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Saturn VUE



  • I didn't know the mirrors on the outside of the car move, is that something that comes standard or did I misunderstand what you were saying?
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    I have only heard of one other person on the board that had a CVT and no complaints from him. I would let your dealer take a look before getting into a panic about it.
  • mmspealmmspeal Posts: 122
    yes the mirrors on the VUE fold completely in towards the car - my garage is so narrow that I roll down my driver's window and pull that one in before entering - just gives me a little more room to play with.

    To all those that are concerned that the 4 cyl. 5 speed VUE may not have enough kick - mine had enough to get me a $271 speeding ticket on the highway last night!!! I think someone was right when they said that the "red" screams "write me a ticket" as I was travelling in a whole group of cars flying down the highway and I was the only one they picked to pull over!!!
  • Carguy:
    I've relied on the oil change light twice. I changed oil the first time at 5000 km. The light hadn't come on.
    I waited the next time and it took about 7,500 kms (4,500 miles). I changed it and it's just come back on after another 7,500 kms.
    Since many manufacturers recommend changes at 10,000 or more kms, I'm happy relying on the light.
  • 2003 4cyl FWD. I test-drove two and put the brakes on both through he--, could not get them to lock up even standing on them with both feet. So I went ahead and took one without ABS so I could get in on the 0.0%.

    It's silver (my first choice) w/power package and, yes, the CD player. On its own, the radio would have been distracting enough - I don't know if it's a fluke of the weather or just that it's a much better antenna, but I'm picking up stations from hundreds of miles away on the FM band. Those 12 presets will have to be considered verrry carefully.

    I liked the VTi very much. I will keep a close eye on it, though. I did inspect the trim on the one I got to make sure it was all flat and tight. The thing I really liked about the one I got was that it had no dealer-installed accessories - like pinstriping, etc that you end up having to pay for. My SL1 had the pinstriping and the back "N" eventually peeled off, followed by the "R." So for awhile I was driving a "SATUR" and I traded in a "SATU."

    I have to admit I did shed a few tears when I took my stuff out of the SL1. It made me feel better to know that it would probably be fixed and resold. (At least, that's what they told me and I'm just going to believe it. OK? OK!)

    (gehe} My Dad was lobbying hard for the rear bumper protector but it seemed to me that it was basically glued on, right? What I figured was this - if and when I scratch the paint back there, I can get the protector.

    Thanks to everyone for your advice! I will keep reading this board and (almost certainly) asking questions.
  • millspdmillspd Posts: 106
    I hope you are as happy with yours as I am with mine!

    Again, excellent taste in color! :-)
  • I've had good luck with my 2003 FWD V-6 VUE. Haven't had any of the fan motor problems or wind noises other have mentioned. On the subject of cost, ALWAYS refuse to pay for the dealer added decor package. They will always knock that off. I got mine with no option (nope, not even floor mats) and they waived the decor package that even included window tinting. Great car! Agile, peppy, roomy!
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632

    How do you like the feel of the VTi / CVT ? Is it strange not feeling any shifting?
  • vuefor2vuefor2 Posts: 490
    Great news on the new Vue. We love ours and I hope you like yours just as much.

    We have been driving around a lot these past two weeks through snow, slush and rain and it's been flawless. We are going to a cabin to meet up with some college friends for New Years eve tomorrow. Can't wait to show them our little red truck!
  • Does anyone know how to program the Remote Keyless Entry transmitters. I had a 96 Saturn and the maintenance manual gave a way to match the transmitters to the car. I don't think it is the same on the 2003 VUE. I have two transmitters that came with the car and another one I would like to program to work on my new VUE. Any help would be appreciated. Anyone bought the maintenance manual for the 2003 VUE yet?
  • I have had my 03 Vue for over a month and no
    serious problems. i really enjoy driving the
    vehicle. One problem I notice is how the tailgate
    window gets dirty. Most of the grime is kicked
    up by the rear wheels even with mud flaps. I wonder
    if the tailgate air deflector would solve or at
    least alleviate the problem. Has anyone got a
    deflector and does it work?

    By the way I talked to Saturn Canada and they
    confirmed that ABS with the 6 cylinder FWD does
    not include Traction Control. It only comes with
    the 4 cylinder FWD in Canada.
  • annietanniet Posts: 6
    Hello Everyone,
    Looked at the Vue today and have a option of 5 sp fwd, leather, power pkg, sun roof, cd or v6 fwd cloth, cd/cassette, power pkg. There is a cost difference of about 50. + per mo to me for the v6. I can drive either. Although I realize the vehicle has been on the market only a short time I am wondering what folks thinks about resale preferences 2/3 yrs down the road. As well as input regarding either overall unit. The leather and sun roof look tempting but my brother-in-law opts for the v6 automatic for resale. I do remember the pleasure years ago going from a 4 to a 6 and have not had a stick as a main vehicle for many years.
    Any comments will be welcome. I will be emailing the dealership Thurs. a.m. to advise which unit to go with - both are the copper orange color.
    Thanks so much
  • pluto5pluto5 Posts: 618
    I don't think much of Saturn resale value in general but I think less of buying for the next guy/gal so go for what you like and be happy. The orange color is really fine and I would buy the stickie if wife would drive it, but back seat would not accommodate the rest of the family.
  • pluto5pluto5 Posts: 618
    The rear seat is only suitable for small children and dogs IMO.

    Best value is the 4 cyl with stick--the less you put into it the less you have to worry about resale IMO.
  • annietanniet Posts: 6
    Thanks Pluto5,
    Are you saying there is more back seat room with the automatic?
  • pluto5pluto5 Posts: 618

    The back seat has room but the cushions are thin.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    If you only plan on keeping it for 2-3 years, I think you should lease. It will save you the time and trouble of selling and your residual is guaranteed.
  • gehegehe Posts: 78
    (raine4llh) Mirrors ... yup ! They all "fold in" for auto car wash etc. It must be usual because the little wash folks always include folding down the mirrors and folding them right back again each wash.
    (mmspeal) You GO GIRL !! Sorry about the ticket right @ Holiday time. I found the cure for speeding tickets. Don't speed ! It works every time. Don't even miss my broken Radar Detector.
    (dbwordgirl) Congrats on your Silver VUE. Welcome to our VUE family. Happy motoring.
    -Funny your Dad was so for the bumper guard. I went with the cargo mat which is essential if you hit Home Depot for bags of Compost each Spring, but the bumper is never going to get damaged unless you are really sloppy & careless. It is also plastic, not painted. Sure a bit of Amour all will patch it up too.
    (oarlox) MOGUL huh. Well I finally got frivolous and order p/plates ... VIV-VUE , for "Miss Viv". Let's see if I get them.
    -Orange is awesome. My advise ... avoid manual / stick like the plague ! In 94 when I bought my Tracker, never having owned an auto, a work colleague from the UK gave me this advise. If you want to resell in the USA, buy automatic. I would never go back. (Of course, I never did sell the Tracker, but that's bye the bye ! )
    -I have V6. I love it. Don't think the gas mileage is that great, but the ease and safety is great. She rocks !!!
    Later ...
    PS:- Happy 2003 all ... X- fingers for peace.
  • Does anyone know what the new financing offer is going to be from Saturn?
  • dwabiddwabid Posts: 36
    I just picked up a an grey AWD 6 last week. and So far I love it. With the holiday week I have broken in my engine already...

    As for advise I would go for the six. The acceleration and power is so far to my liking. I would not suggest the leather. The wife and I debated back and forth and we finally decided that the leather was kinda chincy and not worth the money. The cloth interior is quite nice in the AWD 6.

    Also make sure they check the spray nozzles on your your front and back window wipers. As I look through this forum many other people have had a problem with these buggers, and my rear nozzle sprays like a 10 cent squirt gun.
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