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Saturn VUE



  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    0% on VUE.. amazing. If they had had that in the spring with CVT availability we would probably be driving one today. Certainly makes the VUE much more attractive than the CR-V.
  • vuefor2vuefor2 Posts: 490
    I am stunned they would put the 0% on the Vue now. Oh well, we only financed about 1/2 of our purchase price so it would not have made much difference I guess.

    Definitely a great deal though.
  • apatiaapatia Posts: 36
    Does anyone know the status of the blue vues? I'm thinking about getting a vue, and I'd really like to get one in blue, if possible.
  • I know that at our local Saturn dealer they have VUE's piled on top of one another so maybe slow sales are driving the awesome interest rates. Back when we wanted to buy one we couldn't find a 5 speed with the sport plus package to save our life.
  • Anyone know how much a dealer installed hitch is gonna cost? How easy is it to install myself?
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Noticed that 03 CDN pricing and specs are now available. Prices are definitely up a little.
  • gehegehe Posts: 78
    -Blue VUEs is abit of a sore point. I have had one on order for three months.
    -The latests:-
    1) SaturnHP web site has the blue & green listed as "Available soon". Not a good sign.
    2)Every time my dealer orders blue for stock, Spring Hill changes his order to another color.
    3)I am on my third production date, (the latest was 9/23/02), and I still have not heard anything.
    4) The ION has the "Bright Blue" listed in their color palette and it is the only color that is slated for late 2003 delivery.
    5) Saturn 800# folks have no information.

    -Nothing here feels good. Sorry.
  • I have a2002 vue with fwd vti transmsion it is very good on gas and is one of the most responsive cars i have had in years in passing at highway speeds, have driven v8s v6s &4cyl cars and this one goes pretty good. it takes a little to get used to with no shift points but it is smooth and fast,On the flats it gets 28mpg at 75 to 85 with cruise control on. in traffic i have to control the speed more with brake than with the gas peddle. I hope this transmission holds up ilike it.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    You are the first person on the board with a CVT / VTi transmission, welcome!

    So how do you find the power when your VUE is loaded up? My only concern with the 4 cyl/CVT is when I will have 2 kids and a trunk full of stuff driving in hilly areas.
  • airvueairvue Posts: 1
    I'm wondering if anyone has had the problem that I am having. My new VUE is hard starting and losing some coolant. It only has 400 miles on it and the dealer will be taking it in tomorrow. Hopefully, it can be fixed! If not, has anyone had any experience with the return policy?
  • apatiaapatia Posts: 36
    Thanks for the info, though I'm really disappointed. I'm thinking about purchasing by the end of this year. I don't think a blue vue is in the cards for me if you've been waiting three months.

    I too have noticed that saturn dealers in my area have a lot of vues on their lots. I think part of saturn's problem is their extremely, extremely weak ad campaign. Saturn should dump their ad agency, pronto. There doesn't seem to be a cohesive ad campaign that gives the Vue some sort of identity. Those silly ads w/ the big bugs and the safari left me cold. And the new ad w/ the green vue is instantly forgetable.

    IMHO, another problem is the vue pricing and packaging. At $23k shouldn't some of those "options" be included? I expected more than power windows for $23k. A $23k Cr-V has side airbags,a sun roof, abs, and in dash 6-cd.

    Also, is anyone worried at all about depreciation? As much as I want a vue, I'm concerned that it won't be worth much of anything in 2-3 years.
  • gehegehe Posts: 78
    re:-Value ...
    -This will be my first Saturn purchase, but I understand that Saturns generally hold up value wise. They certainly retain their good looks as the years go by.
    -Do consider that GM is copying the VUE for 2005 and calling it the Equinox with a head light style change. They are investing $500 M or B in their Toronto GM/Susuki plant when they discontinue the Tracker. They wouldn't be doing this if it was not a winner.
    -I concur with you on the 'inclusions'. My pet peeve is that ABS are not included. I think that is a ruse. However, I still want my VUE more than anything.

    re:- Adverts ...
    -Yup. Those mini VUEs looked silly. The 'no car' new ads are odd.
    -I think they want to expose the three new Saturns as a group. L Series, VUE & ION together and not single out the VUE.
    Later ...
  • answer to dindak #1894 I took a trip from LA to seattle in july i checked all gas used for trip and each section of trip for 2665 miles i averaged 26.5 mpg i did not have anyone else in car lite load. ihave had a full load of adults ar ound town and could not feel much diferants on the trips ihave gone to mountains here in california the car is very good. the transmission works better than a regular automatic. so far i am satified with car.
  • gehegehe Posts: 78
    -The BRIGHT BLUE VUE I ordered 6/26/02 is FINALLY due ... 10/10/02 ... next week.
    -I am going in to see it 10/11/02 and see if it's metallic/metal flake and whether or not I am going to take it or go with Orange.
    -Watch this spot !
    Later ...
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    I have heard negative thing about the power the CVT has so it's good to hear something positive. I will have to try one someday soon. I'm sure the lack of shifting would be a very strange feeling.
  • apatiaapatia Posts: 36
    I went to saturn today. In part to get another look inside a VUE (I haven't seen the inside of one since last year), I also wanted to find out how long it would take to order one.

    I told the salesperson that I wanted to replace my vehicle in December, so I needed to know when I should order. I'm particularly interested in 4 cyl manual sport package. Well the salesperson gave me a big explanation about how they weren't aware that the Sport Package was being built until December and that they didn't believe any would be left by the end of October.

    Is this true? Will the Sport Package (5-speed manual) Vues stop being built before December? Or was this just an attempt on the salesperson's part to get me to order right now?

    I feel I should note that the salesperson also insulted me. She kept harping about the 0% financing. When I told her that I wasn't stuck on 0% because it's so hard to get, she started this speil about how GMAC only finances A,B & C credit BUT, saturn get financing for A B C D & E (emphasis on D & E) credit. Wooo. Should I take this to mean that I epitomize D & E credit? (Keep in mind this woman did not run a credit report, so has no clue about my worthiness).
  • apatiaapatia Posts: 36
    For those who have purchased a saturn, what fees did you enter while purchasing? Document fees?Advertising fees? How much were they?
  • Hi Gehe

       Just a quick note to let you know, there isn't a Suzuki or a G.M. plant in Toronto.

       The plant you are referring to is in Ingersol , Ontario.

  • mpgmanmpgman Posts: 723
    passenger assist grips in the Vue? I cannot believe they don't have them.
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