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Saturn VUE



  • gehegehe Posts: 78
    re:-V6 Noise ...
    -I have the V6 VUE. I remember thinking that the engine sounded whiney when I test drove it, but it seems 'throaty' now (?) I have no idea why.
    -But, I never thrash an engine or heavy accelerate unless I really need to. Actually ... come to think of it ... it performs great in emergency passing etc.
    -When in 5th gear and doing 75 mph +, it zooms !
    re:-Finish ...
    -I guess an as owner I see less and less finish issues than I did when I was shopping. I am generally quite happy with the finish. It's a budget car. The finish 'plasticy' will be serviceable and last. That's what I am looking for.
    -It's the same plastic as all the car manufacturers use. Saturn's is, I think, lighter in color.
    re:-Cargo Basket ...
    -Yup. I wouldn't like to bang the cargo basket very hard, but like everyone else that was reported here, they use the basket all the time. I love mine. It's one of the best features even though it's quirky. It's always the first thing I show people when I am 'showing off' my new car. So I guess that's "telling".
    -Whether it's to dump my briefcase, grocery bags etc., it's great not having things roll back and forth. One of my pet irritations ... one of many !!!
    re:-Steering ...
    -I am delighted that it's light when I am driving slow and tough when going fast. I have never noticed the criticisms that the car mag. reviewers made about the steering. I just drove down to Richmond, Virginnia and back and was very happy with it's handling.
    -The electrical control means zero maintenance, better gas mileage.
    -It also feels like 'mega' power steering when parking and slow driving. I love that !

    Still a big VUE fan ...
  • I drove three new Saturn cars today/ one of which was the VUE SUV. As a second time Saturn owner myself, I walked away impressed with the VUE.

    Upon getting in, the seating position is excellent. The seats themselves are firm, and the interior fabric while it does seem "thin" it also seems durable. The dashbord seemed very nice I thought.

    Once on the road, the 5 speed manual took some getting used to for it is not a hydraulic clutch as on my Saturn SL1. The power from the four was adequate, and the ride and handling seemed well balanced and predictable. For under $ 17,000 to start, it is an excellent way to join the Saturn family imo.. It may just become my third Saturn.

    As far as the CRV goes, not only does it cost more, it does look ugly. It doesn't look as an SUV should, if someone can get past the toyish looking front headlights, I don't know how anyone can stand the big boned rear with tail lights/reflectors all the way up the back.. Must have had the same designer that did the Chevy Lumina Minivan in the early 90's/ cause lets face it. IT didn't work then, and It doesn't work now. Happy motoring.
  • vuefor2vuefor2 Posts: 490
    rudo :: We drove both and we went with the Vue. The Vue has more features, more power and looks better all around. Yes there are some quibbles like the seat material quality, but over all we found the Vue more functional that CRV. As for the grocery holder, it looks flimsy but it works very well. The plastic it's made from is very strong.

    suvshopping :: Price is the price BUT, we had car mats and some free oil changes thrown in. The 0% financing on now makes it a very sweet deal and it is a discount of sorts.
  • maynardf1maynardf1 Posts: 127
    Although it appears flimsy, the rear storage bin is durable and useful. I use mine all the time. Eight months is not exactly a long-term test, but at this point the thing still looks and operates like new.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    I thought it was flimsy also, but it is made of pretty solid plastic.

    The VUE is a pretty solid little SUV in my eyes. I think CR-V and Escape are the benchmarks for this category and I think with a few tweaks VUE could be the best. It's real close right now when you factor in price, features and flexibility in configuration.
  • gehegehe Posts: 78
    -Well I guess the 'basket' just won this election !!!
    -Funny how everyone has rallied to defend the basket ... me included.
    Later ...
  • gehegehe Posts: 78
    -I have been wondering if the 2003 seat covers are different.
    -I thought I was getting woven, plain cloth, but my grey interior seats are like a plush chenille fabric. It is certainly not thin which made me wonder if they are all the same.
    -I love mine including the firmness.
    Later ...
  • simonovsimonov Posts: 25
    Thanks for posting your concerns, buying a car can be a challenge. I bought a red 2002 v6 Vue in July. I got it with the ABS, Sunroof, side curtain airbag and upgraded stereo )Tape and CD). I had read some comments and concerns about the Vue previous to shopping, by and large they are true but I think beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I test drove the Ford Escape, Mazda Trib and Hyundai SantaFe. The Trib and escape were much noisier imo than the vue and also had a much stiffer ride, and their seemed to be some serious concerns about Ford quality in reading other forums. Personally I've never liked Fords so I am somewhat biased but wanted to do "due dilligence" in my research and I would have bought one if it was the clear choice. I did not drive the CRV but I just didn't like the look of it, I know that Honda is renowned for fit and finish and quality. I really didn't like the tire hanging off the back end. The radio button on the Santa Fe fell off in my hand and my daughter openeed the rear ash tray and it came apart. With a little reliability and dealer service issues worked out in the future I would consider the SantaFe again.I felt like it would be a gamble, it also takes some getting used to to love the shape. It did have several fetures that I liked, rear center arm rests, split rear hatch with window that opens. All that said I bought the Vue because it fit most of my criteria. I now have 4000 miles and I'm very much enjoying the vehicle. The engine does have a raspiness and the cabin could be a little quieter.... but the other features and benefits more than make up for that. I know that the rear pop up basket looks flimsy but it does work quite well and if treated with proper care should hold up for the life of the vehicle. The seats are comfortable and it's fun to drive. Several have commented on not liking the electric steering. I disagree, I do not feel any floating at all. It does feel different but I like it especially in parking situations. I drove my wifes minivan recently and now that steering felt too tight and heavy. I don't need to feel the road that much!!!! Lastly, I hate buying cars and the Saturn experience was much better than anything I've experienced. I wish you luck in your search, hope that this helps
    TO GEHE regarding the seat cloth - my understanding is that the 4cyl models have a different non-velour type cloth and the 6cyl models have what you are describing
  • simonovsimonov Posts: 25
    Just found this very comprehensive owner review on the Saturn site, worth checkng out!!!!

  • gehegehe Posts: 78
    -Thanks for the seat cover feedback. That sounds about right.
    -We are in the "same boat" on most VUE issues.
    -Your #1954 message ... what report ?
  • As it was posted
    "Just found this very comprehensive owner review on the Saturn site" by simonov. While it is an overall good review, this is not the corporate Saturn website. The website in which this was taken ( is not connected with Saturn Corp.
  • simonovsimonov Posts: 25
    If you click on the link I put in post #1954 it will take you to the saturn fans site which has the interesting owners review that I mentioned.
  • Anyone know where the Honda V-6's will be applied.
    Published reports indicated Saturn has contracted with Honda for the purchase of their V-6 engines for next year.
    Any chance that these may show up in the Vue ??
  • The Honda V6 was said to arrive in an "extended", Larger version of the VUE. Last I heard however, the plans for an extended VUE were scraped, thus the V6 from Honda does'nt seem like it will arrive anytime soon.
  • Does anyone know of any Saturn dealer who sells accessories at any kind of a discount?

    There is a website but I don't think they are selling at any discount.

  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Honda V6 will replace the current 3.0L as the only engine option for 2004.
  • If that is so, why the wait dindak? Why then isn't the engine available for 2003? Also, what is GM's reasoning behind putting this engine in the VUE? Isn't the 182 horse GM V6 good enough, that has been proved by it's use in the L for 4 model years now. Just wondered..
  • "Saturn's Vue brightens as sales soar in October"

    Wow! those are incredible #'s. Why the big jump,was it the 0%financing or did everybody hear about GEHE's "Vivienne" in blue and rush down to their Saturn dealer and order one????
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