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Saturn VUE



  • joey2brixjoey2brix Posts: 464
    Hopefully they'll pull out the deal enhancers to make you deal tomorrow. Good Luck. Let us know how you do!
  • zaksdad3zaksdad3 Posts: 14
    Just bought a new V6 FWD with side curtain bags and power seat and got the following deal.
    $1000 truckfest + $2,500 + $750 discount with 4.39% f/60 months thru eloan. This was $1 cheaper per month than 0% without $2,500 but you are better off finanicing less principle incase you decide to pay off early. You will probably not get this low a rate thru GMAC.

    I pushed hard for some of the $250 vouchers and the dealer said they knew nothing about it. I also pushed for them to take my $675 credit from GM Mastercard knowing it would not apply but figured it would give me a reason to walk if needed. They countered with a $750 additional discount.

    I called other Houston area and San Antonio Saturn dealers and was given mixed responses to the vouchers from the program is over to we are out to we have a few left but the most we will give is 3. I called Saturn Cust Serv and they told me the program ended May 1.

    Not sure what they will do on the trade in but you would do better selling yourself as long as you factor in the tax savings of the trade in.

  • leo64leo64 Posts: 4
    Has anyone with a Saturn 2004 AWD VUE had a problem with the driver side mirror vibrating allot when playing the radio or CD player. I know there should be some vibrations but I notice the driver side mirror vibrates allot more then the passenger side mirror. Also I just notice today on hard left hand turns, I hear a noise coming from the front like a slight rubbing pulsation.
  • duff333duff333 Posts: 41
    Leo64 - - We bought a 2004 Vue FWD V6 1 1 /2 months ago. got a great price and love the ride and power but - - - the vehicle soon exhibited a loud squeaking noise when making a RIGHT turn. The Vue was in the shop for a week and they fixed but after 2 weeks it reappeared. It will go back next week - - really disappointing becasue the vehicle is great otherwise. I'll let everyone know what they find.
  • sib715sib715 Posts: 15
    We've owned our Vue for about 6 wweks and it is a capable and comfortable SUV. Road noise is the only negative to date, but I have a question regarding the Honda engine/transmission: when on cruise control or if slight accelerator pressure, RPM's increase from 1700-1800 to 2500 RPMS. This is very noticeable on cruise and any hill, even small one's the RPM's rev up to maintain the speed. My other vehicles have a lag of about 3 mph before overdrive is enabled, but with this transmission there is no overdrive switch. My only concern is fuel usage at highway speeds everytime the RPM's increase.

  • leo64leo64 Posts: 4
    sib715, My AWD 04 Vue does the same thing. I sometime think the shifting can be a little sporadic at times. I just got my Vue three weeks ago and still trying to get use to some things. Noise when I turn, going to get that look at tomorrow, rattles and some other minor things. When shifting into gears, does yours lurch or jerk into gears. It may not be a problem but just how the Vues change gears. My Saturn L300 didn't do that but the L is a different car and transmission.
  • sib715sib715 Posts: 15

    Thanks for sharing. The transmission shifting is more like a down shift into overdrive, it doesn't lurch, but very noticeable. From a stop, it shifts very smoothly and when I want to pass, it really accelerates :-) I too, like others have a noise on a hard right turn, I look forward to hearing from you and others as to what the fix, if any is.

  • 2004 Vue V-6 awd is a very nice car, but desperately needs some good shocks. Have used Edelbrocks before on other vehicles, but not available for Vue. Any experience/suggestions.

  • vuefor2vuefor2 Posts: 490
    Try a Red Line Vue. You will likely get better shocks and struts there.

    I am happy with the way our Vue handles and absorbs bumps.
  • Already have car...need aftermarket shocks.
  • whuestonwhueston Posts: 3
    FWD V-6. The more and more I drive it, I like it more and more. Maybe that is not much seeing how I went from a '99 Olds. Alero with it's many problems. I got the $1500 in "coupons" when I purchased, but probably half of it I ended up paying the $299 processing fee, tinted windows and fabric protection on. All in all, with trade-in and some GM stuff, I paid $15,200 including tax for a stickered $24,500 vehicle.

    Gas mileage on only long trip of 350 miles was 25.8 mpg. Slightly disappointing, but I was going 78 with air on. We'll see if it gets better over time. Engine is wonderful, once it warms up after five minutes, it wants to go. I call it the "Honda Vue". With 1400 miles on it, I am going to change the oil today to synthetic and see what it does.

    Get the V6 - you will not be disappointed.
  • joey2brixjoey2brix Posts: 464
    why GM's asking to buy 7K more engines and extending the deal past '07. Makes you wonder what a baby Pilot or si CRV would run like.
  • clevueclevue Posts: 1
    I also have 2003 Vue, has approx 20000 miles on it. While I like the vehicle generally, has quirkiness that requires getting used to.
    Seems like it needs to go back to dealer for "service" every couple of months or so...had to have it towed once (wiring harness somewhere behind the dash came loose; several "service engine soon" was thermostat related, one was that it sensed a "misfire condition"..and had to have the left rear wheel hub replaced. ANYWAY, mine too has "scrunching noise" noticed during left going to have dealer check it out next it is persistent. Also have vibration in right door panel somewhere..can't decide if it's in the center door panel area or "B" pillar behind the seat belt anchor mechanism. Will comment further on the left turn issue after next visit.
  • drivvendrivven Posts: 54
    We just finished a trip from St. Louis to Houston in our 2004 FWD V6, which now has 11,000+ miles. Temps were in the 90's on the road so we had the air on all the way. Refills averaged from a high of 29mpg to a low of 23mpg for strictly the highway miles. There were a few 26's and 27's in there too. We did find that the attitude of the vehicle at the pump has a lot to do with the amount of gas fed into the tank, ie. tilted about the longitudinal axis. We've known this for years with our RV and now it seems pretty obvious with the VUE also. The 29mpg was when we didn't get as much in as possible, and the 23 is when we pumped in more than normal.

    Speeds were pretty constant in the 75mph range, when we didn't have to wait in long lines of road construction/accidents. Some of the lower rates can be attributed to those excruciating minutes of idling on the Interstate.

    But all in all we were very pleased with the performance, the efficiency, the ride, and of course the AC!
  • duff333duff333 Posts: 41
    Ref post 3196: We took the Vue in and they again changed the Coil Spring Assy. The dealer drove it for "30 minutes" and heard no further squeaks. We picked it up and, of course, the squeaking was heard immediately. Dealer now says this is a "characteristic" of the car and we'll have to live with it. We called the area rep and all they did was give us a case # and call our dealer - - the rep then reiterated that it is a "characteristic" of the Vue.

    Any thoughts from someone on what to do next? We are again going to take it back and see what happens. Maybe we can "bother" them into a fix.
  • carguy1234carguy1234 Posts: 233
    That's funny - every time something breaks on ours, the service department says 'we see a lot of that'. We've had our 2003 in 4 times now for fixes (thermostat, fuel gauge, radiator twice).
  • johnbjohnb Posts: 32
    and here I am getting frustrated with fuel mileage and a little grainy rattle in the support pillar between the driver's front and rear doors. I guess I should be thankful I haven't had to start returning the VUE quarterly for big warranty fixes. Then again, I've only had it two months so time will tell...

    1350 miles and still no improvement in fuel mileage on my 2004 VUE 4cyl 5sp. Still kicking around 20.1mpg to 20.8mpg. I have a road trip planned for next month -- I hope to see improvement then (pretty please :).
  • dan165dan165 Posts: 653
    It took about 5000kms to get to advertised mileage numbers in our Bravada. My Grand Prix got them almost right away. We now get even better than advertised sometimes in the Bravada.. I think some engines still need a break in period.
  • zx3for_mezx3for_me Posts: 26
    Well I was all set to get a Chevy Impala until I drove a bunch ofthem for the past few days......ehhhh...not terribly impressed for the cake they are asking for them.....

    Can someone explain to me how the voucher thing works? I mean do I just ask the salesman how many they will offer to me? I don't want to sound too pushy or obnoxious but I also would like to take advantage of any bonus $$ I can.

    I'm looking for a Black FWD V6 with perhaps the comfort seating need for sunroof but finding it hard to find one with just the options I want.

    I just love the power of that Honda V6 and the awesome gas mileage it gives for an engine with that oomph.

    Any advice on how to get the max vouchers would be great
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