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Jeep Liberty Towing

fmkfmk Posts: 1
I want to use my 2004 Liberty to tow a 1 horse trailer. The owners books says it can handle it. I had a hitch installed, but the installer said he didn't know where/how to install the brake controller.
How do I do this?


  • Did he wire a 6 or 6 way plug for your wiring in the back? If not you will need that for your trailer. The way to wire the back control is from the back connector to the front of your SUV. The brake control is connected under your dash. If you need any other help go to
  • towfooltowfool Posts: 1
    I'm in the market for a new vehicle, Jeep is offering some great deals on a 2007 Liberty with the 3.7L engine. According to specs it's capable of towing 5000 lbs. yet I've read an article that says it really shouldn't pull more than half of this weight.Does anyone have experience towing this amount of weight with a Liberty? I'm really interested in knowing how it does on the highway, up long inclines.
    It's too bad dealers don't hook up trailers so you can do a complete test drive

    Thanks for your time
  • vinnimdvinnimd Posts: 2
    I towed a VW GTI with U-Haul Car trailer no problem except the front end was a bit higher than the rest of the car.

    Towed a 12x6 enclosed trailer no problem.

    Towed a 1500 lbs Kubota tractor no problem.

    I have pulled a 15 Passenger VAN out of snow stuck on the side with no problem.

    its capable, just be nice to it
  • slc2slc2 Posts: 1
    I own a 2003 Jeep Liberty and tow a 23ft 4200lb cuddy cabin boat. It has plenty of power to pull the boat on the road, up hills and out of the water; however, the weight is a little scary on the highway. Quick maneuvering or stopping concern me. It's a little like the tail wagging the dog.
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,348
    Could you try towing in 4WD full time? I noticed driving downhill on slippery winding roads is very relaxing when all wheels are engaged and when you need to quickly react to a threat. When in 2WD, the front wheels can stop turning whilst the rear wheels allow to 'make a doughnut' You won't be able to do this in 4WD, and an excessive push from a trailer will make the front wheels turn as well. The feeling of instability is lessened.
  • zoomy2zoomy2 Posts: 50
    I have a 2005 CRD and pull a 18' Zoom Travel Trailer that weight 4400+ pounds and has a gross weight of 4800 and it pulls just fine.
  • siberiasiberia Posts: 520
    It's too bad dealers don't hook up trailers so you can do a complete test drive

    A towing test with a brand new vehicle would likely damage the rear differential. Some dealers will let you take a used vehicle for hours or even a day. Find a used one with a hitch and try it out.
  • i have a 2002 jeep liberty limited with 4x4. im moving and need to tow my jeep behind the moving truck im renting. can i use a car dolly to tow it if i put the transfer case in nuetral? i will be towing it about 750 miles.
  • I have a 05 diesel Liberty, am moving from MT to CO in April or May.
    I'll be pulling a uhaul trailer, thinkin about a 5x10 cu.ft. The place where I'll be getting the trailer from, says I will have to drive Jeep in 4wd all the way there. Will I really have to do this? I've never used it to pull anything before.
    Thnx, :shades:
  • I'm not sure who told you that, but that's an incorrect statement. If you notice in Jeep literature, your towing capacity is GREATER in 2 wheel drive vs. 4 wheel drive. I found this out as I was going to tow 5000 pounds in an '07 Grand Cherokee last year. I was advised by my dealership that 2 wheel drive (which is what I had) was going to benefit me more because I had greater towing capacity. Why it works out that way, I'm not sure as I'm new to Jeeps and won't have a 4 wheel drive model until my next Jeep, but I trust the dealer more than the guy down at U-Haul in this particular situation.
  • siberiasiberia Posts: 520
    Caribou1 is right about towing in AWD to add stability under a variety of conditions. When I tow in the hilly curvy Ozarks I always tow in AWD to distribute the load to two differentials instead of one. If you do a lot of highway towing at higher speeds you will find that running in 2WD will get the rear differential quite a lot hotter than when towing in AWD because in 2WD only the rear differential carries the load.

    When your transfer case is in AWD the setup is virtually the same as most of the older Grand Cherokees that only had AWD for towing and normal driving.
  • I just recently purchased and installed a tow hitch for my Liberty. I also order an plug in wiring kit ....I went under the rear bumper to look for the male plug connector as so I could plug into the the wiring kit (which has a female adapter)...but there was nothing to plug into?
    Can anyone give me advice to where or what I need to do to hook up the tow wiring with out cutting into the wiring harness itself?


    Orly. :confuse:
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,348
    I once read there is a pre-cabled harness with wires and connectors for relays (?) inside the truck, under the left plastic cover of the trunk. Just make sure you don't confuse the plus wire from the battery with the plus from the "accessories".
  • What kind of wiring harness did you buy? What is the brand or part number? Once I get that I can help you.

    Thanks Paul
  • I live in Edmonton, I paid $400.00 to install a controller on my 2005 Liberty
    the dealer told me a Chev pickup would cost $90.00 but something about the Liberty uses up many hundreds of dollars worth of Labour
  • Does anyone know where I can purchase a front bumper (replace original)
    and the approximate cost ? 2005 Liberty Sport 3.7 litre 6 speed manual
  • lipidlipid Posts: 2
    I'm not certain exactly what you are looking for. Do you want a factory replacement? And if so, just the plastic cover? It is about $125 at the dealer for the 2006 model.

    If you are looking for a 'real' bumper, then you may have some difficulty. I've searched all over and only found one. It is a heavy steel bumper for off-road use. Cost about $900. You probably would have to do some cutting and welding to install it.
  • lipidlipid Posts: 2
    I have a 2006 CRD. It did not have a tow-ready harness.
    I bought a kit, popped both taillight fixtures out, ran the wires up through the openings from underneath (no drilling required) and connected the new wiring harness.
    You just unplug the existing wires from the brake/tail lights, and then connect the kit wiring in between.
  • arvmanarvman Posts: 95
    Okay,I just went through this.Bought an ultralite travel trailer 17 foot,2900 pounds,dry.Got a Tekonsha trailer brake controller for the unit.Dealer wanted $200 flat rate to install and r.v. place was talking 250.I have the factory tow package and the truck is wired for the brake controller.I emailed Tekonsha and they told me exactly where and how to wire this in.Behind the lower left kick panel there is a small white panel,pull this off and you will find a red wire taped up in the harness with a nice little flag that says "trailer brake".You also have to tap into a white with tan trace wire an the brake light switch.I wired the unit and picked up the trailer yesterday.No probs.Towed it up a hill just over 1000 foot elevation,had to take it out of overdrive and she was workin but didn't drop below 80k/hr.I found the tranny hunted a bit because of the traffic speed and hilly terrain but it towed great.The factory tires are junk,I will be getting good sneakers on this thing,any suggestions?
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    I have a 08 Liberty.Talking about factory tires,I just had mine replaced under warranty because they couldn't get rid of steering wheel vibration at 65-80MPH.They were Wrangler S/T.I replaced with Goodyear Fortera silent armor.I haven't had a chance yet to check them out on the highway,but so far in city they feel good and little quieter then the Wranglers.I put on 245/70-16.I checked other Liberty forums,and that seems like a popular size.Good Luck.
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