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Saturn VUE



  • mtenamtena Posts: 58
    I am seriously considering a purchase of a 2006 AWD VUE. I would be trading in my 2003 AWD VUE, which I am generally happy with, although this time I would go with a V-6 as opposed to the 4 cylinder.

    The polymer is a huge consideration for us, when comparing other vehicles, but being able to use my GM Card points would make the decision much easier. I bought my 2003 with the use of GM Card points (a temporary program in the US). I wish it would happen again...
  • bporter1bporter1 Posts: 229
    That is the biggest reason why I probably wont buy a Saturn; the fact that I can't use my GM card points. To me it is stupid, but GM does some really stupid things. Anyway good luck on whatever you do.
  • My husband and I are considering a Vue. But we are unsure if the AWD will offer us any real benefit over the FWD. The dealer says no. We live in Ohio so we do get snow. Will the AWD be worth it or will we be just as happy with FWD.
  • AWD is mainly for very bad weather conditions and or terrain.
    If you drive around the city or highway and under mainly normal conditions the AWD is not for you. It will be more expensive to buy and maintain.
    Lot's of people buy them because:
    1- they can - 70%
    2- it must be a good thing - 25%
    3- really need the AWD due to their work, location, etc. - 5%
  • Just keep on complaining to GM Visa. Saturn is part of GM so I don't understand this. Iam from Canada and we can use the points up here.
    The frustration in our case is that they limit the amount of points you can use for each vehicle. For example, I have 3,000 points and can only use 2,000 when purchasing/leasing a VUE. This is stupid since after all it's my money and I should be able to use the points as I wish to.

    My suggestion, just go to a Saturn dealer and do not say you have GM points, then only after you have the full cash price you tell them you have GM points and you may have to buy the Equinox instead.
    I bet they will exchange the points for cash so that you can use it as downpayment for your VUE.
    I have seen cases where they go this route to defeat the GM points limitation.
  • mtenamtena Posts: 58
    Thanks folks. I just might have a discussion with the Saturn dealer. I noticed that the latest GM Card mailing (in which GM says that they have "topped off" my points to 2,000) the H2 and H3 are included. All Hummers were excluded before. Hopefully GM will come to its senses on this one at some point. I know it's Saturn, but I don't want to haggle. I just want to use points that I have earned.
  • pisulinopisulino Posts: 78
    Point taken. Now, do you really know the size of the Mitsubishi conglomerate? They do everything (mining, financing/banking, food, technology, etc.)
    They offer the best warranty around, and they also sell solid cars.
    Yes, Im waiting for the 2007 outlander....a beauty.
    With regards to bankrupcy...what about GM?, Nissan?, lol.
    Also tired of the servicing cost which affects the entire cost of ownership in Saturn's car.
    Everyone just looks at MPG and then go and pay $200 at least 2 to 3 times a year for servicing the vehicle to keep it within warranty. (that's a lot of gas)

    If people really wants to know there through TCO then you must add all costs and not just GAS. What about replacing a piece of the Polymer body parts? (arm and a leg?. Saturn is moving away from building their cars with polymer...what you gonna do to find parts?

    The Mitsubishi (car division only) financial issues is something to be aware of. However, they will be around and in terms of purchasing deals, now is the best time to get a great car at a great price. When they rebound, then you will have to pay Honda/Toyota prices.

    Just my opinion.
  • ggooberggoober Posts: 4
    ...agree to all but the stereo negativity. My iPod sounds great, and I discovered thru trial and error that the treble and bass MUST be adjusted to maximize the efficiency of the sound package provided. I am happy. I like this vehicle.
  • dclark2dclark2 Posts: 91
    "The Mitsubishi (car division only) financial issues is something to be aware of. However, they will be around and in terms of purchasing deals, now is the best time to get a great car at a great price. When they rebound, then you will have to pay Honda/Toyota prices."

    You really are missing the big picture about Mitsubishi. Sure they are huge, sure they are diversified, sure they might be profitable in Japan. But guess what? Their U.S. sales are poor and have been that way for some time. If Mitsubishi determines that the U.S. market is not profitable, they can pull out! There are a lot of large companies that have pulled out of the U.S. because they couldn't make it (Fiat, Daewoo and Renault). They are still around elsewhere in the world. Mitsubishi hasn't had a compelling product in years and the fact that coporate scandal makes the headlines more than their cars is pretty dismal. Mistubishi's days in the U.S. are numbered...
  • "Mistubishi's days in the U.S. are numbered... "

    I couldn't disagree more
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,968
    Our first look at Saturn's next SUV(Inside Line)

    Talk about it in the 2008 Saturn Vue (Opel Antera) discussion.

    If you are more interested in banko talk, check out the A World Without General Motors? column.

    Steve, Host
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    We have a 2005 4 cylinder, 5 speed VUE and our mileage is like yours. I am not unhappy--what were you hoping to get?
  • johnbjohnb Posts: 32
    I also have a 2004 4cyl 5sp VUE that gets 20-23 city, 23-25 highway. I have been tracking the mileage since new and have over 32k on the VUE now with no significant improvement after the "break in" period.

    I have grown to accept the city mileage, but wish my highway mileage was closer to that of other people. I drive pretty much 70mph and use cruise almost exclusively.

    Sometimes I wonder if it is the quality of gas, but have not conducted enough studies of various gas stations around here to come to any conclusions.

    Also, my gas gauge drops in a unusual fashion. I can get 100+ miles on the first 1/4 tank, 80 miles on second 1/4 tank, 60 miles on the third and 40-50 miles on the last 1/4 tank. I understand that the first 1/4 tank will go farther because the fuel level is above the max reading of the fuel level indicator, but why doesn't the gauge drop evenly after that? Does the VUE consume more fuel as the tank level drops (or is the tank not a uniform shape)?

    All in all, though, the VUE has been a great family vehicle and much easier to travel in than our 1996 SL2 is (which has also been an excellent vehicle and has 160,000+ miles now).
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    My highway figures are higher than yours. I get about 28 on the road. Like you, though, I cruise at about 70 to 75 mph as much as possible, so I know that is robbing me of efficiency.

    My fuel gauge does like yours. When the light comes on, it will take 12 gallons. With a 16 gallon tank, I still have a quarter tank left. I used to have a Chrysler van that did the same thing--the light would come on and it would take 16 gallons to fill up. With a 20 gallon tank, I had 20% of my gas left. My Ford F-150 also shows lower than it is. With the needle showing 1/4 tank, it will only take about 20 gallons. With a 30 gallon tank, I still have 1/3 of a tank when it says 1/4. I have just come to accept it in all vehicles. When in doubt, use yout odometer instead of your gauge.
  • hammy233hammy233 Posts: 24
    Hello: anybody have a solution for the "sandblasted" pitted mouldings on the 06 Vues :confuse: .......take a look on the moulding on the rear doors at the wheel wells...the leading edges are pitting and chipped? I am still waiting to hear back from my service manager.....this wasn`t an issue on previous models as they didn`t paint that part. :(
  • Does Honda provide the transmission for the Vue V-6 in both the FWD and AWD?
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,968
  • pisulinopisulino Posts: 78
    So the shortlist is down to the 2007 VUE

    or this:

    10 - year/160,000 km Powertrain Limited Warranty
    The powertrain is the heart of your vehicle, so we do everything we can to make sure it never skips a beat. That includes protecting it with a warranty that'll last long after the new - car smell fades. Sure, 10 - year/160,000 km coverage is bold, but we have over 80 years of car - building confidence to back it up.

    5 - year/100,000 km New Vehicle Limited Warranty
    The Mitsubishi model lineup is a blend of eye - catching style and adrenalin - pumping performance. There are thousands of parts that go into our performance vehicles, and we back just about everything for 5 years or 100,000 kilometres, whichever comes first.

    5 - year/Unlimited km Roadside Assistance
    We can even help with flat tires, stormy weather and bad karma. Just call Roadside Assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and we'll provide the emergency services you need, including free towing, battery boosts, tire service, fuel and fluid delivery and more1.
  • dclark2dclark2 Posts: 91
    Check out the '07 Suzuki XL7 which comes out this fall and also has a 100K mile warranty. It has a frame reinforced body, seats 7, is bigger than an Equinox,Suzuki built cadillac 3.6 motor (255 hp) gets 23mpg and can be had with navigation for $29K.
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