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Saturn VUE



  • zapcatzapcat Posts: 64
    I'm using as my source for the FWD V6 hwy gas mileage. It states 28 hwy and 20 city. The AWD VUE gets the same MPG 20/25 as the 3.0 -zap
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    I see you are correct (assuming GM's estimates are right). I was basing my mileage estimates on the Pilot but I guess that is a much bigger vehicle.

    20/28 would make me very happy and I would have heaps of power to boot. It could sway me to the VUE if the prices don't go up too much.
  • vuefor2vuefor2 Posts: 490
    If the 3.5L really gets 20/28, that will be impressive.
  • juliansjulians Posts: 42
    I think Saturn is going the wrong direction with the RedLine VUE and ION. I have a VUE which I love. I got the 5-speed 4cyl because of cost and fuel effec. I am 33 years old and know many Saturn owners...none even within 10 years of me. These baby boomers who love the Saturn SL are not going to buy IONs or VUEs as they are turning into kid cars. Are the kids (25 yrs and less) going to buy Saturns? No. They buy Hondas...If the Honda is too expensive, they buy Dodge Neons.

    If the Saturns get "kidish" and expensive...who will buy? If your in the market for a Pilot or a VUE and the prices are compairable...and the motors are the same...people will go with the Pilot.

    Instead of going Redline...Saturn should have gone MiniVan.

    Don't get me wrong, I love my Saturn...I just see the company going the wrong way. What is so bad about attracting the Baby Boomers?
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    Saturn is going after Baby Boomers and going mini van as well. The van (called Relay for now I believe) comes out for 2005. You can read about it in the Future Vehicles section of this web site. Also, the hybrid Vue comes out for 2005 as well. I'm interested in this. It will be FWD only and not rated for towing--but I don't tow anyway. The new hybrid Escape will be AWD and rated for light towing. There was an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution today about these two vehicles. The hybrid Vue should get 40 mpg around town. It will also be different from the hybrid Civic in that the Vue will run on electrical power at low speeds and then go to gas engine at higher speeds. Also, the Vue's A/C will run on the electrical motor until the gas kicks in. I believe some hybrids of today run the opposite way. The next Prius will run like this Vue will. I'm interested in seeing it. I would be interested in trading my Ion for one if it looks right.
  • joey2brixjoey2brix Posts: 464
    Calling the CV-1 a minivan would be marketing death. The mini-van is yesterday's news and a loosing market to get into. Too many players and the demand is gone. Even the Honda Oddessy is being discounted at Honda dealers. At least the CV-1 looks like an Element/Scion and falls more into the crossover class. I still don't see this as a big seller as it is not main stream or large enough to take back Explorer/Pilot/Envoy buyers.

    Also we should note that not all V6 Vue's are Red Line models. This just a quick and easy way for Saturn to make a few quick dollars on a high priced /limited number model. Honda might send 50K Vtec engines but there will not be 50K Red line units. 50K units to GM is barely a blip on the income statement.
  • ketchketch Posts: 217
    Ya we mostly didn't want or need AWD, but most of the V6's on the lot were these, that had other equipment we wanted.
    The AWD, I am told by veteran Vegas residents, will be useful in our Monsoon season, which has started. the roads get real slick with the rain, as the dry times and heat allow oils to sit on top, and so the AWD will help for a measure of safety if needed. Too, we live just 40 minutes from Mt. Charleston(12000 ft) and go up there to the snow and ski lodge for some serious sledding during the winter and spring, so it will help up there I assume. We also plan trips to upper altitudes in Idaho and AZ that will have it come in handy perhaps. Resale may be higher as some expect AWD or 4WD with SUV's.
    We have had it a week. It's pretty fast, with a really nice sound to the engine, better than the Intrigue, except when it's in "full song" of course. Handling is beyond belief for an SUV, as is braking. Numbers back that up from the results I have seen in many road tests. Plus, with the side curtain airbags and safety cage, my family is safe, certainly more so than with the old Dodge van.
    We got silver, so i have the silver mist 2000 GL Intrigue (30k miles) and the Vue next to it. We got a good deal too, using the GMS plan, and 0/5 finance.
    We had a DVD installed to keep the little ones occupied. rear seat is huge, kids love the recline feature, wife loves the grocery bag holder in back.
    MOre updates as it piles on the miles. First big trip will be to the Grand Canyon on labor day weekend, retracing the old route 66!.
    -ketch (is my garage then a "room with a Vue"?)
  • saskheatsaskheat Posts: 12
    I just laid down a deposit on a new Vue V-6 FWD last week. The local dealer was bringing in the exact one (Color/options) from another location for me. I take delivery tomorrow.

    Saturn had $1000 cash back to purchaser as an incentive. Last Tuesday they announced a Canadian Saturn Loyalty Program that gave an additional $1K if you are currently a Saturn owner (Any Model). Since we had a SC1, this was an easy decision. Especially since Saturn won't budge on their MSRP, this was the only chance to get something back out of them. I think sales are hurting everywhere right now and this incentive speaks to that. Also took advantage of Saturns 60 mo/ 1.9% financing.

    I'm hoping that this turns out to be as good a car as our SC1. If it isn't you'll definately be hearing about it from me.
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    GM is going to stop calling their mini vans "mini vans" when the Venture triplets are re designed in a couple of years. They are going to be called Sports Vans or something like that. So, I do not think Saturn will call their new van a mini van.

    I also think it is a big stretch to say the mini van market is dead. "Too many players and the demand is gone. Even the Honda Odyssey is being discounted at Honda dealers" was the quote from post 2628. I do not think Toyota would have invested billions in the new Sienna if the demand was gone. Also, Honda is not discounting the Odyssey because nobody wants them any more. Honda is discounting the Odyssey to clear them out. 2004 brings a new Odyssey and Honda does not want to be stuck with any 2003 models when the new one comes out. Toyota did the same thing with the Sienna last year. The market is there, people still want them and I hope the Saturn van is a winner for the division!
  • joey2brixjoey2brix Posts: 464
    Sure every maker has one and people are buying them, buy how many new SUV models have come out in the last 2 years? Chrysler had to upscale a caravan to a pricey pacifica to try to cash in on the SUV/cross-over market they're loosing out on.
    Waiting lists and MSRP+ stickers used to be on Odysseys about 3 years ago. I quite sure the Seinna is going out the dealer doors with incentives also. Toyota improved the Seinna for increase market share, not for an increase in mini-van demand. I'm just saying that every new GM product (including Saturn) is late to the table. The Equinox is a late mini-suv, the Tracker and Blazer have had bad sales for 3 years already. The CV-1 is comming out 2 years after the Element/Scion. Maybe Saturn needs an Envoy clone like the Trailblazer/Bravada/Ascender/Reiner/Saab-to-be
  • gweilogweilo Posts: 118
    I have noticed a lot of complaints about GM paint not being durable(see Impala, Vibe forum and Does the Ion or other Saturns suffer from this?
    Is the variable transmission(Vti) on the various Saturns holding up?
  • saskheatsaskheat Posts: 12
    Saturn uses a different painting process vs GM's regular one. This is due to a water bourne process. I think its because of the plastic panels on the side body. As for durability...judge for yourself. I have never seen on old saturn with large peeled sections of paint missing like the rest of the big Four. Come to think of it I have never seen an older saturn look really crappy in the paint department ever.
    As for the Vti. They are doing miserably. Read some of the other postings in this forum. I heard the ION was delayed in implementing it because of problems with the Vti in the vues. Save yourself the headache and go for the v-6 with the traditional hydraulic tranny. Saturn Dealers are very slow to admit the Vti has problems, but if you call them on it enough they'll usually confirm "Other dealers" have had some problems.
  • carguy1234carguy1234 Posts: 233
    My wife was just in an accident with her VUE where an RV made a lane change right into her (it was in a construction zone, and the RV driver did not follow the correct path and came across the lane. All invlolved are fine).

    The impact was a side-swipe, but was enough to shatter the rear window. The amazing thing is that the paint and the Saturn side panels took it and still look like new! When I first saw it, I thought "Oh noooo", but it turns out that the paint from the RV came off and our VUE held up perfectly. So we just buffed out all the marks ourselves, and the only thing we need to do is take it in to get a new window.

    Had it been my Toyota Sienna, I'm sure the metal would have caved in. That thing gets door dings if you just look at it funny.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    carguy : Sorry to hear about the accident. Glad your wife is ok. Can it be fixed or is it a w/o?

    ketch : Glad you are enjoying the VUE. Saw quite a few of them up north in cottage country this past week. I think it may come down to a VUE, Maxx or Equinox for our next vehicle.

    saskheat : Congrats on the new VUE. I read a review of the CVT / VTi in CarGuide last month and they were very complimentary in the article. Have heard of a few issues for some early ones, but I think they are generally ok.
  • ems1ems1 Posts: 48
    Got deal I could not pass up on a '03 AWD Ecotec CVT trans. Vue. 0% interest + $1000 end of year discount + $1000 Saturn loyalty discount + $1000 GM card discount + $500 conquest discount. Total $3500 plus the 0% worth about $2400. Also, they gave me $1300 more for my 98 Venture trade-in than other dealer offers. I've been driving it for a week now and I'm really surprised by how well it performs for a small engine in a heavy vehicle. I was also shopping the 4 cyl. Highlander but the numbers worked out to about $9000 more. I can do with a bit less refinement and a inch or two here and there in the interior for $9000. I just hope Saturn has the transmission bugs worked out. I talked to the service mgr. and he claims they have never had "significant problems, a few isolated cases" with the early CVT trans. and that there are no issues now.
  • vuefor2vuefor2 Posts: 490
    I think the CVT Vues are fine. I was talking to my sales rep about them the other day and he said they have had a few small issues initially but nothing major. Typically just some "minor adjustments" he said.

    I prefer the V6 regardless though, more power is nice to have.
  • ems1ems1 Posts: 48
    Glad to hear you heard basicly the same thing about the CVT.
    Can't disagree that more power is nicer but we do 95% of our mileage in the city, rarely getting over 50 mph. So the 4 will be adequate.
    I almost bought the v6 anyway but decided on the 4 because of the good reputation that engine has and the fact that the current v6 was going to be discontinued. Also, I like to do most of maintenance on the vehicle and the 4 is just sooo much easier to work on.
  • littlovelittlove Posts: 4
    Tomorrow morning I must decide to buy either a 2003 Saturn Vue AVD 4dr w/ power package, on star communications system, ABS for $22610 w/$2250 cash back (dealer plus graduate program)


    2003 Kia Sedona LX w/ABS, roof rack, and rear spoiler for $20,700.

    Both finance at 0 percent.

    Any suggestions as to what you think is better. I can't explain simply why these two vehicles....I guess mostly because the price is in my range....and I need some room to move about but do not necessarily need a van yet (only one baby at this time)...

    Any suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks.
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    What a decision! I was expecting you to say that it was between the VUE and a CR-V or something. Is that VUE for $22,600 after the cash back, or will your price be $20,360? Is the VUE a 4 or 6 cyl? I assume it has the 4 cyl since you are buying the power package--isn't that standard on 6 cyl models? That is tough. How long do you keep your vehicles? If this is a short term thing, get the VUE as its resale should be higher than the Sedona. If you plan on keeping it (and a 100k mi warranty helps with that) then the Sedona may be the way to go. The space will be needed when child number 2 comes along. Either will have positives, and they both have negatives. Drive them both and get the one you are most comfortable driving. Buy the one you see as a better fit for your family down the road and you should do just fine. Good luck to you!
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Don't like the Sedona because of the horrendous gas mileage and I still don't trust Kia after driving in a Sportage only 2-3 years ago. What a crap box that was. Saturn service will definitely not get matched at Kia and if you hate the VUE, you can always return it in 30 days.
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