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2001 - 2006 Honda CR-Vs



  • Hi, I have a 2004 CR-V bought it brand new & recently I noticed the front grill has a little play, like drop I drop the hood the grill bounced a little. Anyone know how it attached because I can't figure it out or should I bring it to my dealer. Would that be cover by Honda warranty? Thanks, Andy
  • Bought a new 2006 CRV SE over the weekend, and have experienced a noticeable amount of road noise at moderate speed - similar to the noise of driving with one of the doors not fully shut. Even accused my wife of her not fully closing her passenger door. Needless to say, that comment to her did not go over too well!

    Anyway, I test drove extensively a different SE prior to purchasing and do not recall any similar noise in that particular SE. The only difference besides the color was that final assembly of the test drive SE was in England, and the vehicle was equipped with BF Goodrich tires. My vehicle's final assembly was in Japan, and it is equipped with Bridgestone tires.

    I noted in some earlier posts other complaints about Bridgestone tires. Is this the same type of noise you other Bridgestone tire owners have experienced? Anyone successful in getting the dealer to swap out the tires?

    The only other comments and questions I have is concerning the factory stereo --

    I've noticed the bass response on the factory stereo is on the weak side. Has anyone had the Honda subwoofer kit installed in their CRV? If so, did you notice a big improvement?

    Also, is anyone aware of an aftermarket auxiliary iPod jack for the CRV in order to avoid having to play your iPod through an FM modulator or cassette adaptor?

    Otherwise, in the four days I've owned the vehicle, everything else has been has been perfect.

    Thanks in advance for your comments.

  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,803
    similar to the noise of driving with one of the doors not fully shut. Even accused my wife of her not fully closing her passenger door. Needless to say, that comment to her did not go over too well!

    There is a light in the dashboard telling you if one of the doors is not fully shut. You could have avoided the argument with the Mrs. :-) (OWNER's MANUAL is your FRIEND, not enemy, READ it a few times!)
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    You should always test drive the same car you are purchasing before delivery and signing the final papers.

    I drive all my Hondas twice. When I first pick one out and put a deposit on it, and then at delivery/inspection time, before I sign the loan papers and all that.

    You should also always write down the VIN # of the vehicle you test drove and made the deal on. Sometimes they 'll sell your car to someone else and try and sell you another one just like it. They 've done it to me but I caught it. They tried to sell me a Civic with a deep scratch on the hood that they had covered (badly) with touch-up paint. I first noticed the VIN# was different (it wasn't my first new car) and refused to buy that car after I got suspicious and started looking at it very carefully and found the scratch. That was in '93. I have not trusted any dealerships since, even Acura ones.

    In your case it's most likely the Bridgestone Duellers. They can get pretty noisy but not like the door is open. You should take it back just in case and also ask them to test drive another CRV that has the same tires to compare the two.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Road noise is an issue with the CR-V. The tires you've got contribute to the noise, but they not the sole cause. Switching tires may help, but will not completely eliminate the sound.

    Best I can figure is that you drove on smoother roads or simply didn't notice during the test drive. :confuse:
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Ear plugs, or Eric Clapton real loud. :D

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 28,014
    Elvis Costello works really well in my CR-V.. I think it is because we are singing along.. :surprise:

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  • saabgirlsaabgirl Posts: 184
    I test drove a CR-V with Duellers but had the Goodrich tires installed as OE. The Goodrich reviews on Tire Rack were much better, and they're quieter than the Duellers.

    But a 1,000 mile round trip on Interstates taught me that CR-Vs are only as quiet as the road permits. A nice fresh stretch of blacktop and they fairly hum along. But there was a stretch through NY State on 17/286 that was definitely trucky. It had something to do with the road surface, because the noisiness had a very clearly defined beginning and end point to the ear even though the demarcation line was invisible to the eye. My manly inquisitive nature prompted me to want to stop and check out the road surface, but my co-pilot, who seems untouched by any interest in impromptu scientific research, vetoed the idea.

    Actually, it worked out well for me, because the road noise enabled me to get my copilot to stop playing her extensive CD collection of Overproduced Songs with Sappy Lyrics.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,621
    love the 'helpful' posts from othe cr-v owners.
    check your tire pressures. lube the door seals.
    post back if it makes a difference, or not.
  • I'm considering buying a Honda CRV 06, 4WD EX.
    I've never had an SUV; still driving an '89 Toyota Sedan.
    It's time to move on.

    I noticed in some of the forums that many people complained about the 05 CRV's having a hard pull to the right. Also, if you go to site, there are numerous complaints about this issue
    and severe torque steer (whatever that is) for the 05 CRV.

    Has anyone had this problem with the new CRV 06?

    Thanks for any info?

  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Thanks, Explorerx4. That was a far more helpful post.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Hi Susan,

    Yes, I believe some 2006 models have reported PTTR (not the same thing as torque steer). Here's a condensed, but complete summary of the PTTR issue.

    varmint, "Honda CR-V Owners: FAQ" #17, 15 Apr 2005 11:20 am

    Your best bet is to test drive the actual vehicle they want to sell you. Go to the dealer, take a drive in whatever vehicle they have handy, and agree on a price. When you are ready to pick up your vehicle, take THAT car for a test drive. If it pulls, tell them they must fix it before you will sign papers.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 28,014
    Sorry... I guess the point is: CR-Vs are relatively noisy vehicles.. You may be able to improve the situation slightly, but if that kind of thing bothers you, you are never going to be happy with a CR-V.

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  • Has anyone had this problem with the new CRV 06? (PTTR)

    Hey Susan, I just bought 2006 CRV LX a week before christmas and I don't have PTTR problem with mine. I will post my buying experience etc with pictures soon, hopefully next week. I took a long vacation over the holiday and enjoy driving my CRV. Several times when I'm driving, I let the streering wheel go (hands off) and the car goes straight, I try this in different speed from 20 to 50 mph.

    As a good advise given by varmint, have a test drive to the car you intend to buy and see if it has PTTR, if there is no PTTR asks the salesman write down the VIN and match it to the car you have test drive. Then when you're ready to pick up the car, have another test drive and don't forget to check the VIN number. Make sure the dealer gives you the car with the same VIN number. Somebody from another forum has experience the VIN does not match with the car he had test drive and when he check the car there is a big sratch on top. So watch out!

    I know buying a car can be emotionally exhausting but it's all worth it. Good luck and let us know when you buy one.
  • I have a 2001 Honda CR-V. My stereo and clock do not work. I was listening to music one day and both of them just went out. I tried replacing the fuse for the radio and that didn't work. I even used to a fuse checker to see if the fuse had ppower and it did..

    Any other suggestions? By the way, I have a system in my car, with amp and subwoofer.

    Let me know if anyone has any suggestions....
  • My neighbors, friends and relatives sometimes kid me for "over maintaining" my vehicles. However, when I'm in the mood to sell they show up checkbook in hand.

    Put me in the same category. Everyone loves my used cars, when even the OEM floor mats look brand new after 3 years. Yet in the same breath they say im compulsive about the maintenance and cleaning of my vehicles. My vehicle always sells to the first buyer who sees them.

    Two Year
  • I recently purchased a Garmin C330 for $550 total from Newegg. Great product and it fits into the storage unit under the radio in my CRV. The built-in antenna works but I decided to purchase a Gillson exterior unit for $29 from the GPS Store. I removed the rear cover from the storage area and fed the antenna lead under the dashboard and it sits on the dash pressure fitted between windshield and dashboard with no cement. Hardley noticeable. The units gets its power from a $6.99 car cigarete unit from Radio Shack that is hard wired to the existing cigarette unit through the same rear opening. When I park I just close the door to the storage unit. I can still easily removed the unit for use in another car.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Post some pics of that install if you can.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,803
    I have a 2001 Honda CR-V. My stereo and clock do not work. I was listening to music one day and both of them just went out. I tried replacing the fuse for the radio and that didn't work. I even used to a fuse checker to see if the fuse had ppower and it did..

    Any other suggestions? By the way, I have a system in my car, with amp and subwoofer.

    Let me know if anyone has any suggestions....

    Check the back up power (always on) fuse. Consult the OWNER's MANUAL as to exact location. If memory serves me right, it is in the under the hood fuse box.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I said that tongue-in-cheek, but if you drive with the windows open (smokers and fresh air lovers) ear plugs really can help, particularly in a convertible.

    Wind noise is annoying and can even give you head aches. Miata owners call it "wind burn".

    So, indeed, try ear plugs.

    When varmint gets his S2000 he'll understand I was actually trying to help. :P

    David: brilliant, but slow down a have some potentially very useful tips in that post.

    Can you offer more details, please? Pictures, perhaps? I can host photos for you if you want to e-mail them to me.

    So the antennae is at the base of your dash? With one wire running to the c330 unit, and another (power) spliced into your cig. lighter?

    Other questions - how is the unit itself mounted in that storage unit, just placed there loosely, or did you fasten it down? And no problems with fuses given you're drawing all that power?

    Nifty idea. Kudos.

    I ordered the Garmin dash mount for my c320 (same, but SD vs. HDD for yours). I'm not too happy with the mount. The power portion doesn't seem to work properly, as it doesn't turn on and off with the ignition like my suction-cup mount does.

    If you prefer, we can move this discussion to the NAV thread: ateixeira, "Navigation / GPS Systems" #520, 6 Jan 2006 6:45 am

  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    KYFDX (host): I think that 's an incorrect assumption. CRV's with the Bridgestone tires can get noisy on bad or all-concrete roads but my Civic and Integra are the same way with 6 different brands of tires. On smooth and well paved roads the CRV is not bad. CRV's that come with the BFG tires reportedly are less noisy.

    The CRV's road noise can be CONSIDERABLY (not slightly) reduced by installing passenger tires. The Bridgestone Dueller that many CRV's come with, is categorized as a Light Truck/SUV tire, not a "passenger car" tire. Many other tires out there for cars and Minivans work much better on the CRV. Besides making the CRV's ride more quiet, they provide much improved handling and also handle better in the wet and snow/ice. I discovered that most tires that get good reviews from Minivan owners (including Honda Odessey) work well for the CRV.

    The Bridgestone Dueller is simply and average or below tire. My brother-in-law's Suzuki Grand Vitara (SUV-bigger than the CRV) had the exact same Bridgestones and he hated the ride and the tires in general. He went with Kumho All Season passenger tires and is much happier. I just ordered the same tires after doing extensive research on by reading all the reviews by people that have bought them. The Michelin Harmony is another decent tire that rated the pretty much the best in the All Season (regular performance SR) category but the cost might be a little too high for some.

    Speaking of tire pressures as someone mentioned, you have to run your Bridgestones at 28-29psi, not 26 as is recommended on the driver's door. Most Honda dealers also deliver the SUV with 28-29psi tire pressures. This not only makes the CRV handle a little better (you 're not riding on the sidewalls as much when cornering) but seems to provide the best mileage and I believe actually reduces road noise. Do not go 30psi unless you have 4 adult passengers in the car or considerable extra weight in the car or the back is fully loaded with heavy gear and/or luggage or other heavy tools, etc. At 30psi or above the ride becomes bumpier and the steering more sensitive which some people may not like. Steering sensitivity or quicker steering results in quicker turn-in and can lead to small miscalculations like cutting the corner too tight and hitting a sidewalk or metal sewer protrusion with the inside wheel. My wife almost did that when I went up from 28 to 30.5 psi all around. 28.5-29.0psi seems to produce the best results on the stock Bridgestone 205-70-15's. The reason Honda recommends 26psi is because they only take into account the actual weight of the CRV + 1 driver. When carrying 1 or more passengers you need to go higher. Also most people carry a lot of stuff in the cargo area all the time (usually unecessarily) and this increase the weight of the car by a couple of hundred pounds sometimes. If you add the weight of a baby carriage, wipes box, a soccer ball, other toys, extra jacket(s)/clothes, auto emergency kit, CD's, books, some tools, etc., you 'll be surprised how much these can add up, and also hurt your gas mileage, as well as wear out your tires faster. Add this extra weight to the # of pounds 2 (or more) adult passengers can weigh, and 500lbs would probably be a conservative figure. This is why you need to keep them well inflated and check them regularly. The Bridgestones besides being a "crappy" tire they also don't maintain a good seal around the rim. They gradually lose air in a short period of time. I have to add 2+ PSI at least every 4 weeks! One time in the summer time (when they 're supposed to read higher, warmer=higher pressures), I didn't check them for about 7 weeks and they were all down to 24psi from 29. One was 23.5 (I use a digital pressure gauge but have analog ones too). So don't complain about poor gas mileage or possible handling deterioratin and excessive road noise before you check your tire pressures.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 28,014
    Well.. I didn't assume it... That is from my personal experience.. My '02 CR-V came with Duelers, that were then replaced by BFGoodrich Touring T/As..

    I agree that the Dueler is a crappy tire..(and, it is a passenger car tire in the CR-V size.. it has nothing in common with the SUV/truck tires in the larger sizes). but, my CR-V is just as noisy with the current Goodrich tires..

    I've had both generations of CR-V.. and neither is a quiet ride.. A lot of road noise and wind roar in either iteration.. I'm not saying it can't be improved.. but, I think slightly was an accurate assessment..

    The noise doesn't bother me.. but, I stand by my earlier statement.. If you want a quiet vehicle, don't get a CR-V. Otherwise, I recommend it..

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  • Sorry, but a picture is really not going to help. Go in to your Honda dealer and request a schematic print out from their computer of the dash area where your radio, storage box, cigarette lighter, cup holder is located. At the rear of the storage area is a access panel with two small screwdriver slots. Remove the panel. Take a stiff wire like speaker wire and thread it through that opening on the left side toward the accelerator pedal area. The wire will apppear by your accelerator pedal. Remove the retaining screws from the panel to the right of the accelerator. You can now use the speaker wire to pull your antenna cable and power cable from the new cigarette unit. Also drop the dash panel under the steering wheel. Feed your antenna cable through to the door well and run it up to the top of the dash using a screw driver with tape on the bladed to force the wire between the plastic dash panel and the car body. My Glission antenna just sits on the dash and is forced fit and held in place between the glass and the dash panel over the vents for the air that clears the windshield. I guess that you can hide the antenna in a speaker at the top of the dash but I was not willing to disassemble any more of the dash. The wires from the new cigarette lighter in the storage compartment are tapped into the original cigarette lighter. You can access this area by squeezing the plastic together on door ofthe very bottom storage area at floor level. There is an in line fuse with the new unit as well as an inline fuse with the C330 Cigarette power line. The C330 is almost exactly the size of the storage unit opening and will held in place by slight force fitting with all the power lines behind it. Do not replace the rear cover so there is plenty of air circulation to dissapate the heat from the GPS. This setup permits you to use the GPS in another car by disconnecting the antenna line at the GPS and pulling the GPS power line out of the storage unit cigarette lighter. When you park, you close the door to the unit and it is completely hidden. If you forget to turn the unit off when not using and your car is running and the door to the storage unit is closed, it will not overheat because the access panel in the rear has not be replaced. Place the GPS equi distant from the right and left side in order to not impair sound transmission.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,621
    did you check the color of the oil before you stored the car? it could have already been black.
    i have a car that i have driven maybe 5 months a year for 15 years. i changed the oil in fall '03, didn't drive until spring '05 and changed the oil of fall '05.
    the oil (dino) was fine. the front drain plug always gets oil over the front stabilizer bar. it was still really slippery. put some valvoline maxlife in it last fall (synth i think). sure made the engine purr. i hated to put the car cover on it. :cry:
    it usually warms up enough in february to start it. i'll check the oil for level and color when i do that.
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    Yes I did. If you read my post carefully I mentioned that the color of the oil was brown. Looked much darker several months later after storage. Could have been because the car was raced a lot before I took it off the road. That is its primary duty. Oil was Mobil-1 synthetic.

    You left the same oil in your car for almost 2yrs? Not good my friend. Makes my hair rise when I hear things like that :surprise:
  • jwb18tjwb18t Posts: 45
    Looking for the payload capacity of the 2006 CRV EX, not listed on Honda website nor does it show when you do a comparo on this site. We have a 98 CRV EX, Bought new in June of 1997 with 101k. Kids are alot bigger. Went on a ski trip last week where we estimated with passengers and cargo we were in the 950 range, used a Yakima rocket box and ski rack too!. Want to consider the new CRV but want to make sure it has a larger capacity than the 98. Thx.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    I want to say 850, but that may depend on model and transmission.
  • tcasboytcasboy Posts: 214
    850 is correct, according to the owners manual (page 151, under load limits) of my 2006 EX. No mention of it being different for different models, although the sticker on the door jam might be a good place to look as well.
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    I would have to guess that the '06's payload is higher than previous models and even '02-04 CRVs because those all came with 15" wheels & tires. Tire size is also factored in when engineers calculate the maximum payload.

    The '05-06 models have 16" wheels and larger 215-65 tires which in themselves can handle more weight than the 205-70-15's. 1653 vs 1499, a difference of 154lbs.

    I also believe the previous gen. CRV ('01 & older) like yours, has 25-30 less HP (but curb weight is less too) with less torque. So my guess would be the payload capacity of a '98 CRV would be around 700lbs, 750 the most. Don't feel bad. RAV-4's have a payload max. capacity of 675lbs. 850 is not bad but still on the low side. Now keep in mind these #s include the driver as well.

    Many claim that Honda always publishes smaller payload #s on purpose and that the real #s are a bit higher. I kind of believe that because if you look at many V6 SUV's and pickup trucks with only 180-200hp (not a lot), you will see that their payload capacity is 1,500lbs. That's over a 75% increase! A huge increase if you consider the fact that they weigh much more than a CRV, and only have 20-25% more HP and 25-30% more torque. Now I 'm not saying HP/torque and payload capacity are increased geometrically in relation to each other. It's probably exponentially but still, a lot of these trucks weigh 3800lbs, 500+lbs more than the CRV!

    I think the truth is as you found out that the CRV can take a lot more weight than the recommended payload (which btw, the # should be on your door, required by law) but I 'm guessing Honda is afraid, and rightfully so, of an increased # of warranty repairs should the owners operate their CRVs with the "actual" (higher) max. payload capacity for prolonged periods of time. The tranny, shocks and bushings (rear mostly) would be affected in that order from the most expensive to the cheapest. Tires would also deteriorate faster. They don't want people to haul heavy loads of stuff in their CRVs. It takes its toll on the car (any vehicle) if done frequently and major components would fail earlier giving the CRV an average or not so great reliability rating. I don't really blame them. It's just smart planning and looking out for yourself, and even us, the consumer.

    My guess is the Ridgeline can haul twice as much with ease and was designed more for that. Our CRV's are really just tall cars. My wife's previous '01 Altima & '98 Accord could haul pretty close to what our '04 CRV can. We haven't really seen any benefits to buying the CRV except for sitting higher but my wife quickly learned that you still can't see ahead of you if there 's another SUV in front of you. Her main reason for wanting the CRV was to "see around other taller cars or SUV's"!! :) I tried explaining to her that with another CRV, or Cherokee or Explorer in front of her, nothing would change unless she was driving a MACK truck or 18-wheeler. She didn't believe me until after she bought the CRV and found out I was right :confuse:
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,621
    harry... from your reply it sounds like you didn't check the color of the oil before storage?
    my car... 2 years not many miles.
    with my workhorse explorer, i have the oil changed avery 3k. other commuter vehicles, every 5k.
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