (make sure it's full wrap around leather and not vinyl seat backs). It's a fair price and the dealer even makes a little profit. The other item they gouge you for is the chrome rims. The price to the dealer is $400 - $600 for four rims and they will try to charge you $1,900. Remember there is always room to negotiate and they will if it means you walking out on the sale. If you can get the leather at a fair price it is worth it because it looks great and will add value to the car at re-sale time.
  • canadiancl, the security system arms and disarms without any beep, chirp, or horn sound. When the remote lock button is pushed once, the lights flash, all the doors lock, and the alarm light begins to flash immediately. When the remote open button is pressed once, the lights flash, doors unlock, and the alarm light ceases to blink. No more beeps, chirps, or horn sounds to be embarrassed of. But please note that the horn sounds : a) once when the lock button on the remote is pushed twice; it does so to reinforce the idea that the car was already locked; and b) for several seconds when the panic button is pressed.
  • seguyseguy Posts: 133
    Can any of you provide me with pictures of the interior with leather? I'm curious how it looks and also considering a two-toned interior. I have a silver with the dark interior and was thinking of matching the gray tones of the interior with gray leather in the middle sections of the seats. I've called classic soft trim and their price was $1300 for the leather seats/door panels, $100 extra for 2-tone, and $200 for 3 way heated seat. My wife and I think the leather would really improve the looks of the interior, as any same model car i've seen with or without, seems much nicer with the leather trim.

    So if either of you could post a picture on this tread, provide a link, or let me know and I'll give you my email address so you can send it to me directly.

  • canadianclcanadiancl Posts: 1,078
    But doesn't the system allow for a 2-stage unlock? ie. the driver door unlocks when the unlock button is pushed once, and then all other doors unlock when pushed a second time? Do the parking lights flash again when the UNLOCK button is pushed a second time?
  • canadiancl, affirmative to all your questions. The system allows for 2-stage unlocks and lights flash during both stages.
  • altoonaltoon Posts: 64
    I don't have a digital camera so it may take me awhile to get any pictures posted. I also have to figure out how to do it. Hopefully, Angelica2 can help you out. I'll see what I can do.
  • For a dealer in Los Angeles County try Honda World, Downey. We bought our EX Auto from Bob Mattes, Fleet/Internet Sales Mgr, on Dec 28,2001 for $21,739. Thats $1001 off MSRP. We took delivery on 01/16/2002. Don't know if you can still get that price, but it's worth a try.
  • I have ordered a CR-V EX Auto through United Buying Service (UBS) for $21,200 ($1540 under MSRP and just $165 over invoice). This buying service is available through most credit unions in the Northern VA area.
  • wyorebwyoreb Posts: 45
    thanks for the very informative scoop on window tinting.

    in a separate post, slugline said his installer in TX used Llumar film and backed the work with a lifetime warranty. what kind of warranty did you get with your tint job?
  • seguyseguy Posts: 133
    thanks altoon for the response, hopefully angelica2 has a digital camera=). still plan on getting it done next week, but just wanted some pics for assurance that it'd look right in the crv.

    wyoreb- I too got a warranty, lifetime against anything really; peeling, bubbling, color change etc... Only thing not covered is scratching and cuts, since that is caused by the owner/passengers.
  • zopszops Posts: 49
    I took my 02 ex for a car wash Sat.(through the washes with soft scrub cotton stuff) and watched the antenna get ripped off a Ford Excursion in front of me.

    All thses care washes say to remove antennas, not responsible, etc.., so I removed the antenna rod.
    Just needed a pair of pliers and off she came.
    The black paint near the base of the rod may have been stripped off by the pliers, but better than possibly destroying the antenna. Wash finished and screwed it back on.
  • rockycowrockycow Posts: 114
    Honda has a tool for removing the antenna, if one is going to be removing the antenna frequently it would probably be beneficial to purchase the tool. Couldn't be too expensive. Maybe I should retract the last statement.
  • I traded in my wife's Saturn just over a week ago on a Cert Used 98 CR-V LX (25k miles). I got a price $500 under KBB and $800 under NADA. It was about $400 over Edmunds but I've never been able to find a car at Edmunds prices, I don't know why. Anyway, I love the damn thing and I really wish I could talk her into driving my Ranger XLT. I do not buy new cars but with the 2.9% being offered now I might have to go get myself a new one. The whole reason we bought it was because our Rottweiler can't fit comfortably in the back of a Saturn. I look forward to lots of good info on this board. I'm reading all the old posts, slowly.
  • canadianclcanadiancl Posts: 1,078
    That's interesting about what you've described re: the dealer-installed alarm system. The way it works as you've described resembles the factory system on the Accord EX models. The one dealer I spoke to up here told me the system is essentially the same as the one available for the '97 - '01 CR-V except there is no siren option. Makes me wonder if the alarm system for Canadian models is different. Any Canadian '02 owners out there who bought the dealer-installed alarm who can offer some insight?
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