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Toyota Tacoma Body and Bed Problems



  • I live in New Hampshire and bought a new 2005 Quad Cab Tacoma in September 2005. My truck has only seen two very mild winters worth of salted road conditions. I wash the under body of my truck frequently. This spring I noticed that surface rust is breaking out all over my truck’s frame, at the weld joints, on the flat surfaces of the frame and anywhere something is bolted to the frame. I have talked to the service department at Toyota of Nashua, NH where I bought the truck and they state that no other customers have brought this problem to their attention as yet. I am a mechanical engineer and I design and work with metals, undercoating and painted finishes all the time. Based on my experience, it is my opinion that a properly paint two-year-old truck frame should not have this much rust breaking through the paint on the frame as mine does. All Toyota advertisements I have always seen, stress the durability and extremely long service life expectancy of their vehicles. The entire reason I bought my Toyota was based on their long-standing track record of high quality and customer satisfaction. Working with the dealership we escalated this situation to the New England District Service & Parts Manager trying to get Toyota to repair the rust break through problem. I presented the idea that there may be a Toyota design problem with the undercoat and paint system specified for the 2005 Tacomas and or that the coating materials were not applied correctly to my specific truck. The New England District Service & Parts Manager is basically stating that all frames start to rust eventually and that Toyota has no obligation to repair the frame rust even thought the truck is only two years old. My local dealership is now saying this problem is in the hands of New England District Service & Parts Manager and if I am not satisfied with their response I may have to go through the arbitration process with corporate Toyota USA to get this rust problem addressed and corrected. Is anyone else experiencing similar frame rust problems with their 2004 or new Tacoma’s?
  • rss3rss3 Posts: 1
    If you haven't already seen it.

    My tacoma frame (1997) is seriously if not dangerously corroded.
  • I live in WV and have a 2005 Tacoma access cab. My frame has a lot of rust on it also. The dealer says that frames rust. I dont think they should rust this quickly.
  • I have had trucks with a lot of surface rust on the frame that never caused a problem. My '90 F150 was starting to rust right off the lot, and I kept it for 17 Yrs.
    That was an old school "C" section frame, not a boxed frame. On my '07 Tacoma I do see that paint adhesion on the welds is poor, possibly because of insufficient cleaning to remove all welding flux.

    I am more concerned about internal water traps. I noticed that the engine mount brackets (part welded to frame rails) for my 4-Cyl engine will hold water, and are showing some rust in the pocket. There are stamped holes, but they are not at the lowest point, so it never drains completely!

    Is this peculiar to the 4-Cyl mounts, or is it the same on the V6? Maybe it's just easier to see with the 4-Cyl engine. I would like to drill some proper drain holes, but access from underneath is not easy on the 4X4 due to the front half-shafts. Any ideas? It sounds like there's no point in looking to Toyota for a solution.
  • This is a company that talks about quality? Having a frame rusted a few years after manufacture to me is CRAP for quality. My ’97 extended cab in good shape is worthless except for parts! Watch out for the claims of quality, they’re like lawyers, when they’re lips are moving you know they’re lying! Quality does not turn into junk in a few years. Spread the word! This from a ex customer of 26 years.
  • After reading the comments on here on frame rust, I took a long hard look at the frame on the demo 2008 Tacoma Crew Cab at my dealer (Ira). It has only been a demo since October 2007, but in this snowy, wet winter it already has lots of surface rust at the frame welds and box intersections. I showed this to the service tech and he said the rust alone wouldn't cause any problems as the steel there is thick enough to carry the truck weight with loss of half of the thickness due to rust or damage. Not the answer I wanted to hear, but it seemed to make sense. When I drove the demo hard and felt the driveline binding on turns, I began to doubt that the Tacoma would be a long-life vehicle. That and the very poor fuel mileage for a wel lbroken in truck on a 250 mile extended test loop of 50/50 city and highway had me dropping the Tacoma from my truck list. Just like those false Toyota ads they had to pull off the air that claimed that 90% of Camry's since 1991 arestill on the road and 80% of Corollas since 1988 are too, I'm beginning to think that Toyota now excels in marketing and not designing and building vehicles.
  • hartlbbhartlbb Posts: 1
    I have a 95 Tacoma where the door locks (both of them) have stopped working. I can unlock and lock from the inside, but cannot do it with the key. The key will turn slightly in the lock, but not all of the way to unlock the doors. These are not automatic locks.
  • I just bought a 2008 tacoma 2 weeks ago. I was very clear with the sales person that I only needed the truck for transporting dirt bikes. The sales person didn't mention that the bed was composite only, not a bed liner over metal, until I was ready to drive the truck off the lot, and I mentioned I'd probably have front rings put in to tie down a bike, because I wasn't crazy about the placement of the cleats. Then I found out later (after the missing owner's manual was mailed to me) that you aren't supposed to use tie downs on the cleats at any more than 45 degrees, as stated on page 267 of the owner's manual. The dealer is saying it is ok to use the cleats at more than 45 degress, but Toyota corporate is saying don't. When tying down dirt bikes, especially two, the tie downs are at more like 80 degrees. Toyota is advertising in their brochure and website with dirt bikes (tie downs at about 80 degrees). Corporate is saying you have to install d-rings, and that is how the bikes are secured in the brochure and website. The problem is, there is no metal to attach the d-rings, and no one disclosed that you had to retrofit the truck to secure dirt bikes.

    Has anyone had this issue? How are you securing your dirt bikes?

  • Hey back. If you really want to haul your bike, save yourself the aggrevation and get a trailer. The tailgates are as stated i loaded my 06 kawi 1500 and to my dismay the dadgum thing almost folded in half. now I'm looking for a new tailgate or aftermarket shell to put the hardware on and get painted. I have been pretty satisfied with this truck until this fiasco. So again buy a trailer and forget about putting the bike in the back of the Taco.
  • I just wanted to let you and others know that when I found out that the Tacoma bed was plastic (composite) I went back to the dealer and asked them to take it back...because I wasn't able to use the truck the way it was being advertized, ie. to tie down two dirt bikes. The owner's manual has a section that disallows this due to the angle of the tie downs, and the weight that they need to hold. They refused to take it back or to retrofit it, and were quite arrogant about it. I kept at it, and also worked with Corporate Toyota, the Better Business Bureau, and the Arizona Attorney General's office, and a newspaper. Eventually, they took it back, and gave me my money back. It only had 500 miles on it. I garaged it after I found out the owner's manual was in conflict with the advertizing (brochures and commercials - false advertizing). I bought a Chevy full size.
  • After carrying some pea gravel in my 2009 taco, I cannot drop the tailgate. The right latch is stuck. I feel really pissy about this as I think Toyota should produce a truck one can use as a truck. What the hey! Anyone have any idea how I can release the right latch? I removed the black plastic stuff already, but no action works on the latch activation.

    thx in advance...
  • Anyone else ever have this happen?

    My 1996 Tacoma has a recall out for rust corrosion issues. I had already replaced pretty much everything underneath, from the muffler (2x) to the brake cords, radiator, and more, owing to rust issues. Yet somehow it always passed the recall inspections, including its last one just last October (the warranty was only until last year)

    On Friday, however, I had a new issue- the GAS TANK actually FELL OFF the vehicle, WHILE I WAS DRIVING! It literally just fell off, as the straps and pipes had all been rusted out to the point where they could no longer manage its weight. In some ways, this might have been a blessing in disguise. Had this happened on the highway, this might have been a different story. However, I can't believe that Toyota missed this during their last inspection.

    I called Toyota today, and they have nothing to say on the matter. For those of you with old Tacomas, however, be careful.
  • mmcd1mmcd1 Posts: 1
    Toyota Canada has denied any payout as the 15 yr program has ended. I had the truck in for the recall in April 2010 and now the truck is dangerous to drive and unsalable. Also my youngest daughter had been driving the truck to Toronto for school, which has obviously put her some peril with a faulty frame.

    I spoke with a Customer service rep named Steven ID# 5001, who told me that it has been decided and there is nothing that anyone can do. He would not give me a name or number of anyone above him to speak with regarding the decision. He told me to contact the service manager at Jackson Toyota, which I did. Dave sounded surprised by Toyota Canada's answer to me, but did not say much about the decision other than he could make a call on the dealership line, which he is unable to give out to the public.

    I informed Dave and Steven, that I will go as far as I need to with this issue. As a Toyota fan for 30 years, to say that this has diminished Toyota's standing is an understatement. I have more than one Toyota in my driveway and would have been replacing the truck with another Toyota. I am not sure that Toyota customer service is all it should be and has always shown itself to be in the media. How will Toyota look in the court of Public Opinion if this becomes a larger issue?

    I will take this to the public domain as well as the courts! I will not allow Toyota Canada to renege on a recall for manufacturing defect that was dealt with within their time limits. The frame was undercoated after the inspection in April 2010 and was not touched in any way until this month.

    Obviously this is as a direct result of the recall defect, which was completely out of my control; Regardless of time passing. The 15 yr limit was adhered to but I have no knowledge of the actual result of the testing in April 2010. For all I know it actually failed or at best was a marginal pass.

    Please pass this along to any interested party above the regular customer service representatives. I will not be silent, nor will I go away until I have satisfaction either through the courts or Toyota Canada.

    Sent today May 22, 2013 I will post any reply from Toyota.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Keep in mind this is NOT a recall by Toyota or any government safety agency. This is a "customer satisfaction program" which Toyota can revise or cancel at any time.

    Stop by the Toyota Tacoma 2004 and Earlier Frame Problem discussion where many other Tacoma owners in the same situation have posted.

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