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Saturn VUE



  • I've noticed something that sounds the same as you've described. I get three ping or popping sounds from the right side somewhere -- sounds like the rear area -- about 2 mins. after I've started driving. It's strange because I'm usually at the same stoplight each morning when it happens.
    No idea what it is.
  • Can GMS supplier pricing be used on Saturn vehicles? My brother works for EDS and i have used on on GM before and am wondering if it applies to Saturn's also? Any idea what the percentage off sticker is on Saturn's for GMS pricing if its available? Thanks
  • zapcatzapcat Posts: 64
    Yes, from what I have seen it is worth about $900 off on a $22k VUE. It seems to be worth more on the other GM brands.
  • rbb2rbb2 Posts: 70
    EDS employees are eligible for the GM discount. It is the same as what GM employees get however a few years back GM stopped paying some sort of extra tax that they pay for GM employees. I can't remember it exactly but I know that if you buy a car your brother will get a tax taken out I think for 4 straight paychecks. He can check with admin. to confirm. I know that because I used to work for EDS and my sister bought one through me.

    As far as discounts go, for the L Series Saturns you get 8.5% off the base price and 10% off any options added (i.e. leather package). This doesn't include dealer added options. With the VUE you get 7.5% off base price and 9% off options.

    I've only compared that to the discount on the Impala. That vehicle gets 11.5% off base price and 14% off options.
  • Thanks for the info, unfortunately I'm familiar with EDS wacking the tax for 4 pay periods, i had to pay him when i bought my '02 chevy 2500HD, that cost me $600 in tax!!!! Man the discount is not much on the saturns, I pretty sure it was around 15-16% off sticker on my $33k truck, so the $600 was not too bad.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    The markup on a Saturn (because they don't haggle) is much lower than on normal GM vehicles. That's why they can't offer as much of a discount.

    Man I wish I worked for a GM supplier. All I get working at a brokerage firm is free banking. Big deal!

  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,749
    The TV commericals shows the guy hit the door. But it never showed us that side. Is the dent resistant door panel that good? I just hope it will resist the force of a shopping cart in the mall.
  • vuefor2vuefor2 Posts: 490
    We have none and our Vue has been hit a few time with stray balls from our neighbors kids. The polymer panels are as tough as advertised. Great feature of the Vue!!
  • mmspealmmspeal Posts: 122
    In the dealership where I bought my VUE, they had a cut-away saturn (older model) and a grocery cart that you could slam into it. There were a few slight scratches in the door but nothing that couldn't be buffed out and let me tell ya, people sure tested it. I waited three months for my VUE and visited the showroom often just to look at the one there - people were constantly slamming that cart into the door of the cut-away car. They also had a panel on the floor that you could step on or jump on and it would just bounce back - pretty amazing.

    As far as discounts go ... my father works at GM so when I was going to purchase mine he went to the office in his plant and asked about discounts. He was told that there was no formal agreement with the Saturn division on discounts but GM gave the dealership 5% back on an employee purchase so they would at least give me that but weren't required to give anything more. The dealership I dealt with was great - they said they'd give me 5% off anything off the lot or if I wanted to order and wait, they'd give it to me at dealer cost. They even broke down what every little option would cost at their cost. That was a big part of me buying a Saturn - at both a Pontiac dealership and a Chrysler dealership (I was eligible for their discount too as brother works there)they couldn't even give me a straight answer on what the discount was, would just give me a payment and when I figured out the final cost by multiplying out the payments (supposedly at 0% interest) they were trying to shaft me big time. I was completely comfortable with the people at Saturn and really felt that I could trust them. When the final invoice came through it was within pennies of what they had originally told me - absolutely no surprises.

    Those who stated the mark-up on Saturn's is not as high are completely correct. The dealer invoice was not quite 10% below retail.
  • rbb2rbb2 Posts: 70
    mmspeal - Are you saying you got 5% off sticker? Perhaps that is correct in Canada but in the US it is what I stated above. Not only was I told 7.5% by the Saturn dealer here but was also able to print the GMS pricing off of which matched what the dealer was telling me. They have since changed the web site but you can still see 2002 Saturn pricing if you have a log on.
  • mmspealmmspeal Posts: 122
    Yeah - sorry, I should have clarified ... that was Canadian. It makes sense that Canadian is a lower discount as they make even less on a vehicle sold in Canada due to the lack of value in our dollar.

    For example: I believe base model VUE in the US is about $17000, converted to Canadian funds (exchange currently at $1.58 Cdn = $1 US) the VUE should cost $26 860 Canadian but the base model VUE is less than $22 000 here. What a difference eh? :-)
  • I just took delivery of my 2003 V6 FWD VUE. I opted for the ABS option. The manual says the
    traction control switch is above the CD Player,
    but the fog light switch is there.
    I can't find the switch anywhere. Also when I turn on the ignition
    there is no Traction Control light but there is an
    ABS light. Dealer says the Traction control is
    "permanently on,hence no switch" I have trouble
    with this explanation. Anyone had this problem.
  • I've experienced the same noise after driving my 01 Civic LX a few minutes. As I shift from 1st to 2nd, I hear a gurgling, clattering sound. It comes from behind the glovebox. My service mgr. explained that it's normal--and that not all drivers will hear it.

    The service mgr. said the sound is the heating-air conditioning system pressuring up, trying to displace the air in the lines. He said the noise would occur when the heater is in defrost mode. I hadn't tried keeping the air system off to test it.

    Maybe this explains the sounds that Vue owners are reporting.
  • shado4shado4 Posts: 287
    Not sure if the following applies to the Canadian version of the VUE, but according to the US Saturn web site traction control is an option only on the 4 cylinder VUE. Traction control is not listed in the specs, safety, or options pages for the V6 FWD VUE.

    In the Design and Price section, it lists both ABS and traction control as a single combined option for the 4 cylinder FWD VUE. For the V6 FWD VUE, only ABS is offered as an option.

    Wonder why traction control is not offered on the V6 FWD VUE?
  • The Canadian Saturn Website indicates that ABS for the V6 FWD includes Traction control. I wonder if the ABS-Traction control was not installed. We had snow today and I noticed the
    Tach wound up when I floored the accelerator.
    This didn't happen with my 96 Sunfire with traction control.
  • It's my understanding that ABS and traction control use the same computer to function. So it is probable that they are bundled together.
    Traction control isn't really needed if you use common sense, all it does is stop lead foots from spinning the tires, by limiting the amount of acceleration. In other words don't goose it, and you won't need it.
    ABS also has it's drawbacks, in a slow moving situation, say a traffic jam, it will actually increase the stopping distance of your vehicle.

  • Yesterday, I thought I would go look at the 2003 Saturn Vues. We bought a Vue in May 2002 which makes it 8 months old straight from the factory. I
    was considering upgrading to a 2003 V6 automatic.
    When we started the finance of it they told me the
    Vue was only worth $11,000 as a trade in value, what a surprise!!!!
    At the time we were looking for a SUV it was between the Honda CR-V & the Saturn Vue, I spoke to a Honda dealer & he expressed to me that the Honda would hold it's value better than a Saturn Vue.
    Looking at the Saturn Vue Sport Pkg at $17,500 with power option, moon roof, tinted windows, cruise control, etc... versus Honda at $19,500 same options, needless to say we bought the Saturn Vue. At that time the salesman from Saturn
    told us that the Vue Sports Pkg with options would be worth more to us down the road. NOT TRUE!! as we quickly found out. We owe $15,500 & it's now worth a $11,000. Dollar for dollar I think I should have bought the Honda. I am very disappointed with Saturn!! I really thought the Vue would hold it's value..GEE I hope I don't hit a deer!!!
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    How many miles does your vehicle have?

    In the end, selling a vehicle after 1 year is always a loosing proposition. Don't kid yourself, you would loose on a CRV also (though probably less). Most of a vehicles depreciation happens as soon as you drive off the lot. Keep in mind also that new VUEs come with 0% financing now which is an incentive that will push down re-sale.
  • vuefor2vuefor2 Posts: 490
    Why would you want to trade in a truck that is 6 months old? That is financial suicide. Dindak is right, the 0% financing pushes down re-sale as the cost of new is essentially dropping with the incentive they have added.
  • True ABS does not assure the shortest stopping distance in all cases - in deep snow ABS will not make you stop shorter HOWEVER ABS assures you control all the way, which is what you want in an urgent braking situation.
    More than once, I avoided hitting another car in a slippy road, thanks to ABS I could still steer and avoid. I will never buy a car without ABS, ever.
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