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Saturn VUE



  • dkoakiedkoakie Posts: 4
    Very happy to get your reply. I have already changed my mind to get a 6cyl, just waiting until my smartbuy is up in January 2010.

    Thanks again for your opinion.
  • yes it does rocketbob. I bought one online. It does require installation to the tailgate. Two bolts off the tailgate attachment through the bracket for the air deflector and ur in business. My vue window always got dirty on the tailgate window and bumper. NOT ANYMORE. Just Google "Saturn Vue Tailgate Air Deflector" . I paid 67.00 plus shipping for mine. Goodluck and I know you will enjoy it.
  • I bought one online for 67.00 plus shipping. It does work very well. The backside of my 2003 Vue does not get dirty anymore. There are two different installation types. The one I have, bolts directly to the tailgate. Take off the two outer bolts from tailgate brackets and install the air deflector and tighten back. The other that I would not recommend in the self adhesive type. My buddy bought that one for 48.00 plus shipping online and 6 carwashes later it is off.
  • I live in Fayetteville,NC and bought my Vue at 68.500 on Jan 08 and began experiencing the studdering at 30mph then at 45mph now at 50mph and it seems like the pedal is a rocking chair there is no equilibrium. I try to deal with it but on 35mph roads the car will began shaking and I try to ease on and off the pedal to stop the shaking and to not run into the back of other vehicles. Saturn wants all 20,000 of people with problems to all pay $100 to get what they already know is wrong checked out $2,000,000 plus in there pockets then they want us all to pay $2,000. WHICH PUTS $40 MILLION IN THE ACCOUNTS. we must not let them do this and at every available point we should call SATURN customer service and demand immediate action or they will get 20,000 calls a day !!!! I am behind this already filed my NHTSA report and will continue to file till i receive FREE repairs. How should a 2004 68,500 VUE need to have a transmission repair in 4yrs. !!!
    That's an easy question to answer. They picked a sorry transmission to move a heavy vehicle with. The VTI transmission is a sad piece of machinery that should have never been invented. It does however carry a 5yr or 75k mile warranty, so you might want to find out what the vehicle's in service date is. Best of luck to you.
  • -------------------------------------09/29/09------------------------------------ - - - -------------

    The Saturn site clearly lists a Vue XR 4 cyl (FOUR cylinder) but there is no button to build a XR 4-cyl.


    Saturn should either remove the verbiage implying they sell a XR 4-cyl, or else fix the button glitch.

    See for yourself.... Build A Vue <
  • rvdmadrvdmad Posts: 6
    Not much activity on this site so I am not sure how many people look at it.
    I have a 2007 Saturn Vue with 17,000 miles on it. The warrantee expired last month and now I have my first problem. The directional signals will not cancel in either direction. The signals work fine but must be cancelled manually.
    Does anyone know why this is happening and any suggestions on repair?

    Ron D
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373

    I will check the Factory Service manual and post what I find...
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    You need to replace the turn signal lever - apparently there's a spring in it that tends to work its way out.

    the part is cheap and you do the repair in your driveway without taking off the steering wheel, you just have to remove the top & bottom trim covers on the column and there are 2 bolts and a wiring connector that holds it in. The part is under $ 30 at rock auto.

    Here's the link:link title

    Good luck,
    John :shades:
  • rvdmadrvdmad Posts: 6

    Thank you for your help. I have ordered the part from Rock Auto and will replace the part as soon as it arrives.

    Ron D
  • Hi All,
    I was changing engine oil, but instead unplugged the Automatic fluid bolt, brownish color.
    Good that smelled it , and it was different from normal oil.
    That fluid is saved almost all of it, except little spill,
    Car was in Park gear, engine off.
    Is it Ok to just refill the old liquid back trough the plug located in the engine compartment.

    What to do when first time will start engine?Just drive or must follow some steps.

    But know I know where is the correct oil plug is located.(in oil pan corner, vertical to ground!)

  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373

    Don't reuse the old fluid...Buy new fluid and add exactly what was drained out. Your Vue has a VTi transmission and there's an entire page of a procedure in the factory service manual on how to refill the trans which calls for adding fluid based upon transaxle temperatures...not for amateurs. This is not a "regular" automatic transmission...

    My opinion: Put back in exactly what you took out and then drive it to a shop or dealer that is familiar with the VTi trans and have them make sure that the fluid is at the correct level...The VTi is one of the most tempermental transmissions ever - last thing you want to do is refill it with fluid that was just in your oil change pan...
  • kcrossleykcrossley Posts: 172
    I'm considering purchasing a 2005 Saturn Vue with a 3.5 L6. The car currently has 122,360 miles on it. I'm pretty sure it's a Honda engine.

    Assuming the car was well cared for, how long can I expect this engine to last?
  • jr1jr1 Posts: 9
    edited April 2011
    It is a Honda Engine. It is my understand, 05 thru 07- V6 are all Honda.
    I have an 05 Vue V6 with appox 100k miles.. I have only did the timing belt per maint. requirement. Have replace front struts and rear shocks..and of course, brakes.
    I expect to get over 200K. on this auto.
    It gets good MPG for a V6.
    Hopes this help.
  • The Honda engine won't be a problem, but the Vues do have problems with their suspension (bearings, shocks, struts, engine mounts, bushings are all plagued with problems) and transmissions problems -in 2009 GM issued a soft recall and giving $5000 in credit for transmission replacement. The converter also has problems.
  • kcrossleykcrossley Posts: 172
    Is that soft recall still valid?
  • jr1jr1 Posts: 9
    You may well be correct in the problems with the Vue....Maybe, I have just been lucky, but nothing serious at this time, approaching 100k miles.

    Pls look at this link for problems with Saturn autos.
    I see per their chart, that the '03, '04 and '06s are a source of problems.

    Good luck with your autos.

    I have owned many auto in my years and found they all have problems....that way they have service bays, as a big shot Auto guy told me, once.
    A Santa Fe is one of my recent autos, and so far so good. My 4runner has had some issues but nothing serious, serious. The biggest problem, I have had so far is the Toyota Dealers on fixing problems that I have had with it.

    No More Toyota in my driveway........thanks to the dealers...I can fix car problems, but not people problems..........
    Can not fix what you did not break.
  • Took my 2008 Saturn Vue to the shop AGAIN this morning for the 6th time. BCM problems each time. It all started around 30,000 mles. At that time I had to haggle with GM to pay half of the repairs now come to find out it is all under warrenty covered under the power train? I still don't understand that, it is a computer problem not a powertrain problem. I shouldn't have to pay anything and should be reimbursed for the $700 I paid the first time there were troubles! The problems start with warning lights that come on, usually the ABS, tire pressure, or anti skid light. Then while driving at about 50 MPH the RPMs will suddenly jump up to around 3 then shoot back down. If you ignore the warning lights for too long (about a week) the car will just suddenly die when you are on the interestate. You can put it in neutral and start it again, but after you drive about 25 feet it will shut down again. I now have 98,929 miles on my car. The warranty supposedly runs out at 100,000. This is so disappointing. I ordered this car from the dealership, had it made just for me and pulled it off the lot with 0 miles. I was the first person in my city to have one. I have owned 8 GM cars/trucks over the past 20 years and my grandfather was a retired GM employee. I am utterly disqusted that GM has not done a recall on this car for the BCM problems. Very very disappointed in a company that I have been faithful to for over 20 years.
  • I am thinking about buying this as my first vehicle for college. What questions should I ask and what should I look for. How reliable is the vehicle? I have read mixed reviews.
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    The 2003 Vue with the 4 cylinder/5 speed is a pretty good choice. One problem has been with the timing chain oiler. Its failure led to the failure of the engine. They don't all do it but some do. starting in 2004 they changed the part to get rid of the problem. One way to avoid the problem is to be sure that oil changes are kept up with...also, if the motor is quiet, chances are you don't have a problem. The timing chain will give plenty of warning before it breaks.

    Things to look for:

    rattles, rattles, rattles...these Vues are a noisy bunch and make a lot of front end noise. Common problems are with the front wheel bearings, struts/strut bearings and swaybar links. None are necessarily really expensive, its just something to be mindful of.

    Clutch slave cylinder...the 02 and 03 models have had a history of slave cylinder failures. There's really no way to know if its good or bad short of driving it. Its about a $1500.00 repair but then again we are talking about a 9 year old car so things are bound to break.

    The radios are all not very good...whatever that means to you...

    May I suggest that you look for a 2006-2007 model with the 4 cylinder and automatic trans...many fewer problems and nicer interiors.

    DO NOT BUY ANY 4 CYLINDER AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION MODEL FROM 2002-2005!!! There have been many failures and very few last to 100000 miles...most not even half of that. The V6 models from any year are OK...the 04-07 models came with a V6 built by Honda that many people say is great.

    Hope this helps...feel free to post questions...
  • I bought my 2004 Saturn Vue Redline new. It has 72000 miles and I decided this year to do some maintenance. I tow it behind a class A motor home, so it has another 15000 rolling miles.

    I wanted to correct the rattle in the front end. Had the struts and mounts done. Also had the front brakes and rotors changed. The car was so much quieter, for a short while.

    The rattle on low speed bumps has returned just as bad as before. I have read 442dude's ideas and I believe it is the caliper pin bushings. I will return to the mechanic with that suggestion.

    I also found a couple of plastic part of the wheel wells rattling, so put in some screws.

    Any other suggestions? I am aware of the stabilizer bushings and the mechanic says everything is tight.
  • In 2010, I put out the alert on the Saturn VUE/SUV. Within weeks of
    purchasing the then new vehicle, my husband started having issues with it.
    It would jump out of gear or not lock, when parked in gear. The dealer
    started pulling new parts out of the vehicle.

    Twenty-one visits in 3 months time, and I convinced GM to take the SUV back or I would park it with a sign on the window listing our complaints.

    Take your complaints to Washington and follow through with letting GM know. They would hate to see such a group of customers all complaining about one product.

    Until one voice joins in a group and the noise becomes louder, no one is helped. Glad to see the vehicle "gone". Each time, I see one in a parking lot, I wonder about it!
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