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Toyota Tacoma Body and Bed Problems

cawwiecawwie Posts: 15
I have a brand new '07 Toyota Pre Runner access cab. The passenger side access door inadvertantly gets stuck and will not open. The real problem is it doesn't happen all the time. I have had it in three times for this problem. The first time, they lubed it because it was working fine for them. The second time they ordered a new lever, but let me know it could be the linkage in the door. Until it duplicates the problem, I am screwed. The third time, they replaced the lever...but alas it's stuck again. When it does lock up, if you press the door latch lever will temporarily work again. There is no rhyme or reason to this. I am so frustrated. The service rep at my dealer is very gracious, and instructed me to just show up when he's there and it's stuck. The problem is everytime I go, and it was stuck...I get there and it's fine. UGH!!!!

I love my new truck, but geez.

Any suggestions??? Anyone have the same issue?


  • I've had this same problem. I've been doing lots of off roading with tis truck since I work in the bush...... Same thing for me, they couldn't reproduce the problem so they would just lube it without success.....

    After 3-4 times complaining, the mecanic took off the plastic cover and with a pair of pliers (YESSSS very simple solution!!!!) he unfolded a little bit the metal pusher thats triggers the lower mecanism that locks the door. This metal part is shaped like an elbow with a 90 degrees angle and I would say that he has added a few more degrees to it. Its a very small adjustment that actually reduces slop in the lower mecanism. I was there and saw him doing it but have no picture to give you..... Hopfully it will help. Give us some news! :)
  • cawwiecawwie Posts: 15
    The next time I go in to the dealer...I will definitely tell them about it...Thanks sooo much!!!
  • cawwiecawwie Posts: 15
    Thanks for the suggestion frankforet. I did take in a copy of the solution that worked for you...but unfortunately mine is still sticking. The service manager told me that intermitten problems are the hardest to solve. I am hopeful that they will figure it out. I feel so frustrated and annoyed that I have a brand new truck with a problem like this.

    If anyone else has any suggestions, please write.

  • cawwiecawwie Posts: 15
    I have had my truck in several times for the access door problem. Today I took it in again, and luckily it was stuck so they could see it!!! ( I was starting to feel like the crazy lady who sees things that aren't there. Almost every time I brought my truck in it wouldn't duplicate the problem.) The service manager was able to see it for himself. The last time it was in, the shop foreman worked on this time they whisked it right to him again. When he "fixed it" before there was no way to check it because it's an intermittent problem. It's stuck, then it's fine...stuck, then fine. No rhyme or reason. Very frustrating.

    Anyway, they are ordering some new linkage for my door...FINALLY. My truck only has 3000 miles on it. It hasn't even had it's first oil change!!!

    Other than this problem, I would say I am happy with my truck. Some of the other issues with newer Tacomas I can live with. I do have the so-called "axle wrap" problem where you can be sitting at a stop and it feels as if you have been bumped in the rear. (The first time it happened I was in the drive-thru at Starbucks and I thought someone hit me.)
    I also had trouble getting used to the loud start up, it's kind of unsettling. Overall, buying any new car/truck is the luck of the draw...I believe. I have read many forums on many different brands of car, and they all have problems. My last vehicle was a '98 Dodge Ram, and I babied it since it was new. I still ended up pouring money into it. Even after reading some of the posts on here, and going through my annoying problem with the new truck...I am still hopeful and betting on Toyota's reputation. I am not sorry I bought my Tacoma. ;)
  • cawwiecawwie Posts: 15
    I brought my truck in and they replaced the door latch/handle on the inside. I thought they were replacing linkage in the door, but they ordered a new latch. The problem is gone!!!! I hope this helps someone else. I am so glad it's finally fixed!!! :shades: ;)
  • ff1825ff1825 Posts: 7
    I am considering a 2007 Tacome 2wd Access Cab and was wondering if Toyota has really solved the premature rust problem that afflicted earlier model pickups.

    In other words, how will the tacoma stand up to a salty new England winter?
  • deepdiverdeepdiver Posts: 1
    I only have 1400 hwy miles on my new 2007 taco and it ranges from 18.1 to 18.4. First 500 miles, max speed 60 mph, then max 70mph with cruise control and shifting as close as possible to manual suggested speeds for "Cruise" vs "Acceleration" shift speeds. I only use Preminum fuel in Texas...91-93 RON Shell or Exxon. I am in my break in period so im gentle on it and shifting as the manual recommends. I did deviate on shift speeds at 1000 miles and saw an improvement is MPG. I shifted at 3000 RPM vs the recommended speeds. I desire to know what the best MPG I can expect and best shift speed/RPM to achieve this. My 2nd Toyota truck is now 19 years old, a 1988 4x4 sr5 5 spd still getting 24 mpg hwy/21 city for the past 19 years. I kept it and continue driving it also.
  • texhansontexhanson Posts: 3
    I've got a roof leak on my 05 Tacoma after heavy rains. It seems to be coming from the garage door control compartment. Any idea where this is coming from or similar complaints? Thanks for ny help.
  • dudleydudley Posts: 9
    There was soem talk about this and the dealer knows what to do -- I had the same problem as well as others on my 05
  • marcusxmarcusx Posts: 22
    what thread have you been following this issue on? i personally haven't heard anything about it in recent year models.

  • 007taco007taco Posts: 2
    Hey all. Maybe someone can help. I purchased a 2007 Tacoma regular cab 4x4. I want to take my custom chopper down to the smokeout in a few days. I am just now reading that the tailgate bends and was not aware of that problem. I am also wondering how to secure the bike in the bed. With an expensive bike, those cleats have me worried. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  • Seems the simplest solution would be a trailer. Does your Taco have the tow package?
  • richard61richard61 Posts: 2
    We purchased a new 2008 Toyota Tacoma from the dealership in Kennesaw, Georgia. We discussed our need with the salesman to transport a motorcycle in the bed and measured the bed with the salesman to make sure the bike would fit. We had to angle the bike in, but it would fit just fine with the tailgate down.

    Once home, we tried to load our Kaw 1500 via a ramp to the tailgate, with a rider on the bike. As the front tire crossed the tailgate, we had tailgate failure as the inside of the gate bent inward.

    We were informed this morning that Toyota classifies this as "an accident" and is not covered by warranty. The warranty person was unaware of service bulletins about this problem, but apparently the body shop was aware. Of course, we were NOT made aware of this issue, but now YOU are if you're smart enough to investigate this web-site prior to purchase (I wasn't).

    Buyer beware!
  • ltmarltmar Posts: 45
    The Tacoma tailgate really is weak. I don't even stand in the center of mine. I think I have read elsewhere in this forum that the tailgate should be removed before loading a heavy item with a ramp. Since the composite bed isn't the best for securing a motorcycle, I think most probably use a trailer instead of hassling with removing the tailgate.
  • glen_hglen_h Posts: 11
    Yes the 2005+ tailgates are weak - I believe they are rated for a max load of 200 pounds, although Toyota doesn't tell you this and you can't find the info in the manual.

    There was a lot of discussion about this in the Tacoma 2005+ forum shortly after the '05 Tacos came out (I did a lot of research in there before I bought my '05). Several posters in that forum bent their tailgates hauling snowmobiles, 4 wheelers, cycles, etc.

    It would be nice if Toyota would mention the load limit somewhere before you find out the hard way.
  • on my 2000 the factory missed installing 1/2 of the moon roof gasket, the headliner would get wet if i even washed it... the dealer fixed it, i had to take it to 3 different ones first.
  • :mad: I live in New Hampshire and bought a new 2005 Quad Cab Tacoma in September 2005. My truck has only seen two very mild winters worth of salted road conditions. I wash the under body of my truck frequently. This spring I noticed that surface rust is breaking out all over my truck’s frame, at the weld joints, on the flat surfaces of the frame and anywhere something is bolted to the frame. I have talked to the service department at Toyota of Nashua, NH where I bought the truck and they state that no other customers have brought this problem to their attention as yet. I am a mechanical engineer and I design and work with metals, undercoating and painted finishes all the time. Based on my experience, it is my opinion that a properly paint two-year-old truck frame should not have this much rust breaking through the paint on the frame as mine does. All Toyota advertisements I have always seen, stress the durability and extremely long service life expectancy of their vehicles. The entire reason I bought my Toyota was based on their long-standing track record of high quality and customer satisfaction. Working with the dealership we escalated this situation to the New England District Service & Parts Manager trying to get Toyota to repair the rust break through problem. I presented the idea that there may be a Toyota design problem with the undercoat and paint system specified for the 2005 Tacomas and or that the coating materials were not applied correctly to my specific truck. The New England District Service & Parts Manager is basically stating that all frames start to rust eventually and that Toyota has no obligation to repair the frame rust even thought the truck is only two years old. My local dealership is now saying this problem is in the hands of New England District Service & Parts Manager and if I am not satisfied with their response I may have to go through the arbitration process with corporate Toyota USA to get this rust problem addressed and corrected. Is anyone else experiencing similar frame rust problems with their 2004 or new Tacoma’s?
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